142 "Himitsu no Yakata! Ai no Menu wo Anata ni"
(A Secret House! A Menu Full of Love for You)
135 "Recipe For Danger" 00-10-16

While shopping, Chibi-Usa and Usagi bump into a stubborn old lady. She demands for a sale to be extended for her, and when it is, she decides to get more of what was on sale. After leaving the store, it starts to rain, and when Mamoru offers her his umbrella, she refuses. It turns out, she is a very cold lady since for the past 20 years people have been pestering her to sell her big house. Diana hears about how rude the lady was and goes to make her apologize (not knowing she shouldn't talk to people). She trips and runs into the lady, and she takes her in to clean her up. Inside, Diana finds that the lady is actually really nice. Diana tells Chibi-Usa about it and they both go to visit her. While there, Chibi-Usa finds out about the lady's past and about the mean realtors. In the middle of their conversation, Hawk's Eye shows up and attacks the lady (whose name is Mayako). Chibi-Usa runs outside to transform and bumps into Usagi. They both transform and battle the lemures, Auto-biko. After some fighting, the lemures is destroyed and Mayako is rescued. In the end, she is re-united with her long lost love and she uses her house to open a restaurant.

Although a short list, the episode had much to be desired...To be honest, the episode was rather dull in the original to begin with...And this wasn't helped by Lisa Lumby-Richards..Who I think wrote this episode. All in all, it didn't turn out too bad, but it wasn't perfect either.

Eh, this was an ok episode. Not really much to say about it. It wasn't that bad, but wasn't too good either, and nothing really big happened in this episode anyways.

The script for this episode is accurate for the most part, but it had much room for improvement. Luckily, there wasn't much to change so most of it was left...

Mayako's name was shortened to Maya. No biggie.

Ichiro Ono's name was kept.

The lemures, Auto-Biko, retained her name.

(10 seconds) Right before Mamoru approaches the old lady offering the umbrella there is a shot where it starts to rain and he actually takes the umbrella out and opens it.

(10 seconds) A shot of the inside of Mayako's house, showing everything that was in there.

(2 seconds) After Hawk's Eye throws Diana off his face we see Diana flying towards the pillow but her actually hitting it is cut.

Total Retained 92%

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