14 "Aratanaru kyouteki, Nephrite mano monshou"
(A New Formidable Enemy - Nephrite's Evil Coat of Arms)
11 "Match Point For Sailor Moon" 95-9-25

A new Dark Kingdom general steps up to fill the void left by Jadeite's departure. This general is Nephrite. Nephrite plans to gather energy by stealing it when a human's energy level reaches its peak. He claims that by this method, he can gather more energy than Jadeite could from one-hundred people. Nephrite's first victim is a young tennis player named Rui. Rui and Naru have been very close since childhood and call each other sisters. One day when watching Rui play, Masato Sanjouin, Nephrite's human identity, comes up to Rui and gives her tennis advice. Nephrite takes this opportunity to place a spell on her racket, putting her under the Dark Kingdom's control. Naru and Usagi both notice the change, and Usagi goes to investigate the problem further. Upon arriving, Rui hits her energy peak and a youma appears out of her. Usagi transforms and tries to fight, but fails miserably. Tuxedo Mask appears to help her, and together, they defeat the youma, saving Rui.

O_O;;;;;;;; WHAT THE HECK.........? A GOOD EPISODE!?!? THE SCRIPT IS ON!?!? This can't be possible. This is against the laws of nature or something! This script was even better than yesterdays! There's nothing that can spoil this episode now!

-_-;;; Dammit, I should have knocked on wood. I have three words: Poor Poor Zoicite.........*sob*

Two good episodes in a row? Very nice, this episode was done very well. My only complaint would be Zoicite's little change, but that doesn't take away that this episode was done very well, since HE didn't play a big part in it. I wish they didn't change him though, takes away a lot later in the season, which we'll get to eventually. As for this episode itself, it was done very well, and I wish all episodes could've been handled this well.

Not bad, not bad! This actually stayed pretty true to script...There were a few idiotic and nonsensical cuts and changes, but as for dialog and script..*thumbs up!*

The script for this episode was very good. I mean, EXTREMELY good. There were only a few lines here and there that were off, and for the vast majority, what they were saying in the dub was what they said in the original.

The youma, Tesuni, has her name changed to "Tensy". Well, that's kinda like the original name.....So I suppose I'll let this slide....?_?;;;

Like I said in the last episode comparison, Nephrite's name is changed to Neflyte. Technically an accurate translation, but inaccurate to its original meaning.

Zoicite's name is kept, but now it is spelt "Zoycite". I guess that's not really THAT bad.....but I'm going to bitch! Zoycite is a bad way to spell Zoicite!! Why am I bitching??? BECAUSE I CAN. WHAT NOW!?!? WHAT'RE YOU GONNA DO!?!? Nothing. That's right. Sit down. Ha. I win. Next question, punk. =P

Rui's name is changed to "Kaley Sandler". God forbid we give her a "confusing Japanese name". I mean, as if the kanji that's obvious in many shots and the fact that this show OBVIOUSLY takes place in Japan even though DiC persistently gives us the impression that it doesn't isn't confusing enough.

Nephrite's street ID, Masato Sanjouin, is changed to "Maxfield Stanton". Well....Masato does kinda look like "Maxfield", and Sanjouin is KINDA spelt like Stanton....Umm.....yeah..........O_o;;;;;

Now for the real shocker. Zoicite, originally a male, is changed to a FEMALE in the dub. YES. A FEMALE. ZOYCITE IS A CHICK. The reason why is quite obvious, they wanted the Zoicite/Kunzite relationship to be a heterosexual one. Well, I can't really say that I'm surprised.....A homosexual relationship on a show aimed at children....or even young teens, would NEVER EVER EVER air, bottom line. =/ It really is too bad. Personally, I don't really know what I'd rather want, retaining the Zoicite/Kunzite relationship but changing Zoicite to a girl, or keeping Zoicite a man and editing out the Zoicite/Kunzite relationship. Hmm, I think personally, I'd prefer the editing out the relationship and keeping Zoicite a man, for the sole reason that there was no relationship in the manga, and by doing that, they'd be making the dub MORE accurate to the manga than the original was, but that's just MY PERSONAL opinion. It wont change the fact that Zoycite is a girl, and Zoicite is a man. =/ Oh well.

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut. While this is all fine and dandy, the "opening Usagi segment" is now different than it has been in the previous 13 episodes. It now features Mars and Mercury. So now it's the "Opening Usagi, Rei, and Ami" segment. =P I'll still be calling it the opening Usagi segment, so nyah.

When Queen Beryl is blinking, and in the dub she says "You may proceed Neflyte", the shot is actually LENGTHENED. I don't understand anymore than you do, so don't ask. O_o;

(20 seconds) Wow. A whole scene is cut. In this scene, we are first introduced to Rui. We see her walking down the street and then get mobbed by reporters because she is 'Japan's best in tennis', or at least that's what one of the reporters eludes to. Now I have absolutely NO clue as to why this scene was cut. While I will admit the mass media IS EVIL, I don't believe DiC really cares about this. They usually only care about evil buildings, evil kanji, and evil stars and light poles. *nods nods*

(10 seconds) When Naru and Usagi are talking about Rui being Naru's "sister", originally we see Usagi start to interrogate Naru about it which culminates with Usagi screaming at Naru for not telling her about Rui. Please add "evil Japanese humor" to the list above, k? Thanks.

Now just for the record, before people start e-mailing me telling me I missed a scene alteration, Nephrite's car was American-style to begin with, thus no scene alteration took place. Alright? ?_?;;; *waits for mailbox to flood with dumb emails*

(9 seconds) After Rui gets possessed and Nephrite asks someone to receive her serve, a very enthusiastic Rui-admirer runs out and offers to receive, and is very happy about getting the chance as well. This whole collection of shots is cut. Don't ask why. You should know by now that DiC and Cloverway cut scenes for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.

(2 seconds) That tower in the Jyuban plaza that ALWAYS GETS CUT is once again cut. Poor tower. I feel for 'em, do you? *hears dead silence* *sigh* why do I even bother...............*collapses*

Now I personally don't care about this change too terribly much, but some of you are much more rabid than I am, so I'm going to list it.

Luna's password in the "command center" is changed from what it was in the original. Originally it had to do with the rabbit on the moon stomping mocchimochiMETHING, but in the dub it was something like kitty cats want to eat cat food or something.......*shrugs* Like I said I don't care that much........But for all you rabid people, I am acknowledging something was changed. =P

(3 seconds) When Luna is giving the password to the "command center", a few seconds are snipped off in the beginning.

Originally, when Naru is upset about Rui, Usagi meets Naru at Osa-P, Naru's house. However, in the dub, they meet at Usagi's house. Why the hell did they change this??? That's so dumb. Maybe if they hadn't made it so obscure in the dub that Naru lived at Osa-P they wouldn't have had to waste their time and change this. *sigh* Idiots. Bottom line.

UPDATE: Ok, Tiff pointed this out to me. After the dialogue starts, Molly goes "Thanks for coming over" to Serena. In other words, DiC KNEW that they were meeting at Naru's house, yet they showed a shot of Usagi's house ANYWAY. Ok, 3 letters, WTF????? (well i couldn't use the words, that'd be indecent =P)

Now, this is my theory of what happened. The lady who wrote the episode accurately translated the episode and then later during editing, DiC was like "Gyhuck! What's Osa-P??? Gyuhuck! I'll just change this to Serena's house! Gyuhuck!" totally f'ing everything up and making the writer (who actually accurately translated the episode) look like an idiot. >=( That's really dumb *shakes head*

Right before the youma appears, there is a lot of digitally added lightning behind Kaley (Rui).




Shoot me now please.

At the end of the episode, we see a sign on the front wall of Jyuban Junior High School. Basically it's there telling us where the setting is. This is replaced with that generic building shot of "Crossroads Junior High".

Now, just as a little bit of trivia. That sign that was edited out is still visible in the generic shot. If you look on the front wall of the academy you will see the small white sign. That's the shot we saw, only we saw it from close up. Interesting, huh? Or.....something..........

Total Retained 81%

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