138 "Tengoku made hashire! Yume no Kuruma ni kakeru Ai"
(Run Up to Heaven! Love for the Dream Car)
131 "Driven Dreamer" 00-10-10

Ami becomes an assistant at a car repair shop. She is working with the owner, Natsume, to fix an old car that her departed husband wanted to fix up. Hawk's Eye falls for Natsume and picks her as his next target. Hawk's Eye comes to the garage in a disguise looking like Tomokazu, Natsume's deceased husband. Natsume is shocked by the disguise and faints. She is rushed to the hospital. Hawk's Eye goes to and brings her flowers and tries to convince her that she doesn't need to work on that car anymore and that she should go on a trip with him. Chibi-Usa overhears this and convinces Natsume otherwise. She tells Natsume that fixing the car isn't just her dream anymore, that it is all the girls' dreams, and that she shouldn't abandon it. Natsume tells Hawk's Eye that she can't go with him. Hawk's Eye is upset by this and takes Natsume anyway. Ami, Chibi-Usa, and Usagi get in Mamoru's car and follow Hawk's Eye. After a while, Hawk's Eye stops and looks into Natsume's mirror. Sailor Mercury, Moon, and Chibi-Moon appear to fight Hawk's Eye. Hawk's Eye sends the lemures, Buranko, after the three soldiers. After some fighting, Chibi-Moon and Sailor Moon find a chance and kill the lemures. Hawk's Eye retreats and they save Natsume. Later, we see Natsume and the girls start the old car only to see the engine blow up. Natsume is not sad though, she is happy that they all helped her and she wont give up her dream.

Another pretty good episode. The only thing that kind of annoyed me about this episode was the reversing of scenes so the old car looked "American" instead of Japanese.

As I continue my marathon for copying episodes to my set SS dub tape, this episode comes up, and is done rather well. I guess they reversed any car scenes to "Americanize" it, but I thought my eye caught a scene they might have missed. I don't think they reversed the scene where Hawk Eye pulls Natsume into his car and drives off. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm almost sure this happened.

The script in this episode was handled pretty well. I think _ALMOST_ every line was translated rather faithfully.

Natsume retains her name.

Natsume's departed husband, Tomokazu, retains his name.

The lemures, Buranko, retains her name.

(1 second) The very first part of the shot where Ami is walking towards the apartment complex where Natsume and Mamoru are meeting is cut.

(9 seconds) In the scene where we see Tokyo from above and then Ami and Natsume working on the car in the shop, there are some cuts. In the dub, we see the shot of Tokyo from above, but the camera zooming in on Natsume's garage is cut. Also, a shot of Natsume's sign for her garage is cut.

Hehe, I love these green boxes! Too bad I don't get to use them more often...Wouldn't it be nice to see a little green in these comparisons every once in a while?? *sigh* Oh well!

Anyway, onto the TRUE purpose of this box. All the shots of the old car where you can see its steering wheel are reversed so that the car appears "American". Note, only the scenes where we can see the old car are reversed. Mamoru and Hawk's Eye's cars were both "american" looking to begin with (don't ask me why, I don't know).

(3 seconds) After Rini says fixing the car is everyone's dream, there's a cut shot of the girls diligently working on the car.

Total Retained 96%

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