137 "Ayakashi no Mori! Utsukushiki Yousei no Izanai"
(Mysterious Forest! An Invitation from a Beautiful Fairy)
130 "Phony Fairy" 00-10-9

Chibi-Usa gets a picture book with pictures full of flowers and fairies. Unfortunately, Chibi-Usa can't walk and read at the same time and she accidentally bumps into a man. The man she bumped into turns out to be the author of Chibi-Usa's book. The two of them talk for a little while, and Chibi-Usa tells Kitakata, the author, that a true fairy would be someone that loves all plants and animals. While in the forest, Chibi-Usa bumps into Kitakata again. While they are talking, Kitakata sees a fairy in the distance. He goes to investigate and Chibi-Usa follows him. The female fairy, who in actuality is the male Fish Eye, attempts to seduce Kitakata and succeeds. All is going well until Diana comes close to Fish Eye and starts smelling her. Of course, since fish have a natural fear of cats, Fish Eye runs away. Kitakata returns the next day to try and find the fairy again. Luckily, she is there. After some frolicking, Kitakata comes to the realization that Fish Eye was not a real fairy, and leaves. Fish Eye is extremely upset by this and attacks him. Luckily, Usagi and Chibi-Usa are nearby and transform. Fish Eye sends the lemures, Tsuna-watero against the two. After a bit of fighting, the lemures is destroyed and Fish Eye retreats. Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon then rescue Kitakata, who has new inspiration after seeing real fairies (the "real" fairies being Sailor Moon, Chibi-Moon).

This episode turned out quite nicely. This was Fish Eye's first major appearance and many people tuned in to see what would become of Fish Eye's gender (which previously hadn't been mentioned). As it turns out, Fish Eye was referred to as a "she", thus ending the speculation of whether Fish Eye was a very high pitched man or a woman in the dub.

Many fans were highly upset by this change, but I can honestly say that I was not one of them. Sure, I would much rather see Fish Eye as a guy, but I never thought they would actually do it. The state of American society today wouldn't allow it for one second. If they had left Fish Eye as a man for the dub, I'm sure that Cartoon Network, or probably any other "kid" network, would refuse to air the show.

So basically, I don't think the fact that Fish Eye is a girl in the edited dub is that big of a deal. I think most everyone should get over it and come to the realization that the sad state of American society is the one to blame for Fish Eye's gender, not Cloverway, Cartoon Network, or any other company involved with the show. As long as Fish Eye remains male in the unedited dub, then I don't think that there's much reason to whine about the sex change. However, if they do change Fish Eye to a girl for the unedited release....Oh......Optimum and Cloverway will have hell to pay...I don't think the people of alt.fan.sailor-moon would take that too kindly.....

Now aside from the whole "Fish Eye" controversy, I must address another issue. The "Voice Acting" issue. In my opinion, all the actors minus Lisa Balken (the voice for Ami) have improved TREMENDOUSLY over the past 40-some episodes. This is especially evident with Linda Ballentyne's (Serena) performance. She is much less grating than she used to be. I think this is mostly because she has become her own character, rather than trying to be "Terri Hawkes'" character. Of course, even though almost all of them have improved, that doesn't make them "great" by any sense of the word, but still, it's nice to have improvement. *smile*

As the marathon continues, it looks like Fish Eye got the Zoicite treatment and has been turned into a flat chested women. I'm honestly not suprised, I just hope that he remains a guy for the uncut when it comes out. This even just proves further why I hate American society often, the children are more mature than their parents. I have so many views on this topic, but I'd rather spare you from them for now, expecially after seeing how long Bob's box is. Besides the proof that American society is getting worse with Fish Eye, this was a good episode.

The script for this episode is very accurate all except for the conversation the Amazon Trio has when they are in the "Amazon Bar". A lot of that dialogue had to do with Fish Eye being a guy going after guys and stuff like that, so it's understandable that it would be changed around a bit.

Mr. Kitakata retains his name.

The lemures, Tsuna-watero, retains his name as well.

Fish Eye is "officially" a girl as of this episode. I'm actually suprised that they kept his gender up in the air for so long. Anyway, I had been expecting this from day one, so I wasn't too suprised by the change.

(3 seconds) Right after Rini's chat with Pegasus is over, there's a shot of Rini's loft from outside the house that is cut.

(4 seconds) A shot of the top of the forest that Kitakata is in. The shot pans down to reveal Kitakata sketching some flowers.

(12 seconds) Right after Rini finds Kitakata at the lake, there are several consecutive shots that are cut. Kitakata walking through the lake towards Fish Eye and him being shocked by Fish Eye's "beauty" are all cut.

Interestingly enough, Fish Eye's "Shower scene" is kept 100% intact! Even with Fish Eye's soap covered butt, they kept the scene! Also interestingly, Cloverway did nothing to the animation to make Fish Eye appear more "feminine". Cloverway didn't add soap bubbled to his chest and they also didn't draw a line there to make it appear as if he had breasts......Those were all there in the original.

"He's really fine!" - Mina talking about Mr. Kitakata

I'm not going to go over it again - Don't use slang. A very simple change could be made to one simple word that would make the line acceptable and would keep the line's meaning. Change "fine" to "Cute". Then we have "He's really cute!". That would be perfectly acceptable, but no! We have to throw in dumb slang to make us "cool". *shakes head*

*cough* Was I the only one that thought that Tuxedo Mask calling Tsuna-Watero an "evil whack job" was kinda odd? *cough*

Total Retained 95%

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