136 "Mamoru wo mamore! Ninja Usagi no Yakimochi"
(Protect Mamoru! Ninja Usagi's Jealousy)
129 "The Trouble With Love" 00-10-6

After an accident involving the girls, Mamoru's apartment is totalled. This couldn't have come at a worse time for Mamoru, as he needs to finish a paper by the next day. Rei volunteers to have Mamoru stay at the temple, ignoring Usagi's pleas. Diana volunteers to watch over Mamoru to make sure he stays in line. After much snooping around by the Ninja Usagi and Rei fighting back, Tiger's Eye appears. Of course, Rei thinks Tiger's Eye is Usagi and throws her broom at him. This angers him and he attacks Rei. Moon and Chibi-Moon appear and fight. Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus appear as well and fight. After very little fighting, the Lemures that Tiger's Eye called is destroyed and Tiger's Eye retreats.

Before I start....There's a rather important detail that I have recently learned. It seems that the "bad" writer of the S and SuperS season is the one in the credits listed as "Lisa Lumby-Richards". Not only have I heard this from other sources but I just recently noticed that she was the one that wrote the crap called the R, S, and SuperS movies. It makes sense.

With that known, I'm almost SURE that this episode is a "Lumby-Richards" episode. It just freaking reeked. The script was really really off and almost all the funny things about Ninja Usagi were taken out. DAMN YOU LUMBY! DAMN YOU TO HELL!! *falls to knees and weep*.....O.o;;; (deja-vu?)

This is about where my SuperS dub "marathon" started, as I went to CT on a marching band trip for a weekend, and I had the VCR set to tape all the SMSS dubs, Gundam Wing uncut dubs, as well as wrestling shows for the duration of my absence. I watched about 3 - 4 episodes in a row between getting home and dinner, and this was the first. I saw the episode, and knew that in would be a long couple of hours. This episode was just bad, not really too much to say in particular.

The script sucked, nothing much more to say. It's about the same quality as every other crap episode from S or SuperS. It's "Lumby"-style. (I can feel a whole mass of running jokes coming on for the rest of this season's comparisons).

Mizu-geiko retains her name. Concerning her voice...All I have to say is....I didn't know that female samurais came from the Valleys of California.....O.o;;;

Oh and from now on...When you hear "Champions of Justice!" or "And that means you!" during Sailor Moon's speech in the S and SuperS season, that means it's a Lumbyfest episode.....Damn Lumby....

(3 seconds) The beginning of the scene where we see the circus tent is cut.

"I need to rule the world!!" - Zirconia

Damnit Lumby! You idiot! *slaps lumby* *cough* Sorry...got a little carried away....But if you'd done your homework you'd know that Zirconia isn't going for her own gain....She's doing her work for her queen....

"I've known Raye for four years and I've never gotten a kiss from her!!" - Chad

Umm...I can think of several occasions.........Baka lumby.....

(5 seconds) A few shots of the outside of the Temple is cut.

(2 seconds) Mamoru jumping in the bath revealing his white posterior is cut. Too bad....You're all missing out on yummy Mamoru posterior nudity...tsk tsk...

I don't even need to go into the rest of what Pegasus said, cause this is all that's relevant. PEGASUS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO CALL RINI BY HER NAME!!!! THIS IS A VERY VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT THING LATER ON!! Smooth, Lumby!! You ruined probably one of the most charming things in the whole series (if you want to know what this event is wait till the last 4 or so comparisons of SuperS and I'll tell you).....You're a freaking moron, Lumby. Trust me, you do NOT want to meet me in a cold, dark alley....*waves fist around*

(5 seconds) A shot of Yuuichirou meditating is cut.

(4 seconds) A shot of Yuuichirou and Grandpa fondling some women and Tiger's Eye walking in front of them is cut. Poor poor perverted Grandpa....Never gets his place in the sun....

(1 second) Right when we see the Crown's sign, there's a short snipit.

Total Retained 83%

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