135 "Fureau kokoro! Chibi Usa to Pegasus"
(Hearts in Synch! Chibi-Usa and Pegasus)
128 "A Teacher's Lesson" 00-10-5

Chibi-Usa and her friends are in art class. Their teacher comes up and observes Chibi-Usa with her moustache and painters hat and asks her why she is wearing it, since it's silly looking. After looking at Chibi-Usa's painting, she tells Chibi-Usa that she can't give her a good mark on it since she was supposed to draw exactly what she saw, and there was a Pegasus in her painting and not on the landscape. Chibi-Usa's friends tell Morino-sensei that she's too strict and that's why she comes off as unfriendly. This hurts Morino-sensei and she walks off. A few days later, Chibi-Usa and Usagi run into Morino-sensei who is having second thoughts about her job as a teacher. She goes to Tiger's Eye (dressed up as a fortune teller) to ask about her future as a teacher. Of course, Tiger's Eye comes onto Morino and then attacks her. Chibi-Moon and Sailor Moon appear but Tiger's Eye's Lemures, Hebihanabiko, goes inside of Pegasus' shadow and tries to convince Chibi-Usa to take total control of Pegasus. She refuses and throws the Lemures out of Pegasus and her dream. Sailor Moon then destroys the Lemures and saves Morino-sensei. Later that night, Pegasus gives Chibi-Usa the Stallion Stable, so that they can talk whenever they want to.

Again....Not a very eventful episode. I think it turned out better than the last one as far as the script is concerned........That's about it.........Oh...But I was rather suprised that they kept the full frontal nudity of Rini in the dub....WooooooW....

I taped this episode like normal, but for some reason, I haven't watched it yet. After seeing the whole SS season, I really don't have any intention of watching through the season dubbed for a while now. So if I do ever get really bored and end up watching the SS dub again, I'll put my real two cents up.

The script for this episode was pretty good. The only thing I can really complain about was the slang and the fact that they made the teacher more of a bitch than she actually was. Poor poor Morino-sensei....

Miss Morino retains her name.

The Lemures, Hebihanabiko, retains her name. Also, her voice is actually tolerable, maybe a first for Lemures voices.

Kyusuke's name is changed to "Kelly". O.o;;;; *cough*

Momo-chan's name is Melanie, changed from Melissa from what it was in the R season.

Fish Eye:"Ha! you're buggin' if you think a beautiful dreamer would take over the world!"
Tiger's Eye:"Yeah....As if!"

-.-;;;;;;;; Just end my pain now...

(8 seconds) A shot of Tiger's Eye walking away after he talks to the Lemures and a far away shot of the park right afterwards.

During the Amazon Trio's bar scene, Tiger's Eye calls Fish Eye a "dude".....O.o;;; Well.....That's an insinuation towards a man...that's good, and the talk about who Fish Eye likes, guys or girls, is still in there..........Again...Isn't Cloverway trying to HIDE homosexuality here...? Well...They're not doing a very good job...But in this case...It works to our (the purists) advantage. ^_^

(7 seconds) Right after the Lemures dies there is a shot of the sky that pans down to reveal the senshi.

(2 seconds) A shot of Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon watching Tuxedo Kamen walk off is cut.

Right after Chibi-Usa gets the Stallion Stable, Chibi-Usa takes off her shirt and Pegasus blushes.......and not one frame is touched from the entire scene! UNBELIEVABLE! With such a sensitive subject, I would have thought that they would of cut it, but they didn't! They actually didn't! Kudos to Cloverway.........I think.....This either means that Cloverway is really nice or really perverted in that "I like to look at little kids" kind of way...O.o;;;; *cough* Either way....Less scenes edited are ok with me! ^_^

Total Retained 94%

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