134 "Makoto no Yuujou! Tenba ni akogareta Shoujo"
(Makoto's Friendship! A Girl Attracted by Pegasus)
127 "A Pegasus Page Turner" 00-10-4

All of the girls are fascinated by a recent book wrote by Tomoko Takase about a Pegasus, not knowing that Tomoko and Makoto used to be good friends. When Makoto tells Usagi and Chibi-Usa, they want to go meet her. When they arrive at her house, they are informed that Tomoko isn't answering the door and hasn't been for a few days. Makoto goes to a tree where Tomoko is. There are flashbacks of how Tomoko and Makoto became friends and how Tomoko became a writer. In the flashback, Tomoko says her inspiration is a boy she likes on the soccer team. When Tomoko finds out that he has a girlfriend, she is devastated. This is why she wouldn't answer the door or write anymore books, because her "inspiration" was gone. Tiger's Eye appears and attacks Tomoko. Makoto, Chibi-Usa, and Usagi transform. Tiger's Eye sends the Lemures, Tenko, against them. After some fighting, the three destroy the Lemures and save Tomoko. After seeing the real Pegasus, Tomoko is inspired to write again.

This episode was alright........It wasn't over the top bad or good. The one thing I can complain about is the cutting of humorous stuff. Without humour, SuperS is nothing......So what happens when you cut the humour out of SuperS? You're left with NOTHING! IDIOTIC CLOVERWAY!! *kicks Cloverway in its head*

Like Bob said, this was an ok episode. Although, throughout the season, I noticed minite things, and today's episode was the first one for me to notice one. While it's not metioned below, and maybe not TOO big a deal, but I liked it. In Japan, books, magazines, and other reading materials are normally read right-to-left, totally opposite of the American way of left-to-right. Knowing that this episode featured books, I was curious to see weather or not Cloverway would "Americanize" all the scenes where people are reading Tomoko's book. Much to my amazement, they left the scenes inact! No "Americanizing" of the book reading! I know it is kinda a small thing, but I loved it.

The script for this episode was, for the most part, accurate. It wasn't exactly a literal translation but they kept most of the stuff. However, there were a lot of dumb changes and a bit of slang that was very unwelcome...I'm not going to list the dumb changes and slang here....cause they weren't THAT bad....but just be aware that they were there.

Tomoko Takase retains her name.

The Lemures, Tenko, retains her name as well.

As far as the Lemures is concerned.....I think this has got the be the worst voice yet....In the original the Lemures was quirky and funny...In the dub she's just....plain....TAKING ALL THE HUMOUR OUT OF HER CHARACTER! DAMN YOU OPTIMUM! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!! *drops onto knees and starts to weep*

After Lita says they can go see Tomoko, Serena and Rini exclaim,

"This is tight!"

Yeah....That's what the writer of this episode will be saying once I find them and wrap my belt around their neck......*SHUDDER*...Umm...*cough*...Not really.....It's a joke....*sees the FBI eyeballing him*...Umm....Nevermind....

(16 seconds) After Lita spots Tomoko's house and the crowd surrounding it, there's a cut scene of Tiger's Eye walking towards the house with flowers thinking to himself how easy the mission will be.

This cut was handled really well. I didn't even know there was a cut since Optimum put a voice over when the cut happens to make it appear as if nothing happened. This a step up from the usual cutting off of words and jumpy music.

(5 seconds) Now, we all see Tiger's Eye looking at Tomoko from a bush...but what we don't see is that he's actually standing in a pond, which he comments is fairly cold. This was a pretty funny scene, and as I said earlier and in previous comparisons, without humour, SuperS is nothing....SO DON'T CUT IT OUT!! *punches Cloverway in the face*

Jupiter uses the attack "Supreme Thunder" in this episode.

Now.....this is starting to confuse me. Sometimes this attack is right....while others it's the DiC way of "Jupiter Thunder Crash"....and other times it's completely wrong "Supreme Thunder Crash".....*cough*....Inconsistency alert...

After Jupiter does "Supreme Thunder" and shocks all the girls, Luna says,

"Ohh...I'm shocked you'd do that...."

Oh God....What a bad pun.........*buries face in hands*

(2 seconds) When the 3 soldiers are trying to free themselves from the Lemures chains, there is a 2 second cut....(I'm not exactly sure where it occurs..but it happens in this scene)

Total Retained 92%

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