133 "Artemis no Uwaki? Nazo no Koneko Toujou"
(Artemis' Love Scandal? A Mysterious Kitten Appears)
126 "Much Ado About Kitten" 00-10-3

Luna tells everyone how Artemis has a big crush on a nun at the church. Artemis says Luna is misunderstanding. When Mamoru is taking Artemis home, a little kitten appears claiming that Artemis is her father. Both Mamoru and Artemis are shocked to hear this. Luna shows up and says that having a child and not being married is unacceptable. She runs off after belting Artemis. When Artemis gets home, Minako seems to already know about the daughter incidence. She yells at Artemis and tells him to take responsibility. When Artemis is walking by the church, he sees the same nun that he was "looking" at earlier being attacked by Tiger's Eye. He attacks Tiger's Eye, and Venus shows up as well. Tiger's Eye calls forth the Lemures, Kigirumiko. She turns into a boxing kangaroo and puts Artemis in her pouch. Artemis thus cannot control his movements anymore. After some battling, the other senshi show up and do battle with the Lemures. After some battling, the little kitten appears who Chibi-Moon identifies as Diana. The Lemures is destroyed and Tiger's Eye retreats. Diana then explains that she is Luna and Artemis' daughter from the future.

Now this episode didn't fare as well as the last few. A lot of stuff was changed....the lemures voice is still horrible...and Diana's voice is just.....*shudder*...At least it was better than it was in the SuperS movie.

In dealing with all the religious stuff, this episode was also done well. Diana's voice is just a tad squeaky, but tolerable. But why, oh why did they change Zirconia into a guy?! Not only does she not seem like a guy in any way or have any infactuations with other girls, but near the end of the season, a major plot element is gone. But the episode in itself today is pretty good.

The script for this episode was ok......but there was MASSIVE room for improvement. All the talk about religion was deleted because of Cloverway and Optimum's fear of God. Not only that, but the whole issue of Artemis having a daughter (while not being married) was toned down tremendously. But this can all be explained by three words that Mini Moon says..."Champions of Justice"...*sigh*

Diana retains her name (duh) along with the Lemures, Kigirumiko.

Well.....It's be confirmed.....*sigh*....Tiger's Eye has this to say about Zirconia -

"I hate it when HE lectures us!"

HE..? HE?? HE!?!??!?! *REPEATEDLY BANGS HEAD INTO TABLE* Why?! WHY!?!?!? WHY!!!!!!!!?????? Zirconia did NOT need a sex change! So why did they change her to a guy???? This is really gonna screw some plot elements up later on in the series...

(15 seconds) A LOT of the nun's prayer was cut......A LOT of it.....

Ok...Notice how it says "Minako" on "Mina's" door......Riiiiiiiiight

(5 seconds) A few shots of the inside of the church right after Tiger's Eye "faints".

Venus' "Love-Me Chain!" was changed to -

"Venus Love Chain Knockout!"

What the hell!??! (do I even need to comment?)

(Diana to Mini-Moon): "Now, Princess Rini!!!"


Mini-Moon's "twinkle bell" speech goes something like this in today's episode -

"My Friend Pegasus! Protect people's dreams!"

O.o;;;;;; Umm.....ok....

(MiniMoon in a suprised tone):"I'm going to have my very own kitty cat when I'm a moon princess!!!"

Oh please, as if you didn't already know....If you didn't already know this how did you know the cats name was Diana??

Total Retained 86%

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