132 "Oniai no Futari! Usagi to Mamoru no Ai"
(The Best Couple! Usagi and Mamoru's love)
125 "Perfect Couple" 00-10-2

Mamoru invites two of his college friends over to visit, Saori and Kobayashi. Saori has a crush on Mamoru, while Kobayashi seems to have a crush on Saori. Usagi and Chibi-Usa come over and Saori and Kobayashi seem to think that they are both Mamoru's girlfriend. Chibi-Usa is very suspicious about Saori and her relationship with Mamoru. As the episode progresses, Chibi-Usa seems to get the idea that Mamoru will leave Usagi for Saori, which means that she wont exist. Tiger's Eye attacks Saori and immobilizes Mamoru. Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon appear and Tiger's Eye sends the Lemures, Balloon Girl Pooko, after them. When Pooko goes after Mamoru, Sailor Moon jumps in the way. Pooko tries to suffocate her, and seems to succeed. Mamoru calls out Usagi's name (of course Saori heard him) then frees himself and takes a knife and pops Pooko's balloon. Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon defeat the Lemures and Saori decides to give up on Mamoru, since she can't compete that fights for the peace of the earth.

Another good episode. *cough* That's pretty much all I have to say.......The only bad part was, of course, the LEMURES VOICE!!! You know, these voices wouldn't be all that bad if they didn't DOUBLE THEM OVER! *sigh*

Wow, we're looking better off that S so far! Just that small little instance of slang, but besides that, it was great! Keep it up!

Unfortunately, I missed the first scene where Saori and Kobayashi are walking down the street together towards Mamoru's apartment, so if there were any cuts there, I wouldn't be able to tell you, although, I'm pretty sure everything was kept intact.

The script for this episode was faithfully translated ^_^

Saori, Kobayashi, and the Lemures all retain their names, although Kobayashi is called "Kobe" most of time (but is called Kobayashi by Rini).

The Japanese/English conflict was changed to a English/French conflict again, and once again, they did a good job with it. ^^

In reference to Mamoru's apartment, Saori says -

"This is pretty tight for a guy!"

Stupid slang....Grrr

The scene changer thing in the Amazon Trio's bar is WAAAAAYYY off! It happens in the middle of the scene! O.o;;;;; What the.....

(12 seconds) A lot of Mamoru and Saori's conversation before Tiger's Eye is cut (when they are sitting on the park steps).

The "One, two, three" attack by Tiger's Eye was changed to "Un, Duex, Trois!"

Personally, I thought this was really cool. Hard to believe, but they actually IMPROVED this line over the Japanese counterpart *GASP!* It really was a nice touch.

(2 seconds) A shot of Tiger Eye and Saori from Chibi-Usa and Usagi's perspective right before they transform.

Total Retained 96%

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