131 "Pegasus wo toraero! Amazon no Wana"
(Catch Pegasus! The Amazon's trap)
124 "Baiting The Trap" 00-9-29

Tiger's Eye picks his next target as Naru. In an attempt to seduce her, he tries to shower her with compliments, but her attention is quickly diverted by none other than Umino. Tiger's Eye is devastated that Umino got her attention and he didn't. He goes for another approach after finding out that Naru wants to become a nurse. He tells her that he only has 3 months to live and that all he wants is for her to become his girlfriend. Out of pity, Naru agrees. She tells Umino about it, who says what she's doing is very kind. He runs off in a fit of depression. Later, Naru and Tiger's Eye are together and while Naru tries to tell Tiger's Eye that she already has a boyfriend, Tiger's Eye starts to make moves at Naru. When Tiger's Eye tries to kiss her, she pushes him away and tells him that they can't be together. This angers Tiger's Eye, who transforms and makes Naru's dream mirror appear. Luckily, Usagi and Chibi-Usa are nearby to protect her. Tiger's Eye calls forth the Lemures, Juggler Otedamako. After some battling, the Lemures is destroyed and Naru is rescued. (There's also a minor Pegasus catching subplot in this episode with a cage..but it's not really important)

This was a pretty good episode. Faithfully translated. The only real bad part about the episode was Molly's voice. It's just unbearable, and seems to be getting worse. Luckily this is the only time she's in the season so we wont have to put up with her again. *sigh of relief* Also, Fish Eye's voice is really getting on my nerves. How high is Nicole Thualt trying to make Fish Eye's voice sound???? It's unreal......And as usual, the Lemures was given a horrible voice and was doubled up so that you can barely understand her.......*kicks a rock*

We have broken the S pattern! Instead of the 2 good, 2 bad switchoff for a while, we have a 2 good, 1 bad, and back to a good episode. I don't see why they cut out Tiger Eye trying to kiss Molly, but besides that, a great episode!

The script was pretty good in this episode.....*cough*....That's about it....heh

The Lemures, Juggler Otedamako, name was changed to "Juggling Jackel". Again, I don't know if this is just a matter of translation or not.

(10 seconds) A shot of the room that Hawk's Eye's cage is in. The camera starts at the top of the room and pans down to reveal the Amazon Trio and the cage.

(5 seconds) A shot of the bridge that Naru is standing on (the same bridge that she tells Umino the whole "story"). Is Cloverway finding bridges offensive now too????

(3 seconds) Before "Molly" pushes Tiger's Eye away and tells him that they can't be together, we actually are supposed to see why she pushes him away. It's because he tries to kiss her.

Sailor Moon and Mini-Moon's speech goes -

"We're Sailor Scouts! And we stand for love and justice! I'm Sailor Moon! And I'm Sailor Mini-Moon! And in the name of the moon, we'll punish you!"

I gotta say, that's pretty damn close to the original speech, minus the "scout" thing. The only thing that is different is that the english version doesn't say anything about being the "Pretty sailor suited soldiers", but it's close enough. Not only that, but this speech is kept fairly consistent throughout the ENTIRE season. Unbelievable! Ne???

The "Twinkle Yell" speech goes something along these lines in this episode -

"Please Pegasus! Someone's dream is in danger!"

Dream in danger...? Ok.....whatever....

Right before Tuxedo Mask appears, the Lemures pulls out some knives which Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon reply to by saying -

"Oh please don't make us juggle all those balls!!!"

Umm.....I don't know what you think are balls....but where I come from....those are called "knives"...and I don't think the Lemures wanted you to juggle them.....*cough*

Total Retained 95%

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