130 "Mamore Haha no Yume! W Moon no Shin Hissatsu Waza"
(Protect Mom's Dream! Use the New Deadly Weapons of Double-Moon)
123 "Sweet Dreams" 00-9-28

When Chibi-Usa eats Usagi's piece of Lemon Pie that their mom made for them, Usagi gets the idea that Ikuko loves Chibi-Usa more than she loves her. Usagi runs off. At Crown's, the rest of the girls tell Usagi that Chibi-Usa is only a little girl and that she's away from her parents so it must be tough for her here. Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa walks in on Ikuko, who is organizing pictures of the family. She tells Chibi-Usa that her dream is to be a wonderful mother and to raise the three of them to be wonderful adults. She also says that eating Usagi's piece of cake was a bad idea, since Usagi is so sensitive when it comes to food. The two of them go out to get some more lemons for a new pie. On the way home, they are confronted by Hawk's Eye, who pretends that Ikuko is his long lost mother. After pretending to collapse, Ikuko sends Chibi-Usa off to get food for him. After Chibi-Usa leaves, Hawk's Eye makes his move on Ikuko. Luckily, Chibi-Usa and Usagi arrive just in time and transform. Moon tries to do "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on Hawk's Eye, but Hawk's Eye blocks it, to the shock of both Moon and Chibi-Moon. The other senshi arrive and do battle with the Lemures that Hawk's Eye calls out. The senshi are losing, and Chibi-Moon asks for someone to power them up. Pegasus appears and powers Moon and Chibi-Moon's brooches and powers up their accessories and attacks. With their new power, they destroy the lemures and Hawk's Eye retreats.

Hmm....This episode reminds me a lot of the third episode of the S season, just because in the S season it went "good episode, good episode, bad episode"....and that seems to be what's happening with the SuperS season...hmm....Anyway, this episode unfortunately got the "crappy" writer....That would explain the "champions of justice!" comment....Anyway, the episode was going pretty well...All until the battle started *sigh*....Oooooooooh well.

Like Bob metioned above, we're having a nice mirror effect in SS that we had is S: good, good, bad. It was great until the battle, they even kept Ikuko's orginal name! But Cloverway proves once again they can't keep consistent with their inventions, what is "Rainbow Moon Heart Attack"? Oy..... I'm glad they kept "Moon Gorgeous Meditation," too bad everything else was changed. I don't wanna even get into "Moon Cosmic Dream Action".....

Now, the script for this episode can be considered "ok", however, there was room for MASSIVE improvement. In other words, I would still call this episode a "translation", however, it was a VERY VERY VERY loose translation.

Rini calls Serena's mom, "Mommy Ikuko"! Wow! I wasn't expecting that! Well, there's a plus....

Cannon Bango's name is changed to "Cannon Ball". I don't know if this is just a matter of translation though.....

Also, let's welcome back Sailor Neptun---I mean Serena's mom!! *claps* *cough*

Also, this is a reoccurring problem - The Lemures' (or should I say Remliss?) voices. In the original version they were VERY funny in both sound and line deliverance, but in the dub they are extremely bland and boring. Almost ALL the comic relief that was originally delivered by the Lemures was completely lost in the dub. Not only that, but Optimum FREAKING DOUBLES UP THE LEMURES' VOICES!! WHY!?!? WHY I SAY!! You can't understand hardly a word they say! So now, what COULD be funny is completely lost since you don't even KNOW that the Lemures is saying something funny! You're too busy going "huh? What? What did it just say....???"....*KILLS OPTIMUM*

Like I said, nothing really bad happens until the battle starts, and this is the first of a long list of tragedies.

Now, I said that the "One, Two, Three" attack was kept for the entire season. Well, I kinda fibbed. In this episode Hawk's Eye goes-

"Ah-One! Ah-Two! Ah-Three!"

?.?....Oh wow....We're COOL NOW! Woooooooooooooo! *cough*

You know when people you want to stay dead come back to haunt you? Well this is one of those moments.

"Mini Prism Power!"

*drops to the floor and starts having massive convulsions*

(14 seconds) Now I was HIGHLY upset by this cut. In the dub, we see the lemures getting shot out of the cannon and then we see it land sometime later.....Well, unbeknownst to you dub watchers, the ACTUAL landing of the Lemures was cut....along with lots of other stuff......

After the Lemures blasts off, we see Jupiter do "Sparkling Wide Pressure" but to no avail, then the Lemures pummels towards everyone. Everyone jumps out of the way and the Lemures tells the senshi that they're not supposed to move. Mars replies by saying that she can't say stuff like that....This was absolutely the funniest scene in the entire episode, and it pisses me off that they cut it out! I mean, SuperS is a season strictly relying on comic relief, so what happens when they cut all the comic relief out?? We're left with just boring episodes.................Ugh! If I EVER meet someone who works for Optimum/Cloverway (minus the voice actors) I'm going to kick them in the butt so hard that they'll have to part their hair to go to the bathroom!!!! *gets out the beating stick* (I hope I've expressed the level of madness I'm at right now.....)

(2 seconds) A shot of Ikuko right before Sailor Moon does "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" is cut.

When Sailor Moon is SUPPOSED to do "Moon Spiral Heart Attack", we're BLESSED with a -

"Rainbow Moon Heart Attack!"

O.o;;; Umm....Wrong attack there, pals....Wait a minute....That's not EVEN an attack! They used a non-existent attack...Optimum/Cloverway no baka!

(6 seconds) Before the Lemures aims the cannon at Ikuko, there's a shot of all the senshi on the ground hurt.

Well....This is the moment of truth. We were about to find out what they were going to do with "Moon Crisis, Make Up!". We already knew that Pioneer had named the attack "Super Moon Crisis Power!" but we should know now that Cloverway/Optimum don't care for consistency much.....Well....That's even further proven by this-

"Moon Cosmic Dream Action!"

WHAT!?!? Moon....Cosmic....*twitch*...DREAM ACTION!?!?!??! What the hell is that??!? I would have preferred "Super Moon Crisis Power!" to this!!! *takes out a shot gun - BANG! - Falls over dead*.....*twitch*...I can't believe this. I mean....they MUST'VE searched far up their own butts to find that one! I can honestly say that not ONE PERSON saw THIS one coming...But there is one plus to this whole renaming thing. They consistently call it this throughout the entire season. Even though I thought they would mess up on countless occasions, they didn't mess up at all. Well....I guess there's some relief.....*cough*...What the hell am I talking about - Moon cosmic dream action!??!?!?!?!?!? Ohh....I'm..getting a...little light....headed.....*PLOPS ON FLOOR*

*GETS UP* Ugh...Where am I? Oh geez! The horror's not over yet....Sailor Moon's new weapon, the Kaleida-Moon Scope was renamed the "Energy Rainbow Moon Rod" and "Mini-Moon's" new weapon (can I even call it that?), the Crystal Carillon, was renamed the Crystal Chime....While I can live with "Crystal Chime", what the hell is an "Energy Rainbow Moon Rod"!?!?! Umm....that whole "rainbow" thing was in the LAST season.......Idiots...Same goes for "Moon Cosmic Dream Action"- That was LAST SEASON! All COSMIC CRAP WAS LAST SEASON!!! *whacks optimum and cloverway executives around a few times*

Chibi-Moon's speech when calling pegasus which was "Onegai! Pegasus! Minna no yume wo mamore!" which translates to "Please, Pegasus! Protect everyone's dream!" was changed to "My friend Pegasus! (wha!?!) Please help us protect sweet dreams!" O.o;; What the hell...? This speech remains COMPLETELY inconsistent throughout the entire season, so I'll keep you posted on how it changes from episode to episode.

Also, even though "(Moon) Super Moon Target" was renamed "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" (it's correct name), "Twinkle Yell!" was changed to "Crystal Twinkle Bell!"......*Falls over dead*...I can't take much more of this. But on the plus side, these attacks stay consistent throughout the entire season as well.

(MiniMoon):"Call out loud with Pegasus Power!"

(Sailor Moon):"Alright! Pegasus Power on!"

WHAT THE FREAKING HELL!?!? Pegasus power?!? It needs to be turned on?! What??? Oh god....make the episode stop! MAKE IT STOP!!!!

I found this comment a little interesting...

"So Mini Moon, looks like you got a special new friend!"

Now...was I the only one who was thinking.."What? Amara and Michelle are back!?".....~_^

Total Retained 82%

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