13 "Onnanokoha danketsuyo! Jadeite no saigo"
(The Girls are in Unison! The End of Jadeite)
10 "Fight To The Finish" 95-9-22

Queen Beryl is getting fed up with Jadeite's failures. She tells him that if he fails one more time, he will be put into eternal slumber. Fearing for his life, Jadeite comes up with a plan that will finally rid him of the three Sailor Senshi. He appears over Tokyo and calls out for the Sailor Senshi, telling them that if they do not appear to fight him, he will set Tokyo ablaze. The three senshi appear to fight Jadeite the next day. Jadeite manipulates airplanes to run the girls over, but with a little ingenuity, the girls are able to reverse Jadeite's evil powers and send the airplanes right at him. He retreats back to Queen Beryl's chambers for safety and also to tell the Queen he has found the identities of the three Sailor Senshi, but before he can explain himself, Queen Beryl puts him into Eternal Slumber. A new Dark Kingdom general appears to take Jadeite's place.

Ugh.....must.....sit through.......another.....horribly awful.....DiC episode. God have mercy on my soul. Wait........What's this? What??? The script was actually GOOD?!? The cuts were actually MINIMAL!??! What's going on!?!?!? I'm just confused. There must be something wrong with the cosmos, because an episode as good as this should not happen. =/ Well, there's no need to complain =D. If the original music had been used, it would've been near perfect. Well.......as near to perfect as humanly possible considering it IS a DiC episode. Anyway, on with the comparison!

Being an important episode, I was happy to see that it was handled well. No big cuts, no big changes, a good episode.

Actually...^^; I don't think I've ever actually seen this episode dubbed. From the looks of it, it seemed to go pretty well. Er..nothin to see here, folks.

Oh....My.....God. The planets must be in alignment. We actually have a GOOD script for the episode. It was remarkably intact, comparable to a Cloverway "good episode" script. I was impressed. Well....as impressed as I can be considering this is the DiC version....Also of note, today was an "I will punish you" episode. Looks like the theory still applies for the DiC episodes that "punish you" episodes tend to have good scripts while "And that means you" episodes have crappy scripts.

While not named in the Japanese version of this episode, the 2nd Dark Kingdom General is named in the dub. Nephrite's name is changed to Neflyte. I really don't feel like getting into the reason's why it's Nephrite and not Neflyte, but let's just say that Nephrite is accurate to the rock that his name was based on, and Neflyte is DEFINITELY not. If you really must know the details, head on over to Dies Guadii as I am 99.9% sure that he has an explanation there. =)

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut. My God, how many more times am I gonna have to say this..........? *dies*

(2 seconds) At the end of the scene with Jadeite and Queen Beryl talking about the Eternal Sleep (but before the scene changes to Usagi's room), there's a close up shot of Jadeite's mouth that zooms out to his whole face. The close up part of his mouth is cut. Yeah........go figure.

(6 seconds) When Usagi is looking up at the constellations, a number of constellations are cut, including "The Archer" and "The Scales". *cough* Yeah.......evil stars......*cough*

(8 seconds) While Usagi and Luna are talking in Usa's room, we see Luna wink, then we see Usagi talk for a bit. The wink and Usagi's talking is all cut.

When Jadeite appears over Tokyo, lightning bolts are digitally added to add "effect" to the dub, I suppose. *shrugs* Why would they really care enough to say "THAT SCENE NEEDS LIGHTNING! ADD LIGHTNING!" Wasn't it good enough to begin with? I think DiC just had some digital artists on payroll that they had to do SOMETHING with to justify keeping their jobs. That's the only explanation I have...

Smokey effects are also added to the 'Jadeite Over Tokyo' scene before AND after the shots of the city on fire.

During the scene with Ami, Usagi, Rei, and Luna talking about what they're going to do about Jadeite's message, originally Usagi makes a dumb comment that makes Rei and Ami do, what I like to call, an "ANIME FALL". In other words, they do a face fault, or a *THUD* due to Usagi's comment. In the dub, the scene of the anime fall is cut out and a scene of them just talking is extended to replace the cut. No time loss is actually made.

(1 second) One second of the kids in class talking about the "message in the sky" is cut. No big deal.

(3 seconds) A tiny snippet of Usagi jumping up in the air proclaiming that Motoki loves her is cut, and 2 1/2 seconds of Usagi's face, watching her shoe fly through the air and hit Mamoru is cut.

(2 seconds) A shot of Usagi sticking her tongue out at Mamoru is cut.

The shots of the the police in the airport are jumbled up and mixed around for GOD KNOWS WHY. There was probably some footage loss too but I was so damn confused I couldn't really tell....Damn DiC.....I shall just give out a rough estimate of 3 seconds of footage loss....=/

(2 seconds) There is a Japanese sign telling us that we are at the subway. The whole sign shot is cut. =/ .....Oh, maybe I should explain that "=/" is my new favorite face. =D =/

(4 seconds) The subway ride is hacked up a bit. Also there are little snippets here and there of the girls getting on the subway and a few other shots that were too miniscule to really mention.

(10 seconds) Mars/Mercury henshins are cut to avoid showing body lines. Umm, don't they have the censored versions??????? I'm just confused....

(7 seconds) When Mars does her Fire Soul on the "clay" police officers. In the dub we see the before and after of the attack, but in the Japanese version we see silhouettes of the policeman burning. Nothing graphic at all, but I guess this was a little too much for DiC to take.

This really isn't SDA, but it feels like it's been FOREVER since I used one of these boxes!!!

In the original, there is a lot of talk of guys vs. girls. Jadeite insults the senshi a lot saying that girls have no chance of beating him. The senshi reply saying that girls who stick together cannot lose. All this "sexist" talk is removed and replaces with something MUCH more watered down, trivial, and stupid. Yes, because we can't expose our young 'uns to this "Girls vs. Guys" stuff!! *cough*not that there already ISN'T a rivalry in our playgrounds*cough*.

(1 second) Rei's "Evil Spirits, Begone!" attack is cut up a bit to get rid of the "demon-like figure" that's in the original. *rolls eyes*.

Total Retained 73%

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