129 "Super Henshin Futatabi! Pegasus no Power"
(Super Transformation! Pegasus' Power)
122 "No Ordinary Horsepower" 00-9-27

The girls discover that Motoki's girlfriend, Reika, has returned from Africa. After some chatting, they discover that Reika has been offered a scholarship of some type at a college in Europe, and afterwards they want her to stay and she might be there for over ten years. She is very upset over this fact since she'll have to be away from Motoki for even longer. Minako and Usagi try to talk to Motoki about it, but he just acts as if he doesn't care. Meanwhile, Tiger's Eye picks Reika as his next target. After some casual flirting, Tiger's Eye reveals himself and goes for her dream mirror. Of course, Chibi-Usa and Usagi are nearby and they both transform and come to Reika's aide. Tiger's Eye calls forth the Lemures Kyokubo Danko. The other Sailor Senshi appear and they all do battle. The Lemures seems to have an upper hand when Chibi-Moon wishes for someone to help them. Pegasus appears again and powers Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon up again and they destroy the Lemures. Tiger's Eye retreats and the girls rescue Reika. In the end, we find out that Motoki actually does care about Reika and that he was playing dumb because he didn't want him to affect her decision. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Another fairly good episode. Aside from that damned "Super Moon Target"....It was pretty good. Although, I must say, I can't stand Zirconia's voice. If they make him male, that will RUIN a rather important plot element that isn't revealed until MUCH later in the season....Also, the forced squeakyness of Fish Eye is rather annoying...

Another good episode, though I still have to get used to the new voices. Cloverway yet shows another example of their incosistencies, where they can't even stay consistent with something they made up THEMSELVES. Sailor Moon's new "attack" was "Super Moon Target" Hopefully this will change tomorrow, where she gets her offical attack name.

The script for this episode was pretty good. It wasn't perfect, but the imperfections were very minor. VERY minor. (except for the stuff mentioned below)

The Lemures, Kyokuba Danko, has her name shortened to just "Danko".

(11 seconds) Right before Rini runs off to find "Rita", there is a shot of a horse, Rini looking suprised, and then all the girls following Rini to the shrubs that is cut.

*cough* Notice how in Chibi-Moon's transformation how in the background they're chanting "Chibi-Moon" and not "Mini-Moon"....*cough*...That's just one of the problems of renaming Chibi-Moon. I'm not even going to get into all those "mini-me" jokes.......

(3 seconds) After Tiger's Eye instructs the Lemures, there is a cut shot of him walking towards "Rita". Wow....So offensive.....*gasp*...Since we've already come to the conclusion that they're not cutting stuff for time (see the last episode comparison), then why do they cut stupid stuff like this??? I guess it's so the VHS version of the Uncut dub (if there is one) will sell.....*cough*

Sidenote from Dan: There will be an uncut dub on VHS and DVD eventually, Bob somehow overlooked that when doing this comparison. ^_^

Right after the 4 inner senshi arrive, Mars tells Moon-

"Hey, Serena, looks like you forgot about our meeting...."

Umm....remember that whole "Secret Identity" thing?? Tiger's Eye was standing RIGHT there...*sigh*...Careless error.

(4 seconds) Before the Lemures starts to whip the senshi so that they're running around in a circle, there's a cut shot of the Lemures kicking Chibi-Moon towards the rest of the senshi.

Today, Sailor Moon's attack is called -

"Super Moon Target!"

What the hell...That's not even consistent with yesterday's attack name! At least you got rid of the double "moon".....

Total Retained 95%

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