128 "Unmei no deai! Pegasus no mau yoru"
(An Unexpected Encounter! The Night Pegasus Performs His Steps)
121 "Dreams Take Flight" 00-9-26

Chibi-Usa has a dream where a flying horse comes to her. In the dream, the horse tells Chibi-Usa not to tell anyone of their encounter. Chibi-Usa is then woken up by Usagi who tells her that they're late and they need to meet everyone in the park. The park is loaded with spectators who are waiting for the oncoming solar eclipse. During the eclipse, a huge circus tent plants itself right in the middle of the city. Inside, an old woman named Zirconia tells everyone to shut up and calls forth the Amazon Trio. Three men, by the names of Fish Eye, Tiger's Eye, and Hawk's Eye appear. Zirconia explains to the three that they need to find Pegasus who is hiding in the beautiful dreams of people. After Zirconia's instruction, the three go off to search for their first target. Tiger's Eye picks Motoki's sister, Unazuki, as his first target. After some smooth talking and flirting, Tiger's Eye attacks Unazuki and with his "One, Two, Three" attack and begins to look inside her mirror. Of course, Usagi and Chibi-Usa stumble upon him, transform, and confront him. Tiger's Eye calls out his Lemures, Karikuriko, to fight the two of them. After some knife dodging, Tuxedo Kamen appears and begins to fight with Tiger's Eye, but he too is trapped by Tiger's Eye's tricks. All things are looking grim, and Chibi-Usa prays that someone would help them. Suddenly, the horse that was in Chibi-Usa's dreams appears and Tiger's Eye identifies him as Pegasus. He powers Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon up to Super Sailor Senshi and they destroy the lemures. Tiger's Eye retreats, Pegasus leaves, and the two Senshi power down to their normal selves.

Well, I watched today's episode, the first episode in the SuperS season, hoping that it wouldn't be as bad as the S season was. Luckily for me, it wasn't all that bad, except for a bad voice here and there and a bad attack name here AND there....

Also, notice how there is a total of 8 seconds cut from this episode. That's it. Now tell me that these cuts are made "for time".......That's BS. If they aren't cutting these for time, why the hell are they cutting them??? It doesn't make any sense.

I turned on my TV on the first day of the SS episodes, not knowing excatly what to expect. With there being no promos for this season, but episode titles on Toonami.com that never have been aired before, no one excetly knew what to expect. I then heard the SS eyecatch with the title of the episode, and could tell that we were going to be along for some fun ride.

The episode was actually done rather well! I was quite impressed that they barely touched the script at all, Cloverway did their jobs well with this episode. Optimum didn't however, the voices for the new characters just didn't seem right. We've got Zirconia sounding EXCATLY like Yoda and Fishs Eye being either a girl or a castrated male, only time would tell excatly which, as this episode didn't reveal it. All I would have to really complain about is the "Moon Super Moon Target" what the hell is this?! I know that Cloverway has an obsession with having characters talk when nothing is being said, but where did they pull THAT from? Oy vey....

Alright! New season, new comparisons! *cracks neck* *does stretches* - Ok, time to get back into the swing of doing these!

So where to start? Well, I think I should start out with the horrible miscasts and bad voices that made my ears bleed during this episode.

Pegasus, who is supposed to be a fairly boyish, is given a really old sounding voice. This is just wrong. You can not have a 40 year old man fall in love with an 8 year old girl. Not only is it just wrong, it's illegal too! At least in the Japanese version it was at least SOMEWHAT legal (if you disregard the fact that Pegasus/Elios is over 1000 years old....He's still young in appearance! *sweat drop*)

To the utter shock of absolutely no one (or at least I hope this didn't catch anyone by suprise), Fish Eye was given a "female-sounding" voice. Although, as of this episode, it hasn't been indicated what gender Fish Eye actually is....But as for the actual voice, it sounds FAR too stressed to go extra high. This just makes Fish Eye sound weird and scary.....in a bad way....Hawk's Eye's and Tiger's Eye's voices range from the good to tolerable level, depending on who you ask. Personally, I think they're both pretty good. (and no, I don't think that Hawk's Eye sounds REMOTELY british......)

Now, to the utter shock of absolutely EVERYONE, Zirconia was given a VERY VERY BAD OLD MAN VOICE. Not only that, it looks like Optimum got the voice of YODA. That's right.....YODA. I was expecting him to bust out saying, "Zirconia am I. Good Trio you are not! Pegasus to find we must!"......Umm...That's a bad thing. Like Fish Eye, Zirconia's gender wasn't officially revealed in this episode.

And if you haven't already figured it out, Zirconia, Hawk's Eye, Fish Eye, and Tiger's Eye all retain their names. The Lemures, Karikuriko, also retains her name.

Speaking of the lemures....Apparently they've been renamed "Remliss". Well, if you look at it from a translation standpoint, that's fine.....but the only problem is that "Lemures" is an actual word while "Remliss" is not. Don't believe me? Go to www.dictionary.com to find out for yourself! Also, there is NO SUCH THING AS A "Lemure"! The word is ALWAYS plural. As weird as it sounds, a single monster is called a "Lemures" while a group of the monsters are also called "Lemures".

Geez....this box is getting big....O.o;;;.....Anyway...what else is there to mention....*think*..Well, I'm pretty sure that Lizzie/Elizabeth's voice was changed for reasons unknown. The new voice is pretty bad too. It's like she has an ailment where all she can do is whisper. "Hi...My name is Elizabeth....I'm so shy...tee heee!"

And last by not least...THE SCRIPT! SCRIPT SCRIPT SCRIPT SCRIPT SCRIPT! =D - Well, the script fared pretty good. The only bad thing I could find about it was that there was a LOT of added dialogue while there originally was silence. Must I beat it into Optimum/Cloverway's head that silence=good??? *sigh*

Wow, that was one hell of a box....O.o;;; *looks above to see a massive 300 ton "Side Note" box above*....Oh geez.....

Anyway, those lovely scene changers that I love so much are back for another season of triumph. *SHUDDER*

And it's interesting what they do with one of them in this episode. In the original version, when Usagi had woken up Chibi-Usa, she tells her to lift her arms and she takes off Chibi-Usa's nighty. Well, the next scene was "under" Chibi-Usa's nighty if that makes any sense. You see, her Nighty was the scene changer....thing......I know that probably doesn't make sense....Anyway, apparently our favorite company found this too "sexual" or something and decided to put a scene changer in that blocked the actual lifting of Chibi-Usa's arms and her nighty coming off.

(8 seconds) Some shots of people from around the city looking towards the sky waiting for the approaching eclipse.

Now, this was something that I had hoped that Cloverway would keep, and they did! ^_^

The Trio's "One, Two, Three" attack is kept in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE THAT THE TRIO IS IN! Amazing, ne?!? They don't mess it up at all! Not once! Amazing. It looks like Cloverway/Optimum aren't composed of total lackies, ne?

Ahh, the first SDA of the season....Just freaking lovely......*SHUDDER*

Now, this line in particular didn't bother me that much, but I know many other people were bothered by it, so here it is.

When Tuxedo Mask appears and does his speech, Tiger's Eye replies to him by saying,

"What's with the disco vampire look?"

Again, this line didn't bother me much, so unfortunately, no sarcastic/witty remark ~_^ Gomen!

Now, is it just me, or was it really annoying how Optimum decided to double over Tiger's Eye's voice when he was battling? I found that rather annoying, and this is only the beginning of the madness, as in future episodes, Optimum seems to go "voice doubling happy". Greeeeat.

Now this was just idiotically stupid. During Moon's new "attack", she goes -

"Moon - Super Moon - Target!!!"

Umm....excuse my french but, what in the name of all things that are dirty with monkey crap was that?!?!? What the hell, we're not playing "darts" here.....and was it REALLY necessary to say "Moon" twice??? Originally, Sailor Moon didn't say anything when performing this attack, she just grunted.

The Lemures' ending phrase, "Stage Out!", was not kept, and it isn't kept at all throughout the entire season so I wont bother wasting my energy telling you that every episode like I did with the "Lovely!" thing from the S season.

The "new" ending for the SuperS season is just the 2nd half of the Tuxedo Mirage animation.

Total Retained 95%

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