127 "Senshi no Jikaku! Tsuyosa ha Jun na Kokoro no Naka ni"
(A Growing Soldier! A Pure Heart is the Base for Growing Strong)
120 "Tough Kindness" 00-8-1

Chibi-Usa gets a letter from her parents asking her to return home to the future. She is very upset because of this. To wish her off, Usagi and the others decide to throw her a going away party. Chibi-Usa doesn't take kindly to the idea. She thinks that all they want to do is get rid of her, and they don't realize that once she leaves, she'll never be able to see them again. Back at the ruins of Mugen Gauken, there is still one daimon egg left. It fuses itself with "daimon maker" microwave thing and starts collecting pure hearts. After the party, Chibi-Usa makes her goodbyes and leaves. After an emotional moment between her and Usagi, she finally leaves. Luna then comes and tells that there is an emergency in the city. She explains that there is one last daimon stealing pure hearts. The senshi appear and fight it, but the daimon is too strong for them. Just then, Chibi-Moon appears from the sky and knocks the daimon over and hits her with "Pink Sugar Heart Attack". Tuxedo Kamen uses the moment to hit the daimon and Sailor Moon destroys it. Then Luna-P appears in the air with another letter telling Chibi-Usa that she can stay in the future, and that they were thankful for the nice presents she brought them. The episode ends with Chibi-Usa saying "That's the end of the story! Thank you for watching!"

Ah, the LAST episode of the S season! It's been a long journey! We've felt love, pain, tragedy, happiness, bad slang, and inconsistency after inconsistency after inconsistency, but it's FINALLY OVER. After the crap fest we had yesterday, I was hoping to get a good episode. Well, I didn't get what I was hoping for, but I wasn't totally screwed either. This episode was pretty good. It was on par, although it could have been better. I was SO mad that they changed the last line! I thought it was so charming how Chibi-Moon said "That's the end of the story! Thanks for watching!" but aside from that, it was pretty good.

While a bit better than yesterday's, I still wasn't happy with the dubbing of this episode. Cloverway insists of making my fave senshi a bitch and making some SDA. Valley girl talk = bad, why can't they see this, as well as silence = dramatic = good. Oy..... It was a slightly better than average episode, but for the ending, I expected better.

Well, thats it for the S season. There were more good episodes than bad, but yet an amazing amount of inconsistencies, mistake that must've been planned, and a skipped episode in the first run. I would average out this season to get a grade of a B. It was good, but there was so much that could be improved upon. I hope Cloverway thinks about that for SS and can make a good SS dub by learning from their mistakes in the S dub.

Ok, script. Hehe, don't you think it's funny how I always start with the script??? I think it's funny......YOU SHOULD TOO! LAUGH!! LAUGH DAMN YOU!!!! *cough* Anyway! ^^;;;;; The script was good, not perfect, but good. Just about every line was faithfully translated, but there were those lines that were just way off in left field. Luckily, only a few lines were off, so good script-good good good good good *twitch*

The daimon, Changing, retains her name.

"Stop dissing her so much, girl! You know you're being mean!" - Rei to Mina

Yeah! Stop your dissin', girlfriend! *SHUDDER* Dumb slang alert, dumb slang alert. But actually, Mina really WAS being mean. A lot meaner than she was in the original. Actually, I don't think Minako was being mean in the original at all.........I guess this is where the complaint comes in that "Cloverway made Mina a bitch".

"This is a super hot tape of my songs!" - Rei

Super hot? O.o;;;; That's too "DiCish" for me........It kind of reminds me of how you describe big things in Japanese though. Like, "This is my Super Hot Deadly Fire Attack of Death!" O.o;;;;;;

(5 seconds) A shot of a lake that Rini's looking into is cut (I believe it's in the scene where she's on the swing set...but I could be wrong).

(5 seconds) Some far away shots of Usagi and Chibi-Usa right before Chibi-Usa returns to the future is cut.

(4 seconds) Another far away shot of Usagi looking into the air after Chibi-Usa has left.

(4 seconds) A shot of the Senshi and the daimon (we're looking from behind the senshi) right before Moon does her speech.

Hey, guess what happens in this episode? Venus does an attack! And do you know what that means!? We get to play "GUESSING GAME!" Ok! Here are the choices you can choose from "Venus Love Chain/Venus Love Chain Encircle/Venus Love Chain Harness/Venus Love Chain Whip". If you choose the correct answer, you'll win......*drums are rolling*....DIGNITY!!!!

Anyway....Enough of that stupidity, in today's episode, Venus uses the attack "Venus Love Chain Whip!".

Riiiiiiiight. Venus Love Chain Whip.......Isn't that kind of an oxymoron? Chain...Whip?? *sigh*

Well, that's it!!!! That's the end of the S season. 38 episodes done by Cloverway. Now, let's get a season "Total Retained" shall we? All I'm going to do is add up all the percentages (including today's) and divide them by "38" and we'll get the Total Retained number for the entire S season! Here we go!

S Season - Total Retained: 88.2%

Eh, not bad, but there's DEFINITE room for improvement. This isn't like school where a 80% is ok. If you want to be taken seriously as an anime dubber you should get at LEAST above a 98%. Oh well.....Better than DiC, I guess!

Total Retained 90%

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