126 "Atarashiki Seimei! Unmei no Hoshiboshi Betsuri no Toki"
(Bundle of New Life! The Destiny of Stars, The Time of Farewell)
119 "Second Chance" 00-7-31

After Moon appears with baby Hotaru, she collapses. Uranus and Neptune run to her aid and take baby Hotaru. After spending some time with her, Uranus and Neptune return to Tomoe. Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa is depressed about Hotaru. Her hat ends up blowing away and Tomoe catches it for her. Chibi-Usa discovers that the baby Tomoe is holding is actually Hotaru. She is relieved to know that Hotaru is alright. The other inner senshi are at the crater where Mugen Gauken used to be looking for clues about where Hotaru might have gone, when Haruka and Michiru show up. They tell Usagi that she was foolish to give the Sacred Cup to Mistress 9, and by doing so, she could have destroyed the earth. Haruka and Michiru transform and tell Usagi that they will not forgive her so easily. The other inner senshi transform telling them to change their positions, but Tuxedo Kamen steps in and tells them that Usagi needs to fight this battle alone. She transforms and the three of them begin fighting. Uranus and Neptune begin to attack Sailor Moon, but all Moon does is dodge the attacks. They tell her to show them her true power. Neptune sneaks up behind Moon and grabs her and Uranus attacks from the front. At the last second, Moon emits a power which makes Uranus crash into Neptune instead of herself. Uranus and Neptune then bow down to Moon, telling her that they needed proof that she was the true messiah. Since she had finally shown them her true power, they had finally found the true messiah and their mission was complete. They leave on a peaceful note, and everyone returns to their normal lives.....Or so they think.

Unlike yesterday's absolutely wonderful episode, today's episode reeked more than that thing that's been living in the back of my refrigerator. We got the bad writer, and just when you think she can't get any worse, she gets worse, MUCH worse....May God have mercy on us all........

After I thought the bad writer died, she comes back making up for that kick ass episode from Friday. Oy, I thought they could at least finish the main storyline of the season on a good note. Guess it was just wishful thinking.....

The script in this episode was REALLY bad. We get the general gist of what's going on, but other than that, the episode is completely rewritten.

Not only that, but there is a LOT of dialogue where there was silence in the original. See, Cloverway just can't understand that Silence = Dramatic effects and Dramatic effects = Good. They're motto is "as long as we can't see their mouths, we assume that they're talking". Whatever

Then, you add to the fact that this episode was extremely dumbed down. Things that are clear and simple do not need to be explained two or three times. Unfortunately, the writer who wrote this episode didn't know that. And what the hell was up with everyone calling baby Hotaru "Sweet pea"?! Oy vey...

(2 seconds) Right before we see Chibi-Usa in her bed, there's a shot of a closed window that is shining light onto her. Of course Cloverway had to cut this because window = glass and glass = deadly weapon which we will kill each other with. ^_^;;;;;

(5 seconds) A shot of Chibi-Usa running out the door to meet her friends is cut.

"What's up, girl?" - Luna to Rini

*cough* Yeah....Ok...This is just a dumb variation of the phrase "What's up, girlfriend", which is just as bad. The worst part is that they have Luna saying it, who in the dub is a 40 year old british woman......In other words....40 year old british woman and the line "What's up, girl" are a deadly combination. Only use at your own risk.

(2 seconds) The end of the scene where the camera is zooming in on the coffee house that Haruka and Michiru are at is cut.

(3 seconds) A close up shot of the hospital where Tomoe is at is cut.

"Hotaru had two very evil personas, Mistress 9, the Heart Snatchers leader and Sailor Saturn, the dark sailor scout" - Pluto to Rini

Umm..Last time I checked, Saturn wasn't "the dark sailor scout"......Last time I checked, Uranus and Neptune had figured out that Saturn was NOT the evil messiah and that Mistress 9 was. Oh geez...NEVER MIND.......*bangs head into table*

(3 seconds) A shot of baby Hotaru is cut. *cough* Sorry, I'd go into more detail but that's all I wrote on my paper and I don't remember what exactly happened...*cough*....Just remember...You're missing out on 3 seconds of baby Hotaru! You damn deprived dubbies.....

"I know that composter song anywhere!!!" - Serena

Oh geez, you can TELL that this is the same person who wrote episode 93 as a line about composters was in that episode too (also a crappy episode). Ok, Usagi is not THAT dumb! Thus Serena should not be THAT dumb either.

For the very last transformation for Uranus and Neptune until Stars, the damn writer of this episode was so nice as to treat us with a-

"Uranus Star Power!/Uranus World Shaking!"
"Neptune Star Power!/Neptune Deep Submerge!"

Damn bitch.........*cough*

Also, when all the girls were supposed to say "Make-Up!" together, they said "Transform!". Eh....Better than "We...are one!!" *SHUDDER*

"I don't want you guys to fight on account of me! It's freakin' me!" - Serena

I don't want you to write such dumb lines with such dumb slang on account of dumb americans! It's freakin' ME. I'm only dreading what's coming next.....

"Are you gonna let them talk all this trash talk to you??" - Lita
"Well, one man's trash is another's treasure and right now I cherish what they're saying.." - Serena

Umm...What?? That doesn't make any sense....Then you add to the fact that this is probably the FIFTH time they've said "Trash talk" in this episode........Ugh

"We're all linked by the gift of planet power...." - Serena

Oh not this "planet power" crap again.....

"Wooah! Stop it! I like my nose where it is!" - Moon when Uranus is attacking her

Oh God...Make it stop.....No one in their right mind would try to crack a joke when someone is trying to brutally beat them. It's funny how a dumb line like this can ruin a great scene.

"I am your princess! I am ruler of the moon kingdom!" - Moon

You know, I don't think Usagi was EVER so conceited as to ever say that to show her superiority in the original. In fact, I think that most of the times, she tried NOT to show her superiority. And anyway, Usagi wouldn't have said this since in the Japanese version, they weren't even FIGHTING over her right to be Moon Princess like they were in the dub. They were fighting because Uranus and Neptune thought that giving up the Sacred Cup was unforgivable. (Of course, we learn that Uranus and Neptune were REALLY fighting her so that she could prove to them that she was the real messiah...but we don't learn that till after the fight).

Total Retained 79%

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