125 "Kagayaku Ryuusei! Saturn soshite Kyuuseishu"
(Shiny Shooting Stars! Saturn and Messiah)
118 "Darkness, My Old Friend" 00-7-28

Uranus, Neptune, and Moon are the only ones who can stop Mistress 9. In an attempt to destroy her, Uranus and Neptune both attack Mistress 9 only to have their attacks blocked by Sailor Moon. Mistress 9 then proceeds to trap Uranus and Neptune in a giant statue. Mistress 9 threatens to kill Uranus and Neptune if she doesn't hand over the Sacred Cup. When she is about to hand it over, Tomoe appears. He calls out to his daughter and Mistress 9 seems to have a fit. She tells Tomoe (pretending to be Hotaru) that the thing that will save her is the Sacred Cup. Even though Uranus and Neptune tell her not to do it, Moon hands the cup over to Tomoe. As soon as Mistress 9 touches the cup, she throws Tomoe away and thanks Sailor Moon for her ignorance. She then proceeds to use the Cup to summon Pharaoh 90. Pharaoh 90 releases huge energy blasts as he is coming through, and one ends up blasting Mistress 9. Sailor Moon, once again, shields her. Tomoe trys to bring back the girl in her, and an inner battle between Mistress 9 and Hotaru begins. In the end, Hotaru remembers that she has people she cares about and the sign of Saturn breaks through the Death Busters' symbol, destroying Mistress 9. Sailor Saturn then appears to Chibi-Usa, and returns her pure heart. She then returns to the battlefield. Pharaoh 90 continues to enter our realm, when Saturn appears before Sailor Moon. She tells her that she is the only one who can defeat Pharaoh 90, and that she will be killed as well. Sailor Moon offers to protect her, but Saturn explains how without the Sacred Cup's powers, she can be of no use. Saturn then jumps into the mass that is Pharaoh 90. Moon then tries to power up to Super Sailor Moon, but to no avail. She tries again and again, but still nothing. Emotional and distraught, she continues to try, and still nothing. The inners and the two remaining outers then lend their power to Sailor Moon, and with their power, she transforms into Super Sailor Moon and enters Pharaoh 90. Pharaoh 90 begins to dissipate and then completely disappears. Then, out of the sky, a battered Sailor Moon appears carrying a little baby...Hotaru.

After yesterday's WORST EPISODE EVER....(well, almost worst)..I damn well BETTER have gotten a good episode today! ^_^ Lucky me, I did! Not only that, this is probably the BEST episode in the entire S season as far as dubbing/translation is concerned! I was suprised how intact the script was. It was amazing looking onto my subtitles and hearing the voice artists say the EXACT same thing that the subtitles were reading. Basically, the only time the script WAS off compared to my fan subs was due to translation error by the fansubber! Kudos to Cloverway! A good episode!

Now, on a completely unrelated note....Doesn't Mistress 9 have a weird cackle!? When she's cackling, she sounds like she's a 70 year old witch but when she talks, she sounds very young! Weird......Not that I have a problem with that....I just think it's interesting......O.o;;

Oh! And not ONE HINT of SDA!! Woooh!

Wow, I watched this episode, pretty much praying that it got much better treatment than the last few. To my relief it did, and ended up being the best dubbed episode of the whole Sailor Moon saga thus far. No major dialogue change. No SDA. No being protected by "Planet Power". No evil dub thingys. It was great. If only all the other episodes were dubbed as well as this, but I'm glad they didn't screw this one up, being the last Death Busters episode.

Ok! Let's start this episode comparison off right! With a shot of whiskey!!!!! *cough* I'm kidding......The script was extremely good for this episode. Oh wait, that's right, Cloverway can't understand me if I don't talk dumb slang...Umm.....Hey, my homies down at Cloverway! The script was OFF THE HOOK, yo! I was trippin' when you threw us the curve in yesterday's eppy, but today's was SO fine! Yeah! Wicked CooL!!!! DA BOMB!!!!

Just for the record, none of this stupid slang made it into this episode! ^_^

Ok....remember how in the last episode Geramatou's (the daimon that has been controlling Tomoe) name was not kept??? Well......today....it was.....O.o;;;; It was really weird too, cause just out of the blue Mistress 9 tells Tomoe, "If Geramatou had no use for you, than neither do I!" Of course, none of us know who the HELL Geramatou is....But....It's the thought that counts. At least this writer didn't totally give us the shaft (like that other one does).

Sailor Saturn also seems to have a different voice from Hotaru/the Messiah in Hotaru/Mistress 9! How many voices are they going to give this girl!?!? This is the FOURTH ONE! All I'm going to say is, if this is the same girl doing all four of these people, they deserve SOME type of an award, cause they sure fooled me.

Oh, and I would normally open a new "Side Note" Box for this, but I'm too lazy. Uranus and Neptune's attacks remain their original - "World Shaking" and "Deep Submerge". ^_^

(4 seconds) A shot of Mistress 9 wrapping her hair around Uranus and Neptune's necks. The interesting thing about this cut is that in the very next scene we SEE Uranus and Neptune being choked! Riiiiiight.....Ok...O.o;;

(7 seconds) A shot of Mistress 9 choking Neptune even harder than she already was. This cut happened almost right after the last one.

(10 seconds) After Saturn jumps into Pharaoh 90, we see Moon going after Saturn only to be tossed aside like a rag doll. Personally, I think it was awful that this scene was cut, cause this shows you how TRULY helpless Sailor Moon is, and adds to the emotion of the rest of the scene.

When Moon is trying to transform into Super Sailor Moon, she says -

"Moon Crisis Power, Transform!"

Umm...What??? She ends up saying this twice and then she returns to saying just "Moon Crisis Power". I'm stuck here in confusion, people. The only LOGICAL explanation I have is that they had to make the lip movement sync up, so they added "transform". Personally, I think this is a lame excuse, as "Crisis, Make Up!" has less syllables than "Moon Crisis Power"......*sigh*...Whatever...

Total Retained 98%

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