124 "Semari kuru Yami no Kyoufu! Kusen no 8 Senshi"
(Approaching Horror! Eight Soldiers in a Pinch)
117 "Who's Really Who?" 00-7-27

With the appearance of the Messiah, Mistress 9, the outer senshi vow to destroy her, while the inners vow to save her and Hotaru. The inners approach Mugen searching for a way to get inside. Mercury says that there is an invisible barrier surrounding Mugen, and the only way to get in is through the Sailor Teleport. Mistress 9, knowing this, makes all the eggs of daimon break and they all turn into "pre-daimon" type beings. They start oozing out of the school and attack the inners. The inners try to defeat the daimons, but there are too many of them. With "Moon Spiral Heart Attack", the daimons are destroyed, only to make way for more daimons. When Moon destroys the daimons again, they all prepare to do a quick teleport. This idea is short lived. A hand, belonging to Mistress 9, appears out of a portal and grabs Sailor Moon and pulls her into the Mugen building. The other inners try to save Moon, but the daimon like monsters pull them off of her. The daimon monsters then make a spherical barrier around the school. With no way to get into the building, the inners try to find another way to help. Meanwhile, the outers approach Mugen via helicopter. Above the barrier is a star shaped figure. The outers believe this is the only way in, and proceed, ignoring the danger. The daimon's spot them, and attack. Uranus tries to save them, but to no avail. The helicopter begins to malfunction, and then explodes. Uranus and Neptune think they're dead, only to open their eyes and see themselves in a semi-blown up helicopter, that seems to be stopped in time. In fact, it is stopped in time. They turn around to see Pluto emitting a strange power. She explains that she has stopped time and that they must escape to complete their mission. Unable to move, Pluto teleports Uranus and Neptune into the Mugen building and they watch as the helicopter explodes with Pluto in it. Nevertheless, the continue on. Meanwhile, the barrier that the daimons created is expanding, and the inners decide that they must put up their own barrier to stop it's expansion. Uranus and Neptune are going down a corridor when Tomoe appears. He reveals his true form, the daimon Geramatou. Uranus quickly destroys him with World Shaking, but he transports himself into countless daimon containers. They begin to attack, and it seems that they have one when they hear Pluto say "Talismans". Their talismans appear infront of them, and they use them to destroy the daimon. They continue onward. Meanwhile, Mistress 9 has turned herself into Hotaru to try and convince Sailor Moon to give her the Sacred Cup. She almost convinces her when she calls her by her name. Moon figures out that since Hotaru did not know her identity, this couldn't be Hotaru. She transforms into Mistress 9 and shows them the portal in which the great Pharaoh 90 will appear through. Once he is through, the Silence will be unleashed upon the world. Uranus and Neptune also appear, and tensions are built high.

Well, it looks like it went from a damn good episode to a damn crappy episode. This episode was horrible! There was so much stupid dialogue, it almost made my head spin! There was so much that I was so busy writing it down that I might have missed a cut or SDA or two! Oh geez! I don't even want to talk about it, it was so bad. Just read the comparison. *holds nose*

Another one I didn't watch completly. However, watching from the point when I got home from work, I honestly didn't want to. The "Planet Power" kept me from rewinding the VCR and watching the whole wpisode which is the worst dub by Cloverway to date.

Let's start with the script. I can sum it up with one word. AWFUL. The script was so off it wasn't even funny. Not only that, but there was a MONUMENTAL amount of SDA! It was just awful! Downright awful! Unlike in yesterday's episode, you can pretty much bet that what they're saying in the dub is nothing like what they're saying in the original.

Pharaoh 90 retains his name. (I actually think this was the only good thing about this episode)

The daimon that is possessing Tomoe's body, Geramatou, does not retain his name. He just remains nameless.

There is so much SDA in this episode, it's not even funny. Let's get this over with.

"This is the biggest challenge Planet Power has ever faced!" - Lita (?- I'm not sure who said it, but it was one of the inners, I think it was Lita)

Umm....Planet who? Wha? Planet power!?!? What the heck is a "planet power"? Let me assure you, the ONLY time the senshi even MENTION "planet power" in the original is when Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto transform. That's it. They're smart enough to realize that ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT PLANET POWER is very very cheesy.

"That's a Sailor Scout Promise!" - Serena

Ugh......That's almost as bad (but not AS bad) as the time they said "Scout's Honor!!" *SHUDDER*

Again, there is another scene in today's episode where all the inners say "Make-Up!" together. Of course, since there is no "Make-Up" in the dub, it is changed to "We ARE ONE!!!" *cough* Riiiiiiiiiight

(2 seconds) The scene where Neptune puts her hand on Uranus' hand is cut.

"I just hope Planet Power protects us" - Uranus

Gah! More planet power talk! Stop it stop!!

"I just hope Planet Power will protect us all!" - Pluto

GAH!!!! Not you too Pluto! What are they doing to you! *SOB CRY* Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

When Mars suddenly stops when running towards Mugen, Jupiter so cleverly responds,

"What's wrong? You got a cramp?"

(?.?) Yes, Jupiter, she has a cramp *sarcasm*. This is just my opinion, but considering that she is a Sailor Senshi, I think it will take a BIT more than a cramp to stop her. And if that was a reference to the female menstrual cycle, then may the person who wrote this episode be condemned.

(5 seconds) A shot of the Daimon entities appearing on Mercury's visor.

Venus' attack, Crescent Beam, which had been previously called "Venus Crescent Beam Smash!" was just called "Crescent Beam Smash". Add one more point to the inconsistencies.

Also, when Mars was _SUPPOSED_ to do her "Burning Mandala" attack, otherwise known as "Mars Celestial Fire Surround", she cries out "Mars Fire Ignite". Ah, great.......Once again, WRONG ATTACK CLOVERWAY! *dies* Seriously, I can't take much more of this.......*looks at Dan and Tiff*....but! but!.....*sees their unchanging faces*...fine...

When fighting the daimon like monsters, Mars cries out,

"It's like fighting Jello? that's gone really bad!!"

Oy! *wipes the blood that has begun to come out of ears* Ok, in the heat of battle, when you're getting your ass kicked, I DOUBT that ANYONE would make a comparison of the enemy to some Jello. Plus, isn't that a trade-mark infraction? Shouldn't she have said "Gelatin"? We should have Cloverway sued *evil grin*

After Moon does her attack, she says,

"Wait while I try and reload!"

Reload? Reload what? There's nothing there to reload! You're shooting ENERGY. It's not like you just pop in a energy pellet and POOF! There goes the enemy.......

When Mistress 9 gets ready to grab Sailor Moon, Tomoe says,

"Oooh, What's with the hand..?"

Oh geez, must I even comment?! *CRY* Just make it stop!!

(4 seconds) A shot of the daimon "Jello?" choking Jupiter is cut.

(2 seconds) A short cut happens in the scene where the hand reaches out and grabs Sailor Moon and is choking her.

(3 seconds) When the inners are trying to save Moon, we see Mercury and Mars get blown away, but Venus and Jupiter getting repelled off of Moon is cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of the daimons spotting the outer's helicopter is cut.

(1 second) A shot of a face of one of the daimons as it goes towards the helicopter to attack.

The barrier that the inners will put up is referred to as the "Sailor Box".

What?! The "Sailor Box"? What the hell is that? Is it like a Jack-in-the-box? I sure hope not.....*bangs head into table* If they had to give it a name, why not "Sailor Barrier" or something like that.....*sniff*....Why?! Why must this episode keep going!? Is it NOT OVER YET!?!? *sniff* Oh, make it stop! END MY SUFFERING!!

"In the Sailor Box, each one of us takes a corner and makes contact with each other" - Mars

Umm....considering that the 4 of you are in the MIDDLE of each side, I would hardly count that as a "corner".

When the girls are preparing the "Sailor Box", as the dub so eloquently put it, there is very very dumb dialogue such as,

"This is Venus! Completing contact phase!"

Once again, another great scene gets flushed down the toilet. Do you know how much more DRAMATIC this scene was without all this dumb dialogue? In the original, there was no dialogue at all, just silence. Do they think that we wont know what's going on unless they tell us what's happening? Ugh.....I hope this is almost over, cause this it TERRIBLE.

Too add to the Silence problem, at the VERY end of the scene, the 4 of them together say

"we are one, we are unity, planets unite, Sailor Moon!"

Umm....WTF!? Again, there was silence in the original. Here Cloverway, let me give you a little equation. SILENCE = DRAMATIC, DUMB DIALOGUE = TOILET SCENE. Got that? Are you taking notes? I sure hope so......

Well, it's "Uranus World Shaking" and "Neptune Deep Submerge" in this episode. Of course they had to make an already horrible episode even worse.

You know those daimon container things that the daimon that was controlling Tomoe goes into? Well, in the original, THEY DIDN'T TALK! Even if they DID talk in the original, they wouldn't have even THOUGHT about saying the stuff that these ones did. I can say with confidence that EVERY SINGLE THING THOSE DAIMON CONTAINERS SAID WAS DOWNRIGHT DUMB. Not only that, but they sounded like clowns! Yes, clowns from the circus. The episode just hit a new low, people.

This is probably the STUPIDEST thing the daimon containers said. When the Outer's talismans appeared, one said in his best "clown" voice,

"Hey?! What're those?! You're cheating!!"

Yes, they're cheating. That's it.......I'm not even going to comment. I don't even WANT to comment. This is getting SO BAD! JUST HAVE SILENCE! Practically this ENTIRE SCENE WAS SILENCE!! JUST MAKE THEM STOP TALKING!!!

When Uranus goes after the last daimon with her sword she just goes,


I waited for her to say something else....but that was it......(O.o;;;;;;)

Notice how after the daimon's are destroyed Pluto begins to have a conversation with Uranus and Neptune.

Well, there's one thing that I have to say about this....umm, Pluto....YOU'RE DEAD!!! YOU CAN'T TALK!!!!!!!!!!!! *DIES*


Total Retained 69%

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