123 "Hametsu no Kage! Chinmoku no Messiah no Mezame"
(Shadow of Destruction! Messiah of Silence Awakens)
116 "Wake Up Call" 00-7-26

The last witch of the Witches 5, Siprin, is stealing hearts from the Mugen Gauken students. When Siprin starts to talk bad about Kaolinite, Kaolinite vows to get the purest heart of all, the heart of Chibi-Usa. The inners investigate the school once again, only to get caught by Siprin. The inners transform, and a battle goes underway. Siprin then introduces the inners to her twin sister, Pichorol. Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa has gone back to Hotaru's house to investigate it further. Kaolinite is there waiting for her. Back at the battle between the witches and the inners, the inners are getting beaten badly. They decide the only way to defeat them is to separate them. They begin an extensive attack against the two. They power the two up and separate them, then they attack only to have the inners dodge the attack. They end up destroying each other. Back at Hotaru's house, Kaolinite has confronted Chibi-Moon, who has since transformed, and is about to take her when Tuxedo Kamen appears. Chibi-Moon is knocked out a window, hence, Pluto appears and tries to save Chibi-Moon, but it is too late. Kaolinite takes Chibi-Moon into a portal and they both disappear. With the defeat of Siprin, a portal to the Death Buster's base opens up. They enter and follow. Uranus and Neptune are already there. Uranus sees Chibi-Moon, and runs to save her, only to be thrown back by a barrier. When the inners arrive, Moon does the same thing. They are helpless to save Chibi-Moon as the Messiah stands up and consumes Chibi-Usa's heart. Then, to the shock of Uranus and Neptune, a girl appears that is not Sailor Saturn (who they thought was the real Messiah). The girl introduces herself as Mistress 9. She then proceeds to kill Kaolinite, and then Professor Tomoe and herself both disappear. The senshi retreat with Chibi-Moon. Once in safety, Mamoru links his life force to Chibi-Usa's to prevent her from dying. Setsuna appears and tells them that the only way to save Small Lady is to destroy the Messiah, hence, destroying Hotaru. Usagi and the other vow to save Chibi-Usa and Hotaru, and they all leave, heading to Mugen.

Now this was a damn good episode. Just about everything I thought would be cut or edited out entirely was kept. They even kept parts of the "Hotaru on a cross" scene. Well, not really, but they at least kept part of it. Knowing DiC, they would have cut the entire thing. Kudos to Cloverway.

Oops, I only watched the last half of this episode, why couldn't the move from 4 to 4:30 happen over the summer so I wouldn't miss any because of work? Or why was I so baka to not rewind my tape and watch this episode? It is part of the 6 part finale. Oy, I must've lost it, I'll write a real two cents when I watch it.

Ok, now I must explain about Siprin's name. VKLL subbed it as "Cyprine". Now, although I agreed with their translation of "Viluy", I do not agree with "Cyprine". In the original version, her name is pronounced, (SIH-prin), but if her name is "Cyprine" it should be pronounced, (SAI-preene). This is why I shall call her "Siprin" instead of "Cyprine". Now, as for the dub, her name is kept, it is "Siprin".

Now, as for her sister, I'm not sure. She had a VERY odd name in Japanese. My best bet was that it was somewhere along the lines of "Pichorol" (pi-choo-ROL). VKLL named her Pichrol or something like that. The dub named her "Petorol" (peh-ter-ol). Good enough......I guess.....

Mistress 9 retains her name. The interesting thing about her is that she has a different voice than the "Messiah" voice we have been hearing before. So now we have a Hotaru voice, a "Messiah" voice before Mistress 9 appears, and a Mistress 9 voice. Three different voices! In the original, these were all done by the same seiyuu.

Unfortunately, they Sailor Senshi are back to the "Sailor Scouts" once again.

The script was amazingly intact. It was dead on in most places. There were only a few instances where it was slightly off. So basically, you can be pretty much assured that when you hear a line in the dub, that is what they were saying in the original.

The entire "bathroom" scene, which I thought would be hacked up to death, was kept 100% entirely kept. They even kept Usagi, in a fairly compromising position, washing her hair. Kudos to Cloverway!

(3 seconds) Now this part is weird. The entire bathroom scene is kept intact, yet, when the camera changes to show the outside of the bathroom (and us hearing Chibi-Usa and Usagi still fighting in the tub), they start to cut! All that is really cut is a shot of the bathroom door from the hallway.

Another interesting move, we get to see FULL FRONTAL NUDITY from Chibi-Usa/Rini. Of course, considering that she's like 8 or something like that, there's nothing for you ecchi fans. ^^;;; I'm actually suprised that Cartoon Network allowed this instead of cutting it and/or putting a swimming suit on her like they do with all their other anime *cough*

Also, on an unrelated note, Siprin refers to her organization as the "Witches 5". ^_^ that's good, although it's a little late, considering this is the first time in the dub they actually refer to themselves as that. Unfortunately, they're still the "Bureau of Bad Behavior". Well, at least they avoided another inconsistency.

(14 seconds) Well, the infamous scene of Hotaru on a cross during Chibi-Usa's dream is hacked to death. Actually, it was kept more intact than I thought it would. Basically, there was a 14 second chunk where we actually could tell that Hotaru was on a cross, and they cut that 14 second segment. All the rest was kept. I'm suprised they even kept the concept of her getting grabbed by the "hands of death" as I like to call them. Again, kudos, Cloverway.

Now we get to the inconsistencies. The list goes on and on. And, suprise suprise, they're all attack names and transformation phrases.

"Moon Cosmic Power" is changed to "Moon Cosmic Power, Transform!" for reasons unknown. Were they trying to make a cheap rip-off of "Make-up"? Well, if they were, then this next scene doesn't make sense.

There is a scene where all of the Sailors say "Make-Up" together. This kind of scene actually happens quite often. Well, instead of them all saying "Make-Up!" they all say "Planet Power!". This is especially odd since Moon ends up saying "Moon Cosmic Power, Transform, Planet Power!" "O.o;;;;;;;" were my thoughts exactly.

Venus's attack, "Venus Love-Me Chain" is called "Venus Love Chain Encircle", it's rightful dub name, but in an extremely unpredictable move by Cloverway, it is called "Venus Love Chain" moments later. (O.o;;;)

Sailor Moon's attack, "Moon Tiara Action", although retaining its name in an earlier episode, was changed back to "Moon Tiara Magic", it's rightful dub name.

Mars' Attack, "Fire Soul" was changed to "Mars Fireballs Flash", which was neither it's original name or its DiC name ("Mars Fire Ignite").

"This is a portal inside a warped space......that leads to.....yet another space!" - Mercury

Ooooh, good job, Mercury! Way to tell the obvious. *APPLAUDS THE AMAZING 300 IQ THAT IS MERCURY* In the original, Mercury was kind enough to tell us that it at least led to the Death Buster's base.

Notice when Tomoe is talking with the inners. Is he, or is he not, flipping the bird? I think he is. He flipped them all off, and not 1 frame of it is cut. Of course, technically, he was just adjusting his glasses with his middle finger, but that's beside the point.......

(2 seconds) A shot of Moon hitting the ground after she is thrown back by the invisible barrier.

Total Retained 96%

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