122 "Ai wo Shinjite! Ami, Kokoroyasasiki Senshi"
(Believe in Love! Kind Soldier Ami)
115 "The Science Of Love" 00-7-25

After finding Teruru's student ID, the senshi decide that the best coarse of action to take would be to go to Mugen Gauken and investigate. Ami reveals that she already has passes to take the exam there. Once there, they meet up with Yuri Biroi, the girl who tied Ami for top marks on the pre-exam. Meanwhile, Haruka and Michiru are also investigating Mugen to see if they can find the Death Buster's hideout. Haruka and Michiru find the Messiah, otherwise known as Hotaru, and are about to destroy her when Ami appears and stops them. Yuri appears and introduces herself as the fourth witch of the Witches 5, Biroi. She attacks Haruka and Michiru, but Ami transforms and stops her. Haruka and Michiru transform too, and a battle goes underway. The rest of the inners appear, and with "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache", Sailor Moon destroys Biroi's wrist controller for her nano-robots, and the robots end up destroying her. The Messiah then leaves, once again avoiding Uranus and Neptune.

Phew! *wipes sweat from brow* I was worried that this episode would turn out like the Teruru episode, but it didn't, so I'm happy. (^_^) Again, not much to say about this episode, there was a few cases of dialogue that were really odd, but for the most part, it was ok. Oh yeah! Can we say "The pretty Sailor Soldier of love and justice", people? ^_^

One thing I can say that is bad was that Amy's voice REALLY got grating in this episode. It's funny how all the other new Voice Actresses/Actors have improved astoundingly, yet Amy's voice is still JUST as annoying. Poor, poor, Ami-chan.

Yeah! Great dub job here! Pretty soldier is metioned AGAIN!! ^.^ To bad that the attacks can't keep consistent, how they made "Rainbow Moon Heart Attack" is beyond me.

Viluy's name is changed to Biruit (Bi-ROO-it).

Also, Viluy's street name, Yuri Viluy, is changed to "July (Julie) Bidou".

Amy, as interesting as it sounds, retains her last name of "Mizuno". Now, the interesting thing about this is that the DiC dub had already given her a last name of "Anderson". So for DiC it is "Amy Anderson" but for Cloverway it is "Amy Mizuno". Now there is some argument about this, since Amy never actually says that "Anderson" is her last name in the dub, she just picks up the phone in one episode and says "Anderson residence". Some people have taken that as "She was babysitting". So, take that whichever way you like, as a good thing, or as yet another inconsistency.

Now, let's get to the actual script itself. For the most part, it was on, but there were lines that were completely off, and it would sometimes switch between being on and then being way off.

One last thing. Interestingly enough, the terms "Sailor Scouts" and "Sailor Soldiers" are used interchangeably in this episode. Too bad they just didn't ditch the whole "Sailor Scout" thing.....*shudder*

Umm.....I think that's it.......*cough*.....On to the episode comparison!!

(6 seconds) A shot of the Mugen front logo on the building. Was it another case of those offensive buildings? It looks like Cloverway will be taking that one to their graves.

When "July Bidou" asks Serena what her best subjects are and Serena replies "Sleeping and Eating", July replies,

"That's funny............NOT!"

*sigh* Why must they make it SO obvious who the bad guys are? In the original, at least the enemies are smart enough to sound nice, polite, and cheerful when in their street identity, while in the DiC/Cloverway dubs, they're always mean and evil sounding, even in their street identities. That's what makes the original better, it's not THAT obvious who the bad guys are, and in some episodes, it comes as a suprise who the bad guy actually is.

(3 seconds) Another shot of the Mugen building is cut. It's strikes me as odd how many shots of the Mugen building is actually cut. What is it? Does it look like a penis or something? *Looks closely*........I don't think it look's offensive.....but that's just me, I have a fragile and warped mind from watching the original (>_<)

When Amy is talking with July about what Science should be about, Amy bursts out saying,

"That's totally un cool......"

Ugh, not only is that useless slang that we don't need to hear, it's TOTALLY out of character for Ami to say. Ami, even in the original, stays away from even a hint of slang. She's always a very proper speaker. Damn Cloverway, it's amazing how clueless they are on some things.

(8 seconds) Yet ANOTHER shot of the Mugen building! Man, these people REALLY don't want you to see what this building looks like!

Viluy's attack, "Mosaic Buster" was changed to "Mosaic Energy Blaster" for some unknown reason. Well, it seems as if they just ruined the whole continuity of the Witches' attacks ending with "Buster". Oh well, it's definitely not the worst thing they've done. That happened yesterday with "Mini Prism Power" and even earlier with "It's all written in funny symbols!" and even earlier with "Jupiter Thunder Power!" and....*continues to ramble on for hours*...........

Sailor Moon says, (Oh God, that brings back bad memories)

"Pretty Soldier of love and justice! I'm Sailor Moon!"

That's damn right you're a pretty soldier!! I can't believe that Cloverway did this twice! Too bad they don't do it EVERY EPISODE LIKE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO.

We're also treated with a "Uranus/Neptune Planet Power!" and a "World Shaking" and a "Deep Submerge". I just love it when Cloverway throws us bones like this! (^_^)

Unfortunately, to offset all this good, we're also treated with a,

"Rainbow Moon Heart ATTACK!

*SHUDDER* Ugh, can they not keep ONE attack consistent? ONE!! That's ALL that I ask! JUST ONE!!!! *dies*

After being hit with "Rainbow Moon Heart attack" *SHUDDER*, Biruit explains,

"Super Sailor Moon's got a reflective shield that bounces your rays off of her and back to me!!!!"

O_O;;;;;;;;; Uhhh........no she doesn't. Didn't you just see the last scene? She damaged your wrist computer thingy. That's what she hit with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache! What? Did you think she just did that for her health? Noooooooooooooooooo. She did that to destroy your computer, and thus, making your nano-robots malfunction and attack you instead of the target. Oy vey, BAKA CLOVERWAY. C'mon now. This is the most IDIOTIC thing I've heard this season. Had they just WATCHED the last scene, they would have known this, then they could of avoided all that "reflective shield" Bull s**t.

Total Retained 91%

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