121 "Kokoro wo ubau youka! Daisan no majou Teruru"
(Heart Stealing Flowers! The Third Witch Teruru)
114 "Friendly Ferns" 00-7-24

Teruru explains to Professor Tomoe about her way to get heart crystals. She explains that she will sell her flower, called the Teruru, to people. Once the flowers bloom, they will take the owner's pure heart. Tomoe approves and Teruru begins her plan. She sells the flowers at around 10 yen each (about 8 cents), so the flowers quickly sell out. She gives the last one to Hotaru, who wants to give it to Chibi-Usa as a present. Meanwhile, Tomoe convinces Kaori to turn back into the evil Kaolinite. When Hotaru gives the flower to Chibi-Usa, she has a seizure and the Messiah of Silence takes control of her body for a moment. Kaolinite appears and takes Hotaru away. Setsuna appears and after seeing the flower, bats it away saying that it is dangerous. Setsuna, Chibi-Usa, and Usagi then go to investigate the store that was selling the flowers. They discover Teruru's plan and try to stop it. With the aide of "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache", Sailor Moon destroys all the flowers in the shop. Teruru unleashes a giant plant to kill the Sailor Senshi, but Tuxedo Kamen appears and breaks a star holding many pure hearts in it. Sensing the pure hearts, the giant plant attacks Teruru and kills her along with itself. The senshi notice a student ID that was left behind, and identifies her as a student from Mugen Gakuen. The senshi plan to investigate Mugen further.

And so, the Mimette run ends, and thus, so does the long run of "good episodes". Actually, this episode was very interesting, because when I watched it for the first time when it first aired on Cartoon Network, I personally thought it really reeked, yet when I watched it again to do this comparison, I couldn't find much to write about! Interesting, ne? So, in that case, the episode was OK, it wasn't the best thing I've seen, but it could have been worse.

This episode wasn't that good. First they skip an episode, and now it seems we have two distince writers again, just after we all thought they had finally met. Today we had an Americanization attempt which just didn't work, and one of the biggest mistakes in SMS thus far, "Mini Prism Power". I really don't see how they did this, but they did manage to have Venus say "Venus Crystal Power" so I guess we have a tie for impossible mistakes here.

Let's see, did anyone retain there name in this episode? Well, no new characters were introduced in this episode, so Cloverway didn't get the chance to change or retain any names. hmm....

The SCRIPT! YES! THE SCRIPT! *cough* Well, for the most part it was ok. It was a loose translation in some parts, but in others it would be really off.

Also, there's a lot of SDA in this episode, but some of it is SDA that really wasn't THAT worth mentioning, so...I didn't mention it. ~_^

(11 seconds) Quite a few shots of the Tomoe/Messiah dialogue is cut. No important dialogue is lost, however.

I think I'll mention this now. Isn't it stupid how they call themselves "The Bureau (did I spell it right!?!?!?!) of bad behavior" even though the door CLEARLY says "Witches 5/4/3"..............*cough*. Does Cloverway now think that the youth of America can't read?

(4 seconds) Well, another nude shot, another cut. During the "transformation" of Kaori to Kaolinite, there's a full frontal nude shot of Kaori. I don't know why they bother cutting it though, since it's no worse than staring at a naked Barbie doll. If Barbie hasn't corrupted society, why do they think that these shots will?

(2 seconds) A shot of the Teruru flower after it kills all the other flowers.

Probably the 2nd worst piece of dialogue in the S season next to "It's all written in funny symbols!". This occurred during the fight between Luna and Serena.

"Is that your final answer?" - Luna

O.O...I know....I know....I KNOW they just did not throw in a "Who wants to be a millionaire!" reference in there....did they!? *looks to dan and tiff* They did!?!? I can NOT believe this, they ACTUALLY threw in a who wants to be a millionaire reference! Unbelievable!!! Can this show sink any lower now? Oy vey......

(3 seconds) A shot of Chibi-Usa answering the door is cut. (it's Hotaru, just incase your wondering ~_^)

During the transformation between Moon, Chibi-Moon, and Pluto, we're treated with a "Pluto Star Power".....but that was expected. What really caught me off guard was....

"MINI Prism Power!!!!!!!"

O.O...DID SHE JUST SAY "MINI PRISM POWER"!?!? Come on, now! She's said "Moon Prism Power" for AT LEAST the last 15-20 odd episodes! HOW could they mess this up!?!? Let alone, how could EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH THE DUBBING OF THIS SHOW miss this too!? How could Stephanie Beard, Rini's new VA, miss this? How could Nicole Thuart, the voice director, miss this? How could Janice Sonski miss this?! Well, considering Nicole and Janice's alcohol problems, I can understand them missing it, but why did Stephanie miss this? Maybe she was afraid that she'd piss Nicole off if she said anything. You NEVER want to piss off a drunk, let me tell you now.....................*cough*

Oy, and if you think this was bad, Sailor Moon's speech wasn't any better.

"And Sailor Moon says....We will fight all bad weeds, and that means you!"

And SAILOR MOON SAYS!??! No no no no no no no!!! No more "sailor moon says"! We're over that! It's gone! Never to return again! Oh, and look at that! "And that means you". I guess that explains the SDA in this episode....*cough*.

"Flower Power musn't be used for evil!" - Tuxedo Mask

Umm, do you know how CORNY this sounds?

Wow, this SDA box is REALLY filling up, isn't it? Anyway. In the original, when the plant was attacking Teruru, Teruru was ordering the plant to let her go. But in the dub, Big Bertha (what the damn dub named the stupid plant...*shudder*) grabbed Telulu and then she was PLEADING with the Sailor Senshi to help her! How weak. That's complete character annihilation. They made her sound weak and pitiful, while in the original she was strong till the end. *sigh* Damn Cloverway.

Total Retained 88%

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