120 "Ijigen kara no Shinryaku! Mugen Gakuen no Nazo"
(Invasion from outer space! Mugen School's Secret)
113 "Next In Line" 00-7-21

Chibi-Usa is extremely upset at the disappearance of Hotaru. She goes to find her at her house, only to find that the house has been deserted. She finds Setsuna, and blames her for Hotaru leaving. Setsuna takes Chibi-Usa home where Mamoru and the others question her about the Death Busters, Hotaru, Sailor Saturn, and the Messiah. Meanwhile, Mimette is hard at work looking for the next target. When she finds one and reports to Professor Tomoe, Tomoe tells her to just sit still and not do anything at the moment. Suspicious, Mimette listens in on the professor by way of a hidden microphone. Mimette hears that the professor is giving her job to the next witch in line, Teruru. She is enraged by this, and with the help of a voice altering machine, she tells Teruru that her job has been cancelled. With that, she goes after her target, Dr. Serge Ajimot. Once there, she attacks the Doctor with the daimon Upasacom. The inner senshi try to defeat it, but to no avail. It's not until Sailor Chibi-Moon appears that Sailor Moon has a chance to destroy the daimon. With the death of her Daimon, Mimette pulls out a machine that warps her into a giant TV. She says her powers and size have both increased by ten fold. Right as she is about to attack, Teruru appears and explains to Mimette what will happen to her if the machine is unplugged while she is inside. With that said, she unplugs it and Mimette is lost forever in the machine. Teruru disappears and everyone regroups.

Well...um....*cough*....This episode wasn't as skipped as the last one was.....^_^;;;;;;

All in all, this was a good episode. The script was good and there were only a few annoying things to whine about.

This was a good episode. Besides the fact it aired when the previous one should have, there really isn't anything for me to complain about.

Professor Tomoe (or by dub standards, Dr. Tomo....) retains his given name. So he's no Soichi Tomoe.

The daimon, Upasacom, also retains her name.

Dr. Serugei Ajimotu retains his name, only they pronounce it more American, so it becomes "Dr. Serge Ajimot" (which is the name that our Japanese counterparts were searching for).

Teruru's name is kept.....Umm...kinda. Let me explain the situation. In Japanese, there is no distinction between the "L" sound and the "R" sound. Thus, the two sounds can usually be used interchangeably when translating into english (although there are cases where one should be used over the other). So thus, this is how Teruru's name (my way of spelling it) became Telulu in the dub. My only problem with the name is that they accent it horribly. The accent should be on the first syllable (TE-lu-lu), but they accent it on the second syllable, making it sound incredibly goofy (te-LOO-loo).

Mugen Gakuen (Mugen School) keep its name one with Gakuen translated into English. Now, I'm not sure if Gakuen actually means school of if it means "High" (as in high school- that's how VKLL translates it), but considering Mugen goes from Kindergarten all the way to college, I think it would be more appropriate to call it "Mugen School" rather than "Mugen High".


(2 seconds) Right before Setsuna starts telling everyone about Mugen Gakuen, there's a shot of a glass of soda that is cut (O.o;;;). Why they cut the glass of soda, I do not know, but hey, if these crazy people find buildings offensive (thus explaining why they always cut shots of them), maybe they think glasses of soda are offensive too. Soda rots your teeth.


(8 seconds) A shot of Setsuna sighing after Usagi does her "We're all Sailor Senshi" speech is cut.

(3 seconds) Directly after Setsuna/Trista says "This is why we didn't want you involved in our mission", there's a shot of Usagi looking suprised.

(5 seconds) A shot of the entire Mugen building is cut. Like I said, those buildings are damn offensive, I mean, with those windows and everything....tsk tsk.......

I just need to clarify a few things that have been said about a particular scene in this episode. It's during the flashback of when Tomoe became possessed. We see a glowing light saying that he will save Hotaru if he can have control of Tomoe's body, and Tomoe agrees. Many people have said this is Pharaoh 90.

THIS IS NOT PHARAOH 90, PEOPLE! The being that was talking with Tomoe was simply the daimon that took over Tomoe's body (we see the actual daimon in a later episode). Again, this is NOT Pharaoh 90. If I see one more post saying, "Man! Pharaoh 90's voice sucked!!!", I'm going to snap. Pharaoh 90 does not have ANY speaking parts at all in the S season, so thus, this cannot be Pharaoh 90. Also, considering that Pharaoh 90 is in another dimension (no DBZ pun intended), it's kind of hard for him to be in this one. If he could change between dimensions so easily, the Death Busters wouldn't be searching for the Sacred Cup to fuel that little dimension thingy changer guy that we see a few episodes later.

(2 seconds) Two seconds of just black screen was cut. *cough* O.o;;;; Riiiiiiight, anyway, that's kind of odd that just black screen was in the Japanese version, so I guess I'll forgive Cloverway for this one.

Mimette's attack, which in previous episodes had been called, "Charm Buster" (it's proper name), was called "Stage Fright" in this episode. Pretty dumb change, and it's adding yet ANOTHER inconsistency to the list.

(Special thanks to [email protected] for a minor correction with the above note. Thanks ~_^)

Burning Mandala (dub- Mars Celestial Fire Surround/Mars Fire Surround) was changed to "Fireballs Blast!" in this episode.......*cough* Yeah..whatever..

Venus actually got her attack right today (by dub standards that is) by saying "Venus Love Chain Encircle".

Mimette's "Witches 5 Electric Warp" technique was just "Electric Warp" in the dub. Ok, I can live with that....I guess.

Sailor Moon actually is referred to as "Super Sailor Moon" in this episode. That's cool.

Total Retained 93%

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