12 "Watashi datte karega hoshii! Goukasen no wana"
(I Want a Boyfriend! Trap of the Cruise Ship)
9 "Cruise Blues" 95-9-21

Usagi hears about a cruise ship for lovers and immediately wants onboard. She enters a game where if she gets a yellow ball, she gets tickets, and repeatedly loses. Rei sees the contest, scolds Usagi a bit, and enters. On her first try, she wins (with the help of her psychic abilities). Instead of giving Usagi the extra ticket, which she wants badly, she gives it to Ami. Usagi, still determined, uses the Disguise Pen to change herself into a photographer and sneaks on board. Once on board, Usagi and Luna realize that the cruise liner is under the influence of Jadeite and the Dark Kingdom. Before Jadeite can accomplish his plans, Sailor Moon appears and foils them, saving all the couples on the cruise ship.

God forbid that DiC can do two good episodes in a row. This episode reeked like a normal DiC episode does. >_< Grrr, grrr I say.

Yeah, I'd have to agree with what Bob said above, they can't go two days it seems. Not their worst job, but still very bad. They even broke the consistency barrier dub-wise near the end. In the dub, the senshi somehow knew already who was the leader and everything, yet Mars asks Jadeite who he works for. While an accurate line, it just looks dumb when it's already been mentioned previously who he works for. Oy...

...Nonsensical...my head hurts...I hated the way Titus and Jedite were portrayed in this. It was out of character, and a lot of it made no sense.

The script for this episode was just...bad. They got a line right every once and a while, but most of the time lines were way way off. For example, Luna suddenly feeling negative forces is changed to her "Hating being stuck in this box". ?.?;;;;

The youma, Thetis, has her name altered slightly. It is changed to Titus, yeah, that one cancelled Fox show.....-.-;;;

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut. =o *shock*

(7 seconds) A few shots of couples on board the cruiseship and the cruiseship itself are cut. This is during the "commercial" where Usagi learns about the cruiseship in the very beginning of the episode.

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  • (9 seconds) When Usagi is in class, we see the brochure she is looking up at close, we then see what I assume is a cross between Usagi and Umino's visions of if they went on the cruise together. We see Usagi and Umino on the cruiseship together, and Usagi hits Umino in the stomach and he goes flying. This is all cut. =( Poor poor you. =P

  • The brochure
  • Poor, poor Umino
  • (9 seconds) Umino holds up the brochure again (loaded with the kana), we then see Naru still looking annoyed that Umino gave away his tickets and Usagi looking semi-depressed after hearing the news.

  • Another brochure shot
  • (4 seconds) A shot of that Jyuban Tower thingy that we see all the time throughout the Sailor Moon series is cut. Directly after this is a shot of another flyer thingy before we see Usagi trying to win tickets on the cruise. This is all cut. The thing I don't understand is they're OBVIOUSLY cutting all this because it has Japanese characters on it, yet there are SOOO many scenes left in the dub where we see kana left and right! It makes absolutely NO sense.

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  • Just another example of how badly the script was bastardized, you know the consolation prizes that Usagi kept winning in that contest she was entering trying to get tickets? In the original, they were tissues, in the dub, it was soap. Now tell me, WHY BOTHER CHANGING THIS?? It's stupid little changes like this that get under my skin. There's no justifiable reason to change it, they just change it because "they can". >_< Rawr I say!

    (6 seconds) The scene where Rei is concentrating and summoning her psychic powers to win the contest is hacked and slashed to pieces. There are a bunch of little cuts with a few larger cuts in this scene which end up adding up to about 6 seconds of footage loss.

    (1 second) A shot of sign full of those wonderful Japanese characters...Errh, excuse me, "Funny symbols". -.-;;;

    (2 seconds) The scene of Usagi using the Disguise pen has the beginning and end cut off slightly.

    ANOTHER example of how the script was bastardized. Originally, Jadeite was nice to Usagi when he found her below deck, but he wasn't NEARLY that nice. He acted just like any other normal crew member would have acted. Usagi was just being clingy. However, in the dub, he ends up flirting with her, and then asks her to DINNER!!! Umm, ok....why? It makes no sense. >_<;; RAWR I SAY!!!!

    "Let's start this show with a little bit of black magic!" - Titus

    The line in itself isn't bad, but this is what is: It's suddenly OK to talk about black magic but it's not OK to talk about anything else slightly evil??? Talk about hypocritical. That's totally a double standard of sorts. If we can't hear any of that other stuff, then I DEFIANTLY don't want to hear you talk about Black Magic. BTW - Thetis in the original makes no mention of black magic, so there's another example of script bastardization.

    (1 second) There's a small cut after Mars and Mercury appear.

    "We want to know who you work for!" - Mars to Jadeite.

    Umm, last time I checked he worked for a little place you "scouts" like to call the Negaverse. Duh! I'm not sure, but I think Luna has mentioned Queen Beryl as well......but don't quote me on that one.

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