119 "Chinmoku no Messiah Kakusei? Unmei no Hoshiboshi"
(The Messiah of Silence awakens? The Fate of the Stars)
112 "Goodness Eclipsed" 00-9-13

Chibi-Usa wants the girls to take her and Hotaru to the planetarium where the handsome DJ Harris will be narrating. Meanwhile, Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna can feel the oncoming presence of Messiah. They decide to also go to the planetarium, deeming that since DJ Harris is famous, that he will be Mimette's next target. Just as the Outers' had predicted, Mimette appears and attacks Harris. She sends the daimon Uchoten after him. The inner senshi appear and try to defeat the daimon, but Uchoten is too powerful and forces them to hide. Hotaru begins to go into a seizure, and she suddenly stands up. The daimon spots her and goes to attack her, but the sign of Saturn appears on Hotaru's forehead and with her power, freezes the daimon right in her tracks. All of the senshi are stunned to learn that Hotaru is Sailor Saturn. Taking the opportunity, Sailor Moon destroys the daimon. As soon as the daimon is destroyed, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto take the opportunity to attack Hotaru. Chibi-Moon jumps in the way of the oncoming attacks, but Sailor Moon pushes them both aside. The Outers' explain to the Inners that Hotaru is Sailor Saturn and Sailor Saturn is the Messiah of Silence, and if they don't destroy her now, she will unleash the Silence upon the earth. The Inners disagree and say they can save the world without killing Hotaru. Hotaru suddenly disappears and the Outers retreat.

On 7/21, I anxiously awaited to see this episode of the S season. This episode is the first climax of two climaxes in the season, and thus, is a very, VERY, important episode. Infact, the rest of the season just doesn't make much sense without this episode. So I anxiously waited to see what Cloverway would do with this episode.

About 2 minutes in, I realized something was SERIOUSLY wrong. I was confused as this episode didn't look like the episode I was expecting....then, it hit me. CARTOON NETWORK HAD SKIPPED ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT EPISODES IN THE ENTIRE SEASON! What......THE....HELL....is their problem!??!?!?! I clenched my fist, took my remote, and threw it at my TV. Luckily, nothing broke, but you get the picture of my anger. I was extremely upset, and I wanted to know who skipped the episode, Cloverway, or Cartoon Network. I came to a conclusion very fast. Since Optimum said that they WERE dubbing all 77 episodes in the S and SuperS seasons, it couldn't have been Cloverway/Optimum. It was Cartoon Network. The Network that we all loved and cherished for bringing us some high quality (well, semi-high quality) anime and trying to keep it all "un-edited" had skipped _THE_ most important episode in the entire season! I wanted some answers. Unfortunately, I got none. Cartoon Network has NEVER spoken about the incident, luckily, we got an answer from the people we would have least expected, Cloverway.

Cloverway said themselves that Cartoon Network found the episode "inappropriate" because of the nakedness of the daimon in the episode, so Cartoon Network had sent the episode back to Cloverway for some digital painting. Of course, Cartoon Network, being the idiots that they are, just continued the season like nothing had happened at all. This, my loyal viewers of Sailor Moon Uncensored, is the EXACT second that I lost all respect for Cartoon Network. The network that we loved and cherished so much had betrayed every single Sailor Moon fan in the United States. Not only that, but they wont even ADMIT to their wrong doing, even though being asked several times. Oy vey, so this means we now have four evil companies to worry about, Cloverway, Optimum, DiC, and now the Cartoon Network, how disappointing.....

ANYWAY! Onto the actual episode itself, Cartoon Network played the episode during the re-run of the S season...with a few changes. For one, the daimon had a bra and panties on......(o.o;;) As far as editing, script, and other things were concerned, this episode was done pretty poorly in my book. There were FAR too many cuts in this episode, so many that I actually probably missed a few *GASP*. There was also a few rather careless inconsistencies and plot changes too......Oh well, it's definitely not Cloverway's worst work, but it's far from their best.

I won't repeat any of the above, Bob covered it pretty well, although my anger didn't go as far into chucking things. The skipping of this episode, and the face that Cloverway wasn't even DONE with SMS when it began to air, is shear proof we can probably blame Cartoon Network for the lack of quality and consistencies in this dub. Sean Akins (presidesnt of Toonami) must have been on some sugar high about when the dub was announced, it seems like he had them rush because he was excited to air these seasons. However, when you rush into things, this becomes the result. If he had let Cloverway do their thing without interfering, we would probably be watching a better quality dub. Hopefully Pioneer will deliever that to us, we'll see on 1/23/01. (I'll add to this that a few days later, a Batman episode was played in Spanish. It just wasn't their week.)

Now, the episode itself was pretty darn good. A few stupid things, but soldiers made up for that. But it won't make up for the dumb plot changes. How the Outer Sehnshi just gained this knowledge of Hotaru being Sailor Saturn and the Messiah of Silence (oh, I'm sorry, "Soverign" of Slience, well, thats actually a good name for it) is just beyond me, but pretty good episode overall.

Ok! Where to start? How about the usual name changes/retainments and script status, ne?

The daimon, Uchoten, retains her name (Wooooooh, that's a startle! *sarcasm alert*)

DJ Harris retains his name also (another shocker!)

Script-wise, this episode was....well....odd. The script would be dead on in some instances and then switch to being completely and TOTALLY off two seconds later.

"Oh man, DJ Harris is Hunkalicious!" - Mina

This line wasn't really TOO bad, but it is reminiscent of the DiC days, which is NOT a good thing. At least it wasn't "Oh man, DJ Harris is TOTALLY fine!".....*SHUDDER*

(5 seconds) The first of a large number of cuts in this episode. After Chibi-Usa asks Usagi for some money, there's a shot of Usagi just sitting there thinking about it that is cut.

A _VERY_ unnecessary plot change is made during the talk between the three outer senshi. In their dialogue (trialogue? O.o;;), they say that they _KNOW_ that Hotaru is the sovereign AND Sailor Saturn, something that they don't ACTUALLY find out until later on in the episode (thus the shocked looks on their faces when the sign of Saturn appears on Hotaru's forehead). A rather stupid and careless error, if you ask me.

(2 seconds) A shot of the three outer senshi after their conversation is cut. (it's basically the end of that scene)

(6 seconds)A collection of cuts in the Messiah/Tomoe scene. They happened so fast and so frequently that I couldn't tell when exactly each took place (or how many of them there were, for that matter). All in all, 6 seconds of footage was lost.

(2 seconds) A scene of Hotaru sighing is cut (O.o;;;;)

Some more useless plot changing. In the dub, there's a lot of talk about when Saturn eclipses the other planets, the "Sovereign" will appear. Of course, this wasn't in the original at all, as it's IMPOSSIBLE for Saturn to eclipse the other 8 planets. And add to the fact that according to the dub, Saturn eclipsed the other planets in THAT episode, shouldn't the "Sovereign" have awaken and brought the Silence in that episode? See Cloverway? See what making up plot elements can do to your story? It leaves HOLES in the story line........

I don't know if I've said this in the previous episode comparison, but I will say it now to make it "officially official".

The Death Busters are "officially" called the "Heart Snatchers" in the dub. *sigh* Oh well.......Can't they keep ONE of the season's evil organization's names? Let's look, Dark Kingdom = The Negaforce, Black Moon = NegaMoon, and now, Death Busters = Heart Snatchers. Oh well! There's hope for the SS season at least......Oh wait, this is Cloverway we're talking about......Excuse me, there's no hope, no hope at all.

On the upside, Rei _DOES_ call the daimon's, "daimon monsters", that's a plus, ne? Too bad a few minutes later, Tuxedo Mask calls Uchoten a "Demonae (de-mo-NAY)". Ok, WTF is a demonae?! Can somebody PLEASE tell me here!?

(2 seconds) A few seconds of the shot of Setsuna's Garnet Rod is cut. Damn that rod, damn it to hell. For if we don't damn it, it will make all of our kids GAY! Not only that, they'll start killing each other by taking very large keys and beating people!!!!!!

*cough* Ok, maybe that's going a little far......but really, there's no reason to cut stuff like this. It's pointless. I honestly think they're doing it JUST to piss me, and me alone, off. That's the only logical explanation.

Well, the daimon appears and with her, Cartoon Network's infamous BRA AND PANTIES! Great. I'm actually kind of proud of Cloverway for _NOT_ wanting to censor her boobies. At least they're taking risks....kinda.

Let's just hope beyond hope that Cartoon Network never gets ahold of episode 200. I will cry and sink into a deep depression if I see Eternal Naked Usagi (?.?, yes I made that name up....) in a flowered, blue, two-piece bikini.

Ahhhhh! Boobies!!! *hides eyes*

(10 seconds) Well, it looks like Cloverway went a little lazy on us, so instead of censoring every shot that the daimon is in, they just decided to cut a few. So we end up getting 10 seconds of the daimon's terror becoming cut. Drats, these scenes were cool too. Seeing the people run for their lives as some weird star things are getting shot at them.

(4 seconds) There is a scene where the daimon says that she is the greatest and then Mimette gets annoyed. Umm, I'm guessing you all can put two and two together and figure out that this scene was cut.

Mimette's attack, which in previous episodes had been called "Charm Buster" (it's original name), was called "Charm Buster Attack!" in this episode.

"We're the Sailor Soldiers!" - Inner Senshi

!!! Hell yeah you're the Sailor Soldiers! And don't let any dumb companies *cough*cloverwaydicoptimum*cough* let you think otherwise!!

(3 seconds) Some more shots of the daimon attacking people is cut.

(3 seconds) a shot of the daimon laughing is cut. Why, you ask? Well, we can't have a bunch of happy children walking around everywhere! Cause if we do, they'll all become Cousins...I mean they'll all become gay!! *sarcasm*

(2 seconds) A shot...of something....is cut after Tuxedo Mask appears and throws his rose. I told you! There are so many cuts in this episode that I just started missing things! It's not my fault...Bob is a good boy....*sniff*

(3 seconds) I should make a cut song. It should go like, "Cut cut cut I need to cut cut cut or my kids will be dumb dumb dumb and that doesn't rhyme with cut cut cut". Nice huh!? *hears silence* ........I hate you all......

Anyways...This cut was.....*cough*..umm.....I'm not quite sure....But I noticed that my tapes suddenly became 3 seconds out of sync....So some type of cut/cuts had to have happened somewhere...*cough*

More useless plot changing. The inners seem to talk like they know that Saturn is coming. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Umm, just for the record, they DON'T know _ANYTHING_ about Saturn until she appears.

(6 seconds) Hmph! I'm GLAD you don't like my cuts song! I'd like to see one of YOU make a better song! *waits for someone to say something* Haha! That's right. No one wants to step up! Heh!

Anyway, after the sign of Saturn appears on Hotaru's forehead, we're supposed to see Hotaru freeze the daimon dead in her tracks. Unfortunately, this is cut.

"Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!!..........ATTACK!"

O.o;;; Riiiiiiight. Umm, where did you come up with THIS one?

Also, we're treated with the usual "Uranus World Shaking/Neptune Deep Submerge/Pluto Deadly Scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" thing.....*sigh*

The Silence Glaive is called the Silence Scythe. Umm, ok...I'm not sure if this is just a matter of translation or not, but I don't _THINK_ it is.

A little out of character piece of dialogue.

"I know, Little Lady" - Neptune

Well, for starters, It's "Small Lady", not "Little Lady", and second, Neptune/Michiru NEVER, I mean NEEEEEVER, calls Chibi-Usa "Small Lady" EVER in the ENTIRE anime series of Sailor Moon. Smooth, Cloverway, real smooth.

Total Retained 85%

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