118 "Makuu no Tatakai! Sailor Senshi no Kake"
(Battle With An Evil Atmosphere! The Sailor Soldier's Gamble)
111 "It's In The Cards" 00-7-20

When Mimette thinks Tomoe's method for making daimons is not effective, she throws many different things into the oven. Unfortunately, it malfunctions and throws the Tomoe lab into another dimension. Not only that, but Hotaru and Chibi-Usa were in the house at the time. The Sailor Senshi come to help, and they find the source of the problem. The daimon created by Mimette's carelessness is the one who is distorting the dimensions. The daimon says if they can beat her in a game, they will set her free, otherwise they will remain in the dimension forever. The daimon cheats each senshi out of their win, and they are all captured. It is up to Hotaru and Chibi-Usa to win. Chibi-Usa wins, but the daimon says that Hotaru must win too. When Hotaru does win, she faints and the daimon says she will not release them. This enrages Chibi-Usa and she transforms. With bad aim, Chibi-Moon frees Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon destroys the daimon and they return to their original dimension.

Well, this episode is an "And that means you!" episode, so unfortunately, we are under the wrath of the bad writer. Fortunately, though, she doesn't do an extra crappy job like usual. Phew, *wipes sweat from brow*.

Well, not a bad episode, but it had a couple lows. They were only the inners loking stupid playing the games, the introduction of "planet power", and "and that means you." This episode didn't really seem to fit in the orginal anyways, and it was still pretty good, I think that the ending episode will go well.

Unikasumon's name is changed to just "Ikasumon". Not a really big deal.....I guess.........

Rini: "Unless I'm buggin', there's something real wrong with your house!"

And my eyes start buggin' when I hear dumb slang like this............

(11 seconds) A shot of the camera panning up over Hotaru's house as the professor says some things.

(5 seconds) A shot of the Senshi right before they teleport is cut.

All "scouts": "Sailor Teleporting!"

O.o;;; What the.....? Is this like "Let's Dancing"? No, no...It's "Sailor TELEPORT", not 'teleporting'. This is especially dumb since moments before this, Venus referred to the technique as the "Sailor Teleport".......Riiiiiight.

(2 seconds) Right after 'Amara' goes on her "Hotaru is bad" kick, there's a shot of the three of them that is cut.

Rini: "Girlfriends...? Where are you?"

Oh dumb slang.....must I go into my "Slang is bad" speech again?

We get another interpretation of Venus' attack today.

"Venus Love Chain!"

I was waiting for her to say something after Chain...but that was it. If only they had inserted a "Me" right after "Love", they would have gotten it right. So close, yet so far away....=*(

Moon: "That's a planet power promise!"

Oh god....I feel sick to my stomach now.........*gurgle*....oh geez.....I think I might have the ramen runs now..........eep....*RUNS TO THE BATHROOM*

Jupiter: "I call number 16!"

Umm, Jupiter, hon, when you play roulette, you have to call number AND COLOR.........Who wrote this episode? They must be beaten with an ugly stick.

Mercury: "You lose this time! I've got your queen!"

Umm, Mercury, you have to get their KING to win......I've seen many people win without their queen.......Idiot writer......That's TWO beatings with the ugly stick now.....

(2 seconds) A few shots of Rini and Hotaru being enthusiastic about playing that card game with the daimon is cut.

Love..Lovely! = "Ikasuuuummmmmoooonnn!"

*blink blink*...Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight

Total Retained 93%

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