117 "Yori takaku! Yori tsuyoku! Usagi no ouen"
(Much Higher! Much Stronger! Cheerleader Usagi)
110 "Heightened Hazard" 00-7-19

Hotaru turns out to be a big fan of the athlete, Shun Hayase. The reason for this is because Shun, much like Hotaru, was very ill during his youth. She decides to write a letter to him, but she can not muster the strength to send it to him. With the help of Usagi and Chibi-Usa, Hotaru decides to go and give Shun the letter in person. Of course, considering Shun's high status, it is no suprise that Mimette chose Shun as her next target. Once there, Mimette unleashes her daimon who accidently destroys Hotaru's letter. Hotaru is devestated. Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon are immobilized and Mimette and Undokai make their escape. On the way out, Undokai meets up with the devestated Hotaru. Trying to convince the sickly looking Hotaru to go to the Health and Sports room, she ends up getting blasted away when Hotaru releases her powers. Moon and Chibi-Moon use this opportunity to destroy the daimon and return Shun's heart.

There really isn't much to say about this episode, or much to say about the next few episodes. There's not much changed........*YAWN*...which makes my job boring. Oh wait.....Less changes equals shorter lists, and less work for me. I love few changes ^_^

Ah yes, the script. The script was good. Most of it was intact, but a few bits of dialogue were changed, but nothing major.

Another well dubbed episode? Wow, I lost count of how many, lol. I just hope it keeps up, we're getting to the good stuff soon.

Shun Hayase's name is changed to "Shawn Hayes". Either that or none of the Voice Talents (ha! I made a funny!) could pronounce "Shun Hayase" right, which could very easily happen, considering the bad direction these ladies are getting....

The daimon, Undokai, retains her name.

Ah yes, the "Twister" scene. Probably one of the most hilarious scenes in the whole S season. First time I saw this, I almost died laughing.

Then, you take this hilarious scene that is from the Japanese version, and then you add an English Mimette making Orgasm noises left and right, and you've got yourself one HILARIOUS scene! Especially with the movements, those orgasm noises couldn't have been at a worse time. I mean, I'm sitting here watching Mimette's leg go up and down and up and down and all I'm hearing is "Unh! Oooh! Ee! Oooooh! UNNN!! ERRRRR!!! AHHHHHH! MMMMM!!!".........Hehehehe, i'm sure many pre-pubescent boys across the US had a ball (ha! I made another funny!!) watching this.........heheheh.

Kaori Knight: "Ooohhh, haven't we gotten a bit big for our bitches?"

O_O....Did I just here that right? *REWINDS* I did! I heard that right! Kaori Knight actually said "Bitches"! And Cartoon Network actually let them get away with this! I'm shocked and amazed. I know that in the context that it is used, it's not as bad as a meaning as "female dog", but still, most networks wouldn't let this kind of talk get through.

UPDATE: After closer inspection, it seems as if Kaori Knight actually said "britches" and not "bitches". So I guess that's how the line got through the censors, since there wasn't anything to censor to begin with. Thanks to [email protected] for being the first to inform me about this.

(18 seconds) I think this is a new record for the S season. After Mimette sneezes all over the "Authorized Personel Only" sign, there is a LONG DRAWN OUT SCENE of Mimette getting caught, her putting the sign back up, and the guard and her both signaling "Ok" to each other. It's actually quite a hilarious scene, and I was pretty peeved that it was cut.


Amara: "Is that Moonface??"

*CONVULSE SHUDDER* ?.?....Must I say it again? Odango Atama does NOT mean Moon Face. Odango does NOT mean Moon Face. Usagi's face does NOT, I repeat, NOT look like the Moon..........

Serena: "One thing's for sure, I don't speak whistle!"

She said this after pleading with the guards and them just blowing their whistles at her. Personally, I thought this line was pretty funny, but I know others didn't think it was so funny, so I'm listing it here.

(3 seconds)After Undokai appears, there is a shot of the 3 security guards running towards Mimette.

(1 second) The very end of the scene where the Outers notice Hotaru's power is cut.

Love...Lovely! = "Waaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooahhhhhhhh!!!!"


Total Retained 95%

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