114 "Idol daisuki! Nayameru Mimete"
(I love Idols! Mimet's Worries)
107 "Mimet's Mess" 00-7-14

Minako is an okake (a big fan) of Ginta Araki, a teen idol singer. Unbeknownst to her, it turns out that Mimette is a big fan too (big suprise there, huh?). While watching a television program, they both learn that they will be holding an open audition for a part in a movie that Araki will be in. Minako and Mimette, disguised as Mimi Hagyu, meet up and quickly become friends. They both get to the final round, and it looks like Mimette has won, but....not quite. Mimette is devastated and she transforms into her evil Death Busters persona. She unleashes the daimon, Utahime, to take Araki's pure heart. Minako transforms and battles Utahime and Mimette. The other soldiers arrive too, and they destroy the daimon and Mimette flees.

As far as translation goes, this episode was really off. I mean, REALLY off. Although it was rewritten, it wasn't rewritten too terribly bad as to have lots of stupid dialogue, which is good. Anyways, the general gist of the episode is gotten across, so I guess I can live.......but what is wrong with just accurately translating the episode?

Another good episode, the streak continues. This one doesn't live up to the other episodes in the streak, but thats ok, it still seemed to be done well imo. I was just glad to be able to see it, there was a storm going on and I was hoping the power would just stay on so I could at least tape this episode. I have no clue what song DiC would have used for this episode, the only one that makes the least bit of sense is "I Want Someone to love" but the main part is sung by a female, so they couldn't. I wasn't paying as much attantion as normal, because i was on the phone for a good amount of time during the episode, and I have to say I just about dropped the reciever (or whatever it's called) when I heard Moon Tiara Action. That was great! I hope they keep giving us suprises like that more often.

Ginta Araki's name was changes to Jonah Araki. Jonah...yeah.....however his song, "Blue Crisis Love," retains its name.

The daimon, Utahime, has her name shortened to "Uta".

Also, since the episode was so horribly rewritten, it's kinda common knowledge that it would be an "And that means you!" episode, don'cha think?

Also, unlike yesterday's episode where the Death Busters were referred to as "The Heart Snatchers", today they are referred to as the "Bueara (yeah, i freaking know it's spelt wrong) of Bad Behavior". Oh GOD how I loathe that name, especially when I can't spell the word they're using (even when I look in two different dictionaries for the freaking word)......

When the girls tell Artemis that Mina had a fever, Artemis goes:"Fever my tail"

Right, fever my tail. My tail. Not yours, mine. I don't know whether to be happy that they used an alteration of "Fever my ass" or if I should be disgusted at just how ridiculous the line sounds. Just tell me what's wrong with saying, "Oh please, she doesn't have a fever" or something like that, but knowing me, I probably would of wrote that down as an SDA too *sweat drop* I guess there's no pleasing me *evil grin*

(3 seconds) A shot of the stadium where the contest is being held.

Ok, here is some proof that the script is way off. Notice when Mimette is talking and there is a picture of Eudial in her locker? Well, in the original version, this had some relevance to something, but in the dub it's there for no apparent reason at all. Great Cloverway, just great....

Mina:"I promise you Artemis, Sailor Scout's honor"

Oh God no...*on the floor having convulsions*

"Charm Buster" by Mimette is kept intact ^_^ Yeahhhhhhh, happy me. I'm glad they're FINALLY keeping these enemy attack names, I mean, in the R season it got pretty wierd when all the Sisters would do reoccurring attacks but each had like "different taunts" in them....

(6 seconds) Some shots of Mimette on the ground are cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of Uta talking to Araki RIGHT before his heart is stolen is cut, for reasons unknown. I believe it is now a sin to talk too......Right Cloverway?

Sailor Moon appears, she winds up....We get our usual, "Moooooooooooon Tiaaaaaarrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaa", but WAIT!! What's this?? - "ACTION!!!"

*GASP* Did I just hear that right?? Did she just say "Moon Tiara ACTION"? Oh this is a lovely day for purists around the world. We actually got "Serena" to say "Moon Tiara Action". Happy me! Happy me! *cough* I'm sorry, I'm writing this at about 8:30 in the morning.......

Love...Lovely = Uta's goooooooooonnnnnne! Riiiiiiiiight

We're treated with NUMBER 2 of Venus's attacks! Wooh!

"Venus Love Chain Whip!"

Right....Venus Love Chain Whip......I'm not even going to comment on that one....

Total Retained 90%

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