113 "Youki tadayou ie! Bishoujo Hotaru no himitsu"
(The house with evil feelings. The secret of the pretty girl Hotaru)
106 "Rini's Risky Friendship" 00-7-13

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto tell Tuxedo Kamen about their mission and their powers. They explain that they must defeat the Death Busters without the other Soldiers' help, as they would only get in the way. Meanwhile, Usagi is very interested in Chibi-Usa's young friend. They both go to Hotaru's house, only to find none other than Kaolinite herself. Professor Tomoe introduces the lady as Kaori and this makes Usagi question if it actually is the real Kaolinite. Inside, Hotaru and the others all greet each other. Chibi-Usa gives Hotaru a present, a comic book, only to find out that the author, Ukon Katakuri, had been giving out autographs at the bookstore and that they were missing out. The three of them rush down to the bookstore only to find him getting attacked by a daimon. Chibi-Usa escorts Hotaru somewhere else and Usagi transforms. A fight ensues, and the outers show up and declare Sailor Moon a nuisance. The other inners show up and take care of the daimon, making Uranus and the others rethink their position. The daimon is destroyed and everything is returned to normal.

I must say that today's script was VERY good. Even Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto's speeches were kept entirely intact. That's good to know. Plus, I must admit that the Voice Actresses have gotten MUCH better. Serena is actually tolerable now, and to be honest, she's growing on me. I actually am starting to PREFER her over Terri Hawkes. Don't get me wrong, they both still suck, but I think that Linda is trying hard and doing a fairly good job. Of course, I'd always love for Tracey Moore to come back, but that wont be happening now, will it?

The writers have met!!!! (Or the bad one got fired) The VAs are getting better! This was a good episode. CWi keps some dub consistency this episode by having Serena and Rini be as cousins to people, I'm positive that was in at least one DiC episode. However, they still can't keep consistency in the season they're dubbing. The outers attacks today show this, one doesn't say the planet in it and the other two do. I don't understand why they called him King Darien instead of King Endyminon. Oh thats right, Endymion is too big a word for kids. *sigh* And what are they doing to my Sailor V?! Harness?!?! Oy, and this is just the beginning, worse is yet to come.

The daimon, Book-Henshu, retains its name.

The author Ukon Katakuri's name is changed to Charles Henry Clark.....Umm, isn't there already a Charles Henry Clark? I'll have to look that up sometime.

Also, it's pretty much official that in today's episode, the Death Busters have been "Officially" named "The Heart Snatchers". Unfortunately, it's true. Let the Death Busters rest in peace for all time....*takes off hat*

(2 seconds) A small bit of the Usagi/Chibi-Usa dunk fest is cut. I'm suprised they even kept the scene at all, as dual bathing is NOT that common in America.....Infact, I don't think it's common ANYWHERE. Just what WERE those animators thinking?? O.O;;;;

(6 seconds) Just a few exposition shots are cut right before we see Mamoru at night. No big deal....

Michelle:"We've been expecting you Darien, or should I say King Darien"

Well, technically, this isn't a stupid line, considering originally, Michiru said, "We've been expecting you Mamoru, or should I say Endimion-sama!" but that whole "Darien/King Darien" thing is SOOOOOO stupid. What's wrong with just calling him Endimion? Well, I guess I can give Cloverway some brownie points for trying to stay consistent with DiC, but still. I guess I shouldn't be griping at Cloverway, I should be griping at DiC, those dirty bastards. I'll kill them, I'll KILL THEM I SAY!!!! *cough* Err, never mind......

We're treated with a-

"Neptune Star Power!"
"Uranus Star Power!"
"Pluto Star Power!"

Lovely, isn't it? *GAG CHOKE*

But here is the good part to offset this bad. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto's speeches are EXACTLY THE SAME AS IN THE ORIGINAL VERSION! WOOOH! It's about time they got it right. ^_^ Gooooooo Cloverway! ^_^

Pluto:"Want to hear our story? Then hear me out..."

To me, the way she delivered the line was kinda "Valley girlish". With that in mind, it's totally out of character, as Setsuna is the most sophisticated of all the Sailor Senshi.

Also, later on (in a completely different scene), one of my FAVORITE scenes is ruined by bad acting and translation. This is the scene where Usagi tell Rei to "LOOK OVER THERE AT MICHEAL!" and she is looking for her love, Micheal, and then Usagi and Chibi-Usa run off by going UNDER Rei's dress and Rei SCREAMS and sighs by saying Micheal's name. Absolutely HILARIOUS.

Unfortunately, since Katie Griffin had NO idea what she was doing, her bad acting RUINED the scene, her screams were WAY off cue and her reactions were horrible, ruining the scene. Plus there is the fact that they changed Rei looking for Micheal to Rei looking for Chad, when in actuality, Rei doesn't have a major thing for Chad as she does for this "Micheal" character.......

Even MORE later on, when Professor Tomoe introduces "Kaolinite" he introduces her as "Kaori Knight" and not just "Kaori". ARGH! Why??? VKLL, the people who subbed S, made the SAME mistake! It's NOT THAT HARD TO SPOT. The REASON Usagi doesn't think that the person is Kaolinite is because she is named "Kaori"! That's part of the plot! Instead, we have Serena going "K...K....Kaori Knight!!" and then Dr. Tomo says, "Oh, this is my assistant, Kaori Knight!" and then Serena goes, "Oh! Phew! It's not Kaori Knight, it's just Kaori Knight!" Might I say.....NANI YO??? Oy vey.....(Keep in mind that that is no where near what they said in the dub, I'm just trying to specify the confusion with not keeping the Kaolinite/Kaori relationship intact).

Oh yeah, and one more thing, the Infamous "Coffee is too violent for kids, must change it to Cocoa!!!" makes its triumphant return in this episode. Really, what is so wrong with Coffee??

The can that Dr. Tomo is making "Cocoa" in originally had a label saying "Coffee" on it. Honestly...I didn't know that coffee was _THAT_ big of an evil in the world...But ok...

Thanks to [email protected] for pointing this out for me. ~_^ Thanks

(14 seconds) Big cut. There is a whole scene where Mimette reads us a comic book, and every single frame of it is cut.

The Manga, Drop....or was it Drip...? Eh, oh well....

Rini introduces Serena as her cousin to Hotaru.

Wait.....Ok, let me get this straight. If Rini and Serena are now "Cousins" and Amara and Michelle are "Cousins" too....does that mean that Rini and Serena are......?? O.o;;;;; I must stop thinking this hard.

Honestly, I cannot hear the word "cousins" anymore without automatically translating it as "lesbians". I just can't do it. When someone says "This is my cousin *insert name here*" I just start giggling like a little school girl, it's really awful.

On a different note we get a-

"Uranus World Shaking!" and a
"Pluto Deadly SCREAM!!!!!" but interestingly enough....we get a
"Deep Submerge!" too! Isn't that odd? I think so.

But the real killer here is not by the outers, but my Venus, as we start the infamous line of "What shall we call Venus' attack today" list. Let's start, shall we?

"Venus Love Chain Harness!!"

Umm, what?? Venus Love Chain HARNESS?? Oh geez.......

Total Retained 94%

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