112 "Shin no kyuuseishu ha dare? Hikari to kage no chaos"
(Who is the real messiah? Light and Shadow in chaos)
105 "Show Stoppers" 00-7-12

The girls go down to the park to watch a local shooting of a movie starring the heart throb, Yousake Eda. Unfortunately, the girls aren't the only ones there to see Yousake, as Mimette, the new head of the Witches 5, is also there to steal his heart. While there, Chibi-Usa meets up with a strange girl named Hotaru. Mimette attacks with the daimon, Western. Sailor Moon's attempts at destroying the daimon prove useless, as the daimons have become stronger. Pluto appears and tells Sailor Moon to use the Sacred Cup to Double Transform into Super Sailor Moon. With her new "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" attack, Sailor Moon destroys the daimon. Overjoyed that she has found a new friend, Hotaru goes home and tells her father, who is none other than the evil Death Busters' leader, Professor Tomoe.

This episode marks a long streak of fairly good episodes in the dub. Just about all the episodes (if not ALL of them) in Mimette's run are fairly good. Don't get me wrong, we still get our rewritten episodes, but they're now being rewritten in a way where they don't just pull stupid stuff (ie - Cousin stuff) out of their ass. Infact, I think the next "bad" episode is not until Teruru's (aka Tellu aka Teru aka Telulu aka Telly aka Mrs. Doubtfire....) episode.

As for this episode? You should have seen my face when I heard "Moon Crisis Power!" and "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" I was so relieved they ditched the corny "Super Moon Crisis Power" and "Rainbow Moon Heartache Reform!" from the S movie. *wipes sweat from brow* Phew!

Bobs right, the streak of well dubbed episodes seems to be lasting. It's great that the henshin and attack actually resembled the orginal. And Hotaru kept her name!!! I'm so happy!!! The only negatives I would say is how Pluto says her attack, you can even notice in the dub that shes whispering in the video, so why have her yell? And the valley girl talk really needs to end. Just because the series was made in the early 90s doesn't mean it has to be dubbed like we're in the early 90s, we're in the 00s now, lol. Only one line just got to me, "I'm Rini. Rhymes with tiny." I can't even remember my reaction. Coming home from an tough eight hour work day and then hearing that? Oy, that really made my day...

The messiah of silence is referred to as the "Sovereign of Silence". FINALLY, we have a set name for the Messiah. From now on, the Messiah is, more or less, called the "Sovereign". I think it's a good name, I can easily deal with it. Plus it is way better than "Purity Princess" or "Ambassador of Good"......*SHUDDER*

Yousake Eda's name is changed to Joshua Eda. Hey wait....I thought it was ok to keep the Japanese names??

The daimon, Western, retains her name, but the absolutely hilarious "WOOOOOO!!" thing that she does is not. *CRIES* Oh, you dubbies are missing out. This daimon is hopping around trying to sound like she's from the good ol' west. It's hilarious. "WOOOOOO!! WESTERN! HI HO SILVER!!!" =D

Also...........HOTARU RETAINS HER NAME!!! Hooray Hooray Hotaru-chan! Hooray Hooray Hotaru-chan! Gooooooooooooo Hotaru-chan!! O.o;;;; *sweat drop* Oh, you'd have to have seen the original version to understand that....But anyways, Hotaru retains her name! WOOOOH! This is the very first Sailor Soldier to actually RETAIN her name AND her spelling (so that way, Rei and Ami don't count).

Let me talk about the Sovereign's voice for a bit. Originally, Saturn/Hotaru/Mistress 9/The Messiah were ALL done by the same person. Now, for some reason, in the dub, they're ALL done by different people (or just one VERY talented person). Well, anyways, the Sovereign sounds NOTHING like Hotaru, which it's supposed to. Hopefully this doesn't mean Mistress 9's voice will be bad too.

(2 seconds) A rather pointless violence cut. When Mimette isn't listening to the lecture, Tomoe throws the little duck thing at her and knocks all of her stuff down. Of course, we don't actually SEE the duck hitting her, cause that would make kids commit suicide.....Right, Cloverway?


(2 seconds) Two seconds of Mimette walking is cut right after she pops out of that pantry in the furniture store, or wherever that was...

Rini:"Hey there, Girlfriends!"

*blank stare* You have to be kidding...................

Rini:"Is Trista still here??"

*another blank stare* Well, by itself, this isn't necessarily stupid, but given the fact that Chibi-Usa NEVER ONCE CALLS PLUTO BY THE NAME "Setsuna", I think it's pretty bad. In the original, Chibi-Usa always calls Pluto "Puu" and Pluto always calls Chibi-Usa "Small Lady".

Amy to Serena:"We're SUPPOSED to be looking for the Chalice!"

Umm, well, considering you've already FOUND the Chalice in the last episode, I don't think there's any reason to look for it, now is there? Originally, Ami says that they're supposed to be looking for the MESSIAH. Messiah/Chalice...What's the difference? Eh, Cloverway?? *glare*

Amy:"It's ok, I'm going to google at the guys too!"

Umm, can we say "Out of character"? Amy is VERY sensitive about saying stuff about guys, or anything that involves a relationship for that matter, and when she does she always gets very embarrassed. The REAL Ami would never say that so casually.

Rini:"Oh no! Please! My hat! My hat! Someone get my hat! Darien bought it for me!!"

Wow, a lot of SDAs, no? Well, again, nothing really wrong with the line itself, but in actuality, Darien didn't buy the hat, Ikuko-momma (Usagi's mom) bought it for her.....

(10 seconds) A shot of Hotaru having a seizure is cut short.

Rini:"My name's Rini, rymes with Teeny!"

Oh, Cloverway, must we go there?

(4 seconds) A few shots of Western chasing after Yousake.

(5 seconds) A shot of Rini and Hotaru is cut.

(7 seconds) In the scene where we see sillouette's of the inners there is hacking and slashing everywhere. Since there's not much motion in it, there's not much animation jump, but if you listen to the music, you can notice that it is VERY jumpy.

We get our usual stuff-

"Neptune Deep Submerge!"
"Uranus World Shaking!"

And here's the one that I had dreaded ever seeing.


*on the floor having a siezure* I had been dreading that for the longest time. It is so obvious that NO ONE at Cloverway, or better yet, Optimum Productions, listens to the original Seiyuu, or else they would have realized that this line is supposed to be spoken SOFTLY. That's SOFTLY, Optimum. Not screaming at the top of your lungs almost shattering mirrors. I seriously think this attack is screamed louder than any other attack in the dub. Plus, there's the fact that the attack is called "dead scream" in the original version. Unfortunately, this attack is consistant throughout the entire S season. Poor Poor Setsuna.

Oh, and of course, Uranus and Neptune's speeches are increadably stupid as usual.

"Crisis, Make Up!" becomes "Moon Crisis Power!" and "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" retains its name.

I was EXTREMELY happy about these two names. Why, you ask? Well, watch the S movie and you will know the pain. In the S movie, they call it "Super Moon Crisis Power" and "Rainbow Moon Heartache Reform". Bad, huh? Thank GOD I never have to put up with "Reform" again......

"Love...Lovely!", the new dying phrase for "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" was changed to "Woo...Weee.....WESTERN!!!!" C'mon, Cloverway! Get it right....

Total Retained 93%

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