111 "Seihai no shinpi na chikara! Moon nidan henshin"
(The Sacred Cup's Mysterious Power! Double Moon Transformation)
104 "The Purity Chalice" 00-7-11

Mars discovers that Uranus and Neptune are barely still alive, and that the only way to save them is to get the Talismans back from Eudial. Chibi-Moon appears and aids the other senshi in their quest. Unfortunately, all the senshi except for Moon are unable to proceed the chase with Eudial, so Moon goes alone. After a stand off between Moon's Spiral Heart Attack and Eudial's Fire Buster (with Eudial coming out triumphant), Setsuna appears again. She transforms herself into Sailor Pluto and reveals the 3rd and last talisman, the Garnet Orb. Uranus and Neptune appear in front of Pluto with their talismans and awaken. With the three Talismans together, the Sacred Cup appears. Eudial grabs for it, but Moon gets to it first. She transforms into Super Sailor Moon and throws Eudial out a window. When Eudial tries to make her getaway, she realizes that Mimette had rigged her brakes and she plummets off of a cliff into the ocean. Uranus and Neptune realize that Moon is not the real messiah, and change their mission from finding the talismans, to finding the messiah.

This episode was pretty good, but not as good, dialogue-wise, as the last one. Although, one thing I did like was that my list for this episode is really short, so that means less work for me ^_^ Woooooh. But keep in mind that even though the list is shorter than yesterday's, that today's episode was inferior to yesterday's.

Wow! Another well done episode! I wonder why it's so hard for CWi to choose a name for the messiah instead of having two different ones per episode. And Pluto is a valley girl. Although this was orginally made in the early 90s, you don't have to dub it that way! And HOW can you guys screw up Enginsh into English?! Is Planet Power THAT hard to say?

Pretty good..but my dear Setsuna-san has become a valley girl. >.< Why gods? And there was quite a bit of screwed up dialog.

Like I said yesterday, Mimette's voice isn't as good as the original, but it's tolerable.

Today, the Talismans were referred to as "Crystal Treasures" and not "Pure Crystal Hearts".

(11 seconds) We see Usagi from Uranus' point of view. We see her change into the Messiah, and then change back again. A fairly vital scene as Uranus says "Messiah....." in it and then in the next scene (which was not cut) all the inners question Uranus about the messiah. This was very POOR editing. You can even see the screen jump when the cut occurs. That's how poor the editing was for this cut. Tsk, tsk, Cloverway.

Messiah in all her glory.

The messiah is referred to as both the "Purity Princess" and "The one who can save the world".

Ok, "Ambassador of Good", "Purity Princess", "Chosen One".....FREAKING CHOOSE ONE, CLOVERWAY! Damn Janice Sonski. You suck Janice, you really really do! The things that really pisses me off is that you probably got a freaking huge check for your half-assed job on this series.

We got back our "Mars Celestial Fire Surround" today as opposed to the "Mars Fire Surround" we had been given for the past few episodes. Should I be happy? Should I be sad? I don't really care, actually, cause it's "BURNING MANDALA"..........

The Fire Buster II is called the "Super Duper Hyper Charge Fire Buster Model Number II" for some really odd reason. Try saying that three times fast!

(11 seconds) Right after the commercial break, there are shots of outside the Marine Cathedral and of the Cathedral's stained glass windows.

Three words....

"Pluto STAR Power!"

Poor Pluto. Unlike Uranus and Neptune, she never gets the pleasure of saying "Pluto Planet Power!" in the S series........Poor poor Pluto...*sniff*

Not only that, but poor Pluto has been made into a ditzy valley girl too! Noooooooooooooo!!!!

Pluto:"Like I'd ever give this to a witch like you! Check it out!"

Pluto is not a valley girl! I can let the valley girl talk slide with the other girls, but NOT with Pluto. Pluto is calm and sophisticated. She's like 3,000 years old, she's outgrown the valley girl trend!

We see Hotaru for the first time, and let me tell you, that scream she did sent chills down my spine. Not because of the excellent delivery or anything like that, mind you. I got chills down my spine because I feared the worst for poor Hotaru. Judging from that scream, they must have given her a freaking HORRIBLE voice actress. I was scared about what I would find the next day when I tuned into Sailor Moon. I guess only time could tell.

Total Retained 94%

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