110 "Uranus tachi no shi? Talisman shutsugen"
(Uranus and Neptune's death? The Talismans Appear)
103 "Destiny's Arrival" 00-7-10

Haruka and Michiru both know that today will be the day that a Talisman will appear. At the same time, Eudial makes a device which she hooks up to her computer to tell her who holds a talisman. When she sees the results, she is shocked. Haruka and Michiru confront Usagi and take her Henshin Brooch so that she cannot interfere with their plans. A girl named Setsuna Meioh appears and encourages Usagi to follow them. At the Marine Cathedral, Uranus and Neptune battle what turns out to be a trap set by Eudial. In the battle, Neptune is captured, and Eudial reveals that both Uranus and Neptune hold a talisman. When Eudial tries to take Uranus' talisman, Neptune breaks free and in an effort to save her partner, gets shot by Eudial's gun. Usagi appears and knocks Eudial off of a ledge, and Uranus takes Eudial's gun and shoots herself. Both Talisman's appear, but at the cost of Neptune and Uranus' lives.

This was a damn good episode. A DAMN good episodes. The acting was actually done pretty well, better than most episodes, and the script was SO accurate I could cry. Infact, basically the only changes to the script were the usual Talisman to Pure Crstal Hearts, Messiah to whatever they called her that episode, and Sacred Cup to Purity Chalice. Bravo, Cloverway!

Also, on a very good note, I'm about 97% sure that today's episode marks the last time the term "Cousin" is used! WOOOOOHHHH!!!!! No more cousin fest!

This HAS to be the best dubbed episode up to this point. Only one cousin comment, and the rest of the dialogue was intact for the most part. It was also great to see the hand holding scene kept with the orginal music, keeping the great feeling the scene had. I jsut wish they gave Setsuna, now known as Trista, a better voice. It's full of emotion and Setsuna has a solemn sounding voice. And if I see another TBA thingy on an anime, I'm going to lose my mind. But besides that, this was an excellent episode.

O.O woah...not bad at all. VERY good episode! I'm not fond of Setsuna-san's new name (wtf kind of name is Trista?!), but all in all, the acting and accuracy of this ep were great.

Mimette's name is kept

Mimette's voice is ok. It is nothing compared to the original one though. Mimette's Japanese voice is very cute. It is very high pitched, but not squeaky. I don't think there's a single American person who could match it.

Also, Shingo was in this episode, and for the English version, he also got a voice change.

Sailor Pluto/Setsuna also made her debut for the S season, and she got a voice change as well.

(7 seconds) In Haruka's apartment. The dub starts with the shot of the phone ringing. Originally we see the city blanketed with rain, and Haruka looking out a window (from an outside perspective).

Yes. Rain is that interesting. Ask my cousin Joe....He'll tell ya...*nods*

This right here, my friends, is the scene I had been waiting for since the S season began. The infamous "hand holding" scene, and to my delight, it was 100% untouched. The music that played here has got to be my favorite in the series, too bad it's not used much. For all the fans whining about the original music, just listen to this scene, and picture one of DiC's music cues in there. I rest my case.

(1 second) Right before the shot of the camera panning up to reveal Makoto.

(4 seconds) A shot of the camera panning left to reveal Rei is cut.

(4 seconds) Right after Usagi sighs (but before Shingo tells her that she has a phone call) there is a shot of the phone actually ringing that is cut.

Now, are you still wondering why I keep on bringing up the "Neptune Star Power" and "Uranus Star Power" things? Well, I'll tell you why, because in today's episode we get a

"Uranus Planet Power!"
"Neptune Planet Power!"

What the....? Either this was a screw up and they forgot that they were calling it "Star Power" or they actually realized their mistake and fixed it by calling "Planet Power". I really don't know, and future episodes don't give much insight into this problem. Either way, I'm glad that it was "Planet Power" today instead of "Star Power", but still...IT'S NOT THE FREAKING HARD TO GET IT RIGHT, CLOVERWAY!

The Messiah is the "Ambassador of Good" today.......Riiiiiiiiiiight. The Ambassador of Good.....

Setsuna Meioh's name is changed to "Trista Meioh". Gah....Poor Poor Setsuna.....

(2 seconds) We see Neptune grabbing at Uranus' hand but Cloverway cuts when she lets go. Ok......O.o;;

We get a -

"World Shaking!"
"Deep Submerge!"

^_^ Wooohooo! But c'mon, Cloverway! Stick to one attack name!

Eudial:"Your dear cousin, Sailor Neptune, is a holder of a pure heart crystal!!"

Gahhh! *GAG CHOKE* No....more....cousin fest.......cousin....bad.....incest.....yuck....

Eudial:"I haven't taken your cousin's pure heart crystal yet...."

GAH!! No....more! I....Can't take.....anymore!! *DIES*

Look closely when Usagi appears. See that person? That's the messiah! The same nude messiah that had been cut from all previous episodes! Woooh! We get to see the messiah! We get to see a nude chick! Heheh!

Unfortunately, unlike the saving of the Messiah animation, almost all talk ABOUT the messiah is changed.

(2 seconds) A shot of Uranus putting the gun to her her heart and shooting herself.

;_; It's...so so sad! *SOB*

Another freaking "To Be Continued" thing is added at the end of the episode. Grr, stupid Cloverway and trying to please the stupid dubbies. Grrr......

Total Retained 96%

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