11 "Usagi to Rei taiketsu? Yume Land no Akumu"
(Usagi & Rei Face Off - A Nightmare in Dreamland)
8 "Nightmare In Dreamland" 95-9-20

The girls and Luna begin to suspect a new theme park, Dreamland, as a plot by the Dark Kingdom. Luna, Ami, Rei, and Usagi go there to investigate. There, Rei senses evil forces while Usagi is totally oblivious to everything going on. Usagi's care free nature and her want to just have fun annoys Rei and Luna. Luna decides that they should split up and search the theme park. Rei is paired with Usagi, to both their dismay. Rei and Usagi bump into Mamoru on a train, while Ami goes to investigate a candy party the theme park is having. There, Ami discovers that Princess Dream is actually a youma of the Dark Kingdom. Rei and Usagi rush over after being informed by Luna of the strange things that have been happening. After some fighting, the youma is destroyed and Jadeite's plan is once again spoiled.

I was quite surprised watching this episode. The script wasn't too terribly bad (for a DiC episode that is) and I ended up only having a page of notes. All in all, that's pretty good considering how bad most of the DiC episodes so far have been.

There really wasn't too much they could screw up in this episode, and they didn't! If they dubbed all episodes like this one, the dub would've been far much better, but I'll take the good episodes they give us without complaining, good job.

This really wasn't too bad. There was some dialog that I thought to be quite stupid, but some of it was actually kind of humerous. ("Aw! she's so cute!" "She's evil, remember?" "Oh, yeah..") So all in all, not bad at all!

The script for this episode is surprisingly left somewhat intact. Some of the lines were even kept *GASP* Wow. Probably the best script for a DiC episode yet. The only really blaring difference I saw was that Rei and Ami bicker at Usagi a lot more in the dub and are WAY harsher in the dub. In the original, only Rei does the bickering and even then, she doesn't go out and blatantly insult Usagi, she kinda uses clever, witty comments. Raye on the other hand resorts to name calling and other childish antics.

Dreamland retains its name.

Princess Dream (Dream Princess) keeps her name.

I'm not entirely sure (cause I didn't write it down ^^;;) but I _THINK_ the youma, Murdid, retained her name. If she didn't it might have been changed to Mordid or something. But then again, I'm not entirely sure on this, so don't hold it against me if I'm mistaken =P

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut. =P

(12 seconds) The very first scene of the episode (if you don't count the opening Usagi segment). In the dub, the scene starts with Usagi/Serena whipping out the Sailor V manga and then Rei and her arguing about it. Originally, we see a shot of the sign of Hikawa shrine, then we see Usagi, Ami, and Rei being briefed by Luna about the current situation with the Dark Kingdom.

  • Hikawa Shrine
  • The breifing
  • (14 seconds) Another big cut. In the same scene as above, in the dub the scene cuts right after Luna screams for the girls to stop bickering. In the original, after this, she sighs and complains about how hard it is to train the girls, then we see the girls (especially Ami) looking embarrassed.

  • Overhead shot
  • Poor Ami
  • The close-up of the newspaper showing Dreamland is altered to erase the kana that's on it. EVIL EVIL JAPANESE WRITING SYSTEM. I mean, we can't really blame DiC though. Their whole writing system is just a bunch of "Funny symbols", right?? *cough cough*

  • Original paper
  • (2 seconds) This isn't actually a 2 second cut, but a collection of snippets and dicing that went on resulting in 2 seconds of footage loss. In the exposition shots of Dreamland, there's a lot of slicing and dicing going on, resulting in that 2 second footage loss.

    (5 seconds) The silhouette shot of Jadeite from the front where all we can see is his eyes is cut FOR THE GAZILLIONTH TIME. Ok, seriously...Am I missing something here!?!? Is there something evil about this scene I'm just not seeing? Las time I checked there was nothing evil about this shot....Maybe DiC belongs to an extremist religion....maybe??

    The full/half body shot of Jadeite (happens in the same scene where the shot above happened) is actually LENGTHENED. Ok, what's the point of cutting scenes if you're just going to make others longer?? O.o;;;;

    Mercury and Mars' henshin are slightly sped up. Akuryo Taisen is also slightly sped up, and the black figure we see in the flashing fire is erased. I guess it looked a bit too demonic for DiC.

  • Akuryo Taisen - Original
  • Akuryo Taisen - Dub
  • Ok, USUALLY I don't list attack changes in Stupid Dialogue Boxes, but this is one of the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. Akuryo Taisen (Evil Spirits, Begone) is changed to "Mars Fireballs Charge". Why is this stupid, you ask? Well, first off the attack has NOTHING to do with Fireballs. Second, the attack has NOTHING to do with Rei being a Sailor Senshi. This is a skill Rei obtained from being a Shinto priestess, not a Sailor Senshi. STUPID DiC....*sigh*....

    (10 seconds) After Tuxedo Mask appears, we see Sailor Moon and Mars looks confused and embarrassed that they were riding brooms instead of horses. The youma then bends down and picks up the apple that Tuxedo Mask shot down.

  • Um... wtf are we doing?
  • (1 second) When Mars is coming down from above to paralyze the youma with one of her scrolls, there's a panty shot that is cut. Poor poor deprived dub watchers. =P

  • *nosebleed*
  • Total Retained 83%

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