109 "Shougeki no koku! Arakasareta otagai no shoutai"
(Shocking Moment! Mutual Identities Revealed)
102 "No Turning Back" 00-7-7

Minako is upset that all the other girls have had their pure hearts stolen, except for her. She feels that she is not pure enough and that's why the Death Busters have not targeted her yet. Because of her "lack of purity", Minako goes on a quest for purity. She reads books and asks people what they think purity is. She decides to donate blood so that the Death Busters would think she is pure and steal her heart. Luckily for her, the Death Busters do deem her pure and take her pure heart. Being the Minako that she is, instead of dropping to the floor, lifeless, she grabs her pure heart and runs off into a underground garage. Eudial and the daimon, Doorknob-der, lock off all the exits, but not before Usagi, Haruka, and Michiru get in. Knowing that she shouldn't transform in front of Haruka, Michiru, and Eudial, Usagi decides that the only way for her to save Minako is to transform. Because of Usagi's decision, her identity as Sailor Moon is revealed, and in turn, Haruka and Michiru reveal their identities as Uranus and Neptune. The daimon is destroyed and Minako's heart is returned to her. Eudial overpowers Moon's Spiral Heart Attack and is about to destroy them all when Minako gets up and trasforms into Venus. Eudial retreats, and everyone leaves with the new knowledge of who Uranus and Neptune are.

An episode. An episode it was. Was it an episode? I don't know.....

Oh, sorry, I'm still in American Literature essay mode....Sorry. This episode was ok. Although we got the crappy "And that means you!" writer, she seemed to do ok. For the most part, the script was left intact, but she altered it enough so that the good jokes lost their meanings. This is why I say just translate the damn episode.

There was something Bob failed to metion in this episode. I dunno if what happened was a mistake of what, but when this episode aired, we had an intro just like the orginal (done pretty well) and the SMS dub opening, which was the same as the cut movie opener. This brings lots of questions to my head, but I'll save them for a later time.

This is one of my favorite episodes. Not only does it feature my fave senshi, but shes gone crazy. XD Only a bit of dialogue changes, nothing too bad, this episode was done rather well.

I missed this one too...so no comments.

"And that means you!" -- I think that pretty much sums it up. Even though the episode was a "re-writer", it still faired pretty well, but it could of been a lot better.

The daimon, Doorknob-der, retains her name.

Eudial is constantly called a "witch" throughout the episode. Is this maybe Cloverway trying to allude to the fact that she is part of the Witches 5? I guess we'll never know.....

(3 seconds) During the scene where we see the Silence overcoming the world, there is a shot of the Messiah with the Sacred Cup cleansing it. So what's so bad about that, you ask? Well, the fact that she's butt naked may be a factor.

This is the worst nudity I've seen since.....Well....My cousin took the clothes off her barbie!!

(1 second) Umm....Errr.....I wasn't really paying attention when this cut occured, I just noticed that my tapes were suddenly out of sync....But I do know that it happened right after the "Minako is sitting on a bench" scene.

Mina: "Sorry, Serena! I just needed to whack a few balls!"

Heheh! Heheh! She said she needed to whack a few balls! Heheheh! Heheh!

SHUT UP!! I know she was talking about Volleyball...But still! Heheh! Heheh! She said she needed to whack a few balls! Heheh! Heheh!

(9 seconds) When Minako is in the bookstore, we see Usagi spying on her. Well, you poor deprived dub watchers, you missed out on the cut of a life time! After that intial "Usagi spying scene", we see her spy some more! And then.........we see more spying! Woooh! Aren't you guys missing out?? *sarcastic*

(2 seconds) Right after Mina gets her heart stolen, there's a shot of Rei and the Inners and Haruka and Michiru looking shocked and Eudial looking pleased.


(2 seconds) Damn....This is a lot of cuts! More than I expected....Anyway..The beggining of the scene where Mina goes crazy is cut short a bit.

(1 seconds) A shot of Eudial driving through a sign that says "Garage Closed" on it.

The madness continues!

"Uranus Star Power!"
"Neptune Star Power!"

Need I say more? How many times must I say it before Cloverway gets a clue? Hehe, that reminds me of a "How many Janice Sonskis do you need to screw in a light bulb" joke.

Are you wondering why I keep bringing this up? Well, I would stop if it weren't for a very interesting turn of events that takes place in tomorrow's episode......

(1 second) The end of Uranus' henshin scene is cut short.

In today's episode, we are treated with a.....

"Uranus World Shaking!"
"Neptune Deep Submerge!"
"Mars Fire Surround!"

I think enough has been said.

Doorknob-der:"Cut off her [Eudial's] hair! Maybe she'll lose her powers!!!"

Oh, I KNOW they just did not throw in a Samson referance......Ok, so they feel the need to take away my precious "Messiah", "Sacred Cup/Chalice" and "Talismans" (even though Talismans isn't really religiously offensive had they used it) yet they're comparing Eudial to Samson? Ok.........Anyway.....

Witches Eudial Fire Buster (Jap) = Fire Buster (Dub)

Not bad if I do say so myself, considering that this is the first time ever in Sailor Moon's history has an enemy attack name been retained. Yay....

"Lovely!" = "Doorknob DOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" O.o;;;;

Jupiter to Uranus and Neptune: "But I thought we all supported the Moon Kingdom!"

Umm, considering the Moon Kingdom has been in ruins for over 1,000 years, I don't think that ANYONE still supports the Moon Kingdom. They've moved on.

Total Retained 91%

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