108 "Usagi no dance ha waltz ni notte"
(The Waltz is Usagi's Dance)
101 "Everything's Coming Up Rosey" 00-7-6

While the girls are basking in Mamoru's air conditioned apartment, a stranger speaking a very strange language (umm, what do you call it....umm...English! That's it...) comes to the door. Of course, Usagi can't understand a word that he's saying, and Mamoru comes to the door and the man, Edwards, invite Mamoru and the girls to a party at his place. Once there, Eudial appears and steals Edwards' heart, and sends the daimon, Chikoun, to take care of the rest. The Senshi battle with the daimon, and after the daimon uses her last attack, Sailor Moon destroys her. Edwards gets his heart back, and everything returns to normal.

I must say, this was one of the episodes that I thought would be majorly screwed, but it was actually handled quite well. Changing the Japanese/English conflict to a English/French conflict was a great move if you ask me, and it worked better with the waltz better than English did. I must give Kudos to Cloverway for handling this episode well.

Wow! An episode said to be serverly hacked was done very well! CWi made a good move changing the Japanese/English conflict to an English/French conflict and pulled it off very well. I was wondering how they would deal with Usagi drunk, and I guess too much "juice" messes people all up, lol. Great episode!

GASP! they actually stuck to the plot! They did something smart in changing it to French..this way, the basic idea was kept. And although Usagi wasn't "drunk", but had "too much juice", I'm surprised they kept the whole scene at all! Bravo.

The Japanese/English conflict was changes to a English/French conflict for kinda obvious reasons. I think it was a good move. Knowing DiC, they would of deleted any referance to a language conflict and had the episode be about something totally different, so I applaud Cloverway ^_^.

Edwards is "Ed-ward" in a french accent. Not much of a big change, but I figure I'll note it.

Chikoun (Chi-kon) is changed to "Chikwan" (chi-KWAN)

Another really good thing was that almost all the jokes that occured in Mamoru's apartment were kept pretty much intact. That was a plus in my book.

(14 seconds) A series of cuts actually, but they all involve the same thing. In the dub version, Eudial emerges from the lake and speeds off, and that's it, right? Nope! Boy are YOU missing a lot! There are several scenes of a couple on a date by the lake. First we see them being startled by Eudial's sudden appearance, and then we see them getting soaked as Eudial speeds on by. I think Cloverway cut this because they're discriminating against water fights, they're too violent. I mean, you splash someone and WHOOF! There goes their eye.........tsk tsk, it's such a shame. Stupid dangerous water.....*cough*

Gyuhuck! Ur Wet!

As you may know, Usagi gets drunk in this episode. While looking for some juice, she accidently grabs the wrong glass and gets drunk and starts prancing around. In the Japanese version, this is VERY obvious. While not AS obvious in the English version, the idea is still there.

Although, I think Cloverway was trying to hide their butts for a second, saying that Serena 'had too much juice', but it's still pretty obvious that she gets drunk. ^_^ Happy me! SERENA got drunk! Heheh!

Here comes the REAL shocker though.

Edward: "Let me introduce two very talented people. Miss Amara Tenoh and Miss Michelle Kaioh.

O.O What the hell did he just say?? Did I hear that correctly? Amara Tenoh!??! Michelle Kaioh!?!? Woohoo!! They kept their original last names! Not only that, they were actually GIVEN last names! Woooooooohhhhh! Wow! Cloverway did something right! It's a miracle! =D

Amara says that she'll give Serena 'Dancing Lessons' and that's why she danced with her, and that Michelle and Amara were 'Champion Ballroom Dancers'.

Umm, yeah....sure....If you say so. Well on the other hand, Haruka wasn't giving Usagi "dancing lessons", she was doing her usual "flirting" routine. =D

(3 seconds) After the waiter opens the door and gas comes out of there, there's a shot of the waiter dropping the glasses that he was carrying and them shattering on the ground.

I TOTALLY agree with Cloverway's logic here. I mean, if kids were to see that, they would think it would be OK to shatter glass EVERYWHERE, and that would be DREADFUL! *cough*sarcasm*cough*

Quick, Children! Cover your eyes!!

Once again, Uranus and Neptune trasform by saying "Star Power" instead of "Planet Power". I wouldn't make such a big deal about this if this didn't cause problems in the future, which you will see later on.

Here comes the really wierd part. Neptune's attack is "Neptune Deep Submerge" yet Uranus' attack is simply "World Shaking". O.o;; Wierd.......I thought that ONE writer used "Deep Submerge" and "World Shaking" and the other one used "Neptune Deep Submerge" and "Uranus World Shaking".........Guess not.....

(4 seconds) a few snipits (and actually LENGTHENING of scenes) occured in the Outers' transformations, but the big cut was a scene of us hearing "I'm going backwards, I'm going backwards" from Eudial's car right before it plows through the wall.

Lovely = an awful Terri Hawkes like yodel.....*shudder* I don't want to remember that.......

Also, right at the end, Uranus talks about the "Deadly Silence". ^_^ Cool.........

Total Retained 95%

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