107 "Geijutsu ha aino bakuhatsu! Chibi Usa no hatsukoi"
(Art is an explosion of love! ChibiUsa's first love)
100 "Art Appreciation" 00-7-5

The girls find an apple pie (with apple ippai as Minako says -.-;;) and eat it, not knowing that it was Chibi-Usa's pie that she had made for a crush of hers. Usagi becomes interested and tags along to Chibi-Usa's art school to see who Chibi-Usa has a crush on. There, Chibi-Usa realized her crush, Masanori, likes Michiru, and not her. This enrages her, but she moves on. In the art school, Eudial appears and takes Masanori's pure heart. Chibi-Usa protects him, which makes him start liking her. Uranus, Neptune, Moon, and Chibi-Moon fight the daimon that Eudial unleashed and destroy it. In the end, Masanori and Chibi-Usa become an item, and Masanori runs off in the distance, never to be heard from again..........

This episode was pretty accurate to the original in many ways.....Not much to say about it. It was good. ^_^

Oh, the grunting was especially bad in this episode. Oh, it was horrible! Horrrrrrrriiiiiibbbbblllllleeee!!!! *dies*

Pretty good episode I say. Not too much can be said, although I still can't figure out why the outers have star power instead of planet power. Oh well, thats pretty much the only thing I didn't like about this episode and a couple of the SDAs. Good job Cloverway.

This wasn't too bad of an episode. And as much as I dislike Michiru, I cannot stand how they're trying to make her sound like this slut with a huge boyfriend history. Speaking of sluts... sweet innocent Rini called Eudial a tart?! O.o; that's a shocker...

Masanori Tsuzuki kept his name.

The daimon, Chokoka/Chokokuka (It depends on who you ask), did not retain her name, and instead was called "Chokeler". Not THAT much of a change, but a change nonetheless.

(2 seconds) A small cut. It's a shot of the title of Chibi-Usa's art school.

Rini: "Wow, he's [Masonori] so fine!"

Umm, what? He's so fine? Oy vey. If I EVER hear a 8 year old say that, I swear, someone will be hurt....

Luna: "Michelle must be the art teacher..."

Wrong again, Cloverway. If you'd translate the actual Japanese dialogue, you'd know that she was working in the studio room next to that, or something....

Amara: "So, are those flowers from Mike?"

Mike!?!? Geez, first Brad and now Mike???? Is Michelle some type of slut? Always with a different man? Oh geez. At least the "jealousy" thing was kept, but it had a totally different meaning. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

(1 second) Right after Eudial runs through the school window, there's a small cut.

A batch of verbal censorship. When Eudial crashes through the window, to make us (and the censors) SURE that no one was hurt, Eudial says

"It's ok! My radar said there was NO ONE in the way!"

Umm, yeah. You're IMAGINARY radar said there was no one in the way? Well mine said that if you look in the last scene you can obviously tell that Usagi and Chibi-Usa were in the way. I think your radar is broken.

Later, when Uranus and Neptune transform we're treated to Cloverway's stupidity yet again. You know what I'm talking about.

"Uranus Star Power!"
"Neptune Star Power!"

It's PLANET power! PLANET!! This makes me feel that they're doing this on purpose. I don't know why, though. It only makes things MORE confusing, not less.

Rini: "You trashy tart!" (to Eudial)

O.O Did I just hear that correctly? A trashy tart?? Oh geez! Well, in America, I know that sounds pretty stupid, but they were most definately oblivious to the fact that in England, calling someone a "Trashy Tart" means that you're calling them a "dirty prostitute". Ooooooohhhh boy. I'm gonna leave this one alone. If I get started with making fun of this, things might get out of hand.....

(4 seconds) After "Chokeler" creates #002, there's a scene of Neptune on the ground saying, "Can't you make some art that makes a little more sense?" or something like that. Well, it's cut. That's all I can say......

Neptune On The Ground Looking Badly Drawn

(9 seconds) Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon's pre-speech speeches were cut (if that makes any sense at all). This is probably one of the dumbest cuts I've EVER seen since the pre-speeches WERE dubbed into english! So for the Cartoon Network version, Sailor Moon just appears out of nowhere and busts out saying "I'm Sailor Moon!!!" O.o;; Ok.....

You'll be jealous to see what you missed

The double attack by Chibi-Moon and Sailor Moon, "Double Sailor Moon Kick", is retained. Yay! Although, I must say how dumb it sounds when English speaking people say it....It just sounds dumb. I'm sure that for the Japanese people it sounded really cool, but um......Oh well.....At least they kept it! ^_^

When Neptune does her attack, it goes something like this....

"Waters of Neptune! Deep Submerge!!!"

??? What the..? Waters of Neptune, Deep Submerge? Where did they get THAT from? *confused*

Instead of yelling "Lovely!" when the daimon dies, she goes "Aaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!" ^_^

Rini does an "As If!" at the end of the episode -.-;;;;

Total Retained 90%

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