106 "Unmei no kizuna! Uranus no tooi hi"
(Bonds of Destiny! The far-reaching day of Uranus)
99 "Related By Destiny" 00-7-4

A daimon attacks one of Michiru and Haruka's old classmates from Junior High, Elsa Gray. This sparks Haruka's memory about how she first met (yes, FIRST MET) the illusive Michiru Kaioh, and how she came to realize that she was a Sailor Senshi. Back in the day (hehe), Michiru knew that Haruka was Sailor Uranus, but Haruka refused to admit it, until one day that a daimon (manga style) attacked her and the Uranus henshin stick appeared in front of her. Neptune appeared and destroyed the manga style daimon, but not before seriously injuring herself. Seeing Michiru being so dedicated to saving the world, Haruka picked up the stick and her life was altered forever. Back in the present, Uranus and Neptune transform and defeat the daimon along with the Inner Senshi.

Wait, wait, wait, wait! Did they call the episode, "Related by Destiny"??? RELATED?!?! What the HFIL?? Well yeah, the original title is SOMETHING like that (Bonds of Destiny - Related by Destiny), but c'mon! Oy, I feel a MAJOR cousin fest coming on, and they've been so good about leaving the cousin comments out lately! (mostly because Uranus and Neptune haven't had much screen time in the last few episodes)

Oy, this was as bad as people thought it would. The only positive thing I have to say about this episode is that I'm glad DiC didn't get it, although it couldn't have been that much worse. We have cousins who haven't seen each other in a long time instead of two strangers first meeting. And what is this Star power that the outers call out? Isn't it obvious that it's planet power? One, the sticks don't loook like stars on the end of them, they represent their planet. And two, IT WAS ALREADY IN ENGLISH!!!! How can someone screw up engilsh into english?!?! Oy....

I didn't have a chance to see this ep..and I thank the gods for it. I have a feeling that if I had seen this sickening "related by destiny" crap, I would have gone on a killing spree. That's all I have to say about this.

Man, if this episode could of been ANY MORE OFF, whew......We'd practically have a DiC fest going on ~_^

Anyway, anything dealing with Haruka and Michiru's past was pretty much rewritten. Originally, the episode centered around Michiru and Haruka's first meeting, and Michiru pretty much confessing that she had a crush on Haruka. ~_^ hehehe

Elsa Gray's name was kept. That was expected, since the name was an English sounding name to begin with.

The daimon, Hurdler, retains her name.

The Jamboree continues as the girls are called "Scouts". Do'h!

Also, the episode is an "And that means you!". Just for references sake.

Oh, and you know that painting of Haruka that you see several times throughout the episode? Well, there's a purpose for that. You see, Michiru asked Haruka if she would model for her, but Haruka said no. But then at the end, we see the picture in Michiru's artbook, which means that Haruka eventually said yes. All the "modelling" talk was deleted for the English version, which makes the picture of Haruka completely pointless throughout the episode.

In the conversation between Eudial and Doctor Tomo, there was a barage of stupid "running" puns. It was awful. I had a run for my money there. I almost ran out fo patience with them. I was running for the stop button on my VCR- Oh, ok, I'll stop ^_^;;;

(4 seconds) Once again, Cloverway shows it's prejudice against garage doors, since it cuts the scene with Eudial waiting for the garage door to open for the 3rd time! Is there something offensive I'm missing about that scene? I'm confused.....Geez, I'm running out of patience with Cloverway and -- Oh sorry....*sweat drop*

(10 seconds) Before we see the girls walking into the high school, there is a panning shot of the high school's roof and then zooming in on the girls way down there on the ground.

Umm, you know that one part where Elsa does that "Spider Stretch" on the girl? Well, originally, she was feeling up on the girls' butts but only to see if they had thighs that were good for running (suuuuureeeee, Elsa, we know what you were REALLY thinking! You ecchi!)

(4 seconds) This cut happens right after Venus finishes doing her attack. It cuts Hurdler dodging the attack and then Venus being startled that her attack missed. (Come on, Venus. Do yours or any of the other inners attacks EVER hit in the S season on? No.....)

Hurdler Hurdling

(7 seconds) A scene of Haruka walking down some stairs and then looking up to see Michiru's startling picture.

The Disturbing Picture

Amara: "Riddle me this, Batman...."

Riddle me this? Batman!?!? Oh geez! Can't you get sued for saying stuff like that?? I don't know, but any reference to "Batman", an obvious American show, is an americanization, a really stupid, uneeded one too.

If you look on Amara's racing jumpsuit, you'll notice that is says "TeNoh" on the back, and "Haruka" on the front pocket. Tenoh being Haruka's last name of course. This is left unaltered. Ok....so if they're going to leave the jumpsuit unaltered, why did they renamed her Amara? Why not keep it as "Haruka"??

Ok, I think that everyone agrees with me when I say that this is one of the stupidest mistakes that I've ever heard. Not only that, but in later episodes it seems like this is an INTENTIONAL mitake, too! Well, here goes.

When Amara and Michelle transform, these are the phrases they use -

Amara: "Uranus STAR power!"
Michelle: "Neptune STAR power!"

Ok..wait wait...STAR power??? STAR!!?!?!?! Wait wait. Think about this for a moment, Cloverway. Ok, Originally, the transformations were "Planet Power", right? This makes sense since their henshin sticks have their planet on the top, ok? Not only that, if it WERE a "star power", instead of the planet on top, it would be a star. Look at Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus's sticks! THOSE are star. Now look at Uranus and Neptunes. Do they look like that? NO! They're totally different!

Plus you have to add in the fact that in the movies they were called "Planet Power", which just adds to the inconsistancy list. Did that make any sense? I know I was rambling a bit, but I got the point across, hopefully...

Also, one last thing. When Neptune transforms in the flashback, she's supposed to be silent. It adds suspense. Of course, Cloverway is the master at ruining suspense, so, there ya go.

Uranus and Neptune's henshin sequences are censored quite a bit. The body lines are removed and the scenes are lightened DRAMATICALLY. In the dub, the two of them look like albinos, and the elegant lipstick that appears on their lips can barely be seen. In the original, they actually had COLOR in their skin. I really don't understand WHY they felt they had to lighten the scenes so drastically. It just makes the picture look really unhealthy and old.

Uranus and Neptune's attacks today are "Uranus World Shaking" and "Neptune Deep Submerge".

Instead of Lovely, the daimon yells out "HURDLER!!!" as she dies.

"Michiru" was kept on "Michelle's" notebook. I'm sure this confused quite a few out there.

Total Retained 78%

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