105 "Power ga hoshii! Mako-chan no mayoi michi"
(I Need Power! Makoto's Lost Way)
98 "People Who Need People" 00-7-3

After losing a fight with a daimon, Makoto decides to head off to the country to train to become stronger. She is training with another man, named Kakusui. Although Makoto is learning from Kakusui, Kakusui feels he hasn't finished his training yet either. The other girls (minus Chibi-Usa) come up to visit with Makoto. Eudial appears and takes Kakusui's pure heart. The Sailor Senshi appear and fight the daimon, and using the advice Kakusui had given her earlier, Jupiter defeats the daimon with no help from Sailor Moon. Makoto decides that she has found her way, and she returns to Juuban.

A nice episode. It wasn't extra-ordinarily good, but it wasn't too shabby either. The "grunting" problem the voice actresses (yes, and only the ACTRESSES) have been having recently is again prevelent in this episode. Honestly, how hard is it to make a grunt without sounding like you're having an orgasm? It's not that hard. I could go on....but I'll save it for another time ^_^

Very nice episode. It stayed to the orginal for the most part and had only the common things done to it. I don't making short things like this, but there isn't much that can be said about this one.

O.o as guru said..why must all these VAs sound orgasmic? *sweat drop* and a lot of S.D.A's floating around in this ep...um, was the bald eagle comment made about kakusui really necessary? >.<;; but it was a fairly okay episode.

Umm, let's see what I can put here, hmm......

Kakusui's name is kept! Yay! (I think his last name is also kept, but his last name escapes me at the moment and I didn't bother to write it down *sweat drop*)

Daimon Daruma's name is kept also. Double yay! Ehem *cough*

Umm, that's pretty much it for now.........Oh wait! I know something.

Eudial refers to the "Daimon" as a "De-MON" with a hard "e" sound and a soft "O" sound with the accent on the "MON" if that made any sense at all. Well, for one, in the dub the monsters are called "Heart Snatchers" and two, I think she was trying to say "Daimon", but failed horribly. Oy vey....

This first note isn't exactly the LINE that was stupid, but the way the line (or in this case, the series of grunts) was delivered. In the very beginning we see "Lita" running through the woods and all we can hear is a barage of -

"Oooh, Uunnnhh, Ooooh, Huhhhh, Heheeeee, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh"

Is it at all possible for these people to make a grunting noise without it sounding like they're having orgasms? I swear, I was watching this episode in my room when it first aired on Cartoon Network, and my dad walked in thinking I was watching some porn flick! That was when I first realized how much work that these actresses needed on their grunting. And trust me, this is not the last time you're going to hear about this issue, as it's pretty prevalent throughout the rest of the S season.

On an unrelated note, Doctor Tomo refers to the Talismans, or in the dub, the "pure heart crystal treasures" as a "Mirror", a "Sabre", and a "Crystal Ball".

Personally, when I first heard this, I didn't have much of a problem with it, but I know that many other fans did so I'll address it. As far as the mirror is concerned, that's fine and dandy since that's what it is, a Mirror. However, many fans complain that calling the Space Sword a "Sabre" elludes to a stupid Star Wars reference. *shrug* I didn't have much of a problem with that one, but I can understand why fans were upset with the next one. By all means, the Garnet Orb is NOT a crystal ball, Cloverway! A crystal ball is something fortune tellers look into to see the future. Setsuna does not use the Orb for that purpose. Not only that, but the Garnet Orb doesn't even look like a freaking crystal ball, damnit. Grrr, Cloverway, Grrrrrr.

(4 seconds) Before Eudial speeds off in her car, there is a scene of her waiting for a garage door to open. This is the second time this particular scene has been cut (it appears more than once in the Eudial mini-saga). Do you think that Cloverway has a thing against garage doors? HFIL, if you ask me I think they're pretty scary (but that's a totally different story ^_^;;;;;;).

The Garage of Evil

A rather idiotic dialogue change. I usually don't list dialogue change that much if it really doesn't impact the story or character development much, but this was one of my favorite lines, damnit, and they changed it! *CRY*

Anyway, originally when Rei asked Usagi how she convinced Chibi-Usa to stay home, Usagi gets an evil grin and it cuts to Chibi-Usa being totally pissed off and explaining that Usagi said she was going to the bathroom and then she sneaked out the back way. That's SO Usagi, is it not? Unfortunately, this was changed to just Serena saying that Rini couldn't go, and Rini being mad. Sadly, that move was "SO bitchy Serena"......Leave it to Cloverway to ruin a scene (or leave it to DiC, either one works).

This one's for you, Tiff ~_^

Serena:"Hey, look! It's Mr. Bald Eagle himself!" (or something like that)

Umm...Bald Eagle?? Wow, Cloverway! That's so funny I forgot to laugh.....*Cough*....

Kakusui's two sayings (or is it just one??) that he gives to Makoto are pretty much the same in both the English and Japanese versions, which is a plus. That's something DiC would of never done. They would of gone out of their way to make him say something about "shaving his head" or something. -.-;;

(8 seconds) This cut occured RIGHT after the commercial break. The first 8 seconds were cut. Originally we see the early morning roof of the shrine the girls are staying at, then we see the girls (who had obviously just gotten up) check to see what the racket outside was (which turns out to be Makoto).

Aww, the girl's are so cute when they're sweepy.....awwww

"WHAT THE HELL!??!?!" is what I said during a scene when the girls were by the swimming pool at the hotel Mamoru had a part time job at.

You see, when Serena sees Darien, Darien says something about him not being able to sit down and talk to them cause he's far too busy, and that he's suprised someone hasn't asked for his help yet. Then we hear someone in the background say "Darien, I need your help!" and he leaves.

So what's so special about that you say? Well, I'll tell you. I'm a big fan of the Simpsons, a VERY big fan. So when I heard the voice of the guy who asked for Darien's help, I just about wet my pants. You know that teenage-acne covered-dork from the Simpsons who is always working at some convience store or something? The one who always goes "I'll have to check with my manager" with the super squeaky, breaky voice? I'm telling you, that same voice was the guy who asked for Darien's help! I'm telling you! It freaked me out! I know it probably wasn't the same guy that does the dork from the Simpsons, since that voice is easy to imitate, but, Goodness! I know I'm probably making way too big of a deal over one line that meant nothing, but still! C'mon!!!!! It was the guy! The guy I say!!! *takes a tranquilizer and moves on*

When the girls find Amara and Michelle at the hotel, Amara goes, "Hey Moonface," to Serena.

Once again, how does Serena's face look like a moon? Sure it's kinda round, but aren't all faces like that? Well, most all faces, my cousin has kinda a rectangular face, but....um, nevermind. Serena shouldn't be called Moonface. *NODS* *sweat drop*

(6 seconds) Right after Eudial walks to get Kakusui's pure heart. Cloverway cut the scene where Jupiter appears and does a short speech. This doesn't make sense at all since in the very next scene (in both versions) Eudial responds to Jupiter's speech, and since it was cut in the English version, Eudial is replying to nobody out of the blue......That's great Cloverway. I think now that they're PURPOSELY trying to confuse us.

(1 second) Right before the "Sailor Moon Speech" music starts. Just a little tiny cut, I can't even tell from what scene it was cut from, but I know it happened and it happened there. *NODS* =D

When the "scouts" do their little attack to get out of the paint brush's grasp, they all do a little "humming" thing. For what reason I don't know. They weren't humming in the Japanese version, and it sounded a lot better there than in the "hummers" version, especially since all of the English VAs were extremely off-key with each other.....

Right after this, whenever Jupiter talks, it sounds like she's about to cry, also for an unknown reason, as she's not even close to crying in any of the scenes. Since the actions and the voices don't match each other (voice is crying, animation is not), it makes the scene very odd to watch.

There's no "Lovely" in either version this time, so I'll let Cloverway slide this time......But NEXT TIME! Next time is TOTALLY DIFFERENT!! 8D

Total Retained 88%

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