104 "Tomodachi wo motomete! Chibi Moon no katsuyaku"
(Looking for Friends. Busy Chibi Moon)
97 "Tainted Tea Party" 00-6-30

Chibi-Usa formally introduces herself to everyone. She gives a note from her mom telling everyone why she's there (of course since it was from Usagi, it's all written in hiragana and not Kanji). Chibi-Usa runs off to find some "important encounters" that her mom told her about. First she finds the "elephant boy", and that....umm.....doesn't turn out the way she wants it. Later, she finds a cute guy named Tamasuboro. She vows to become his apprentice, but a daimon, named Chagama, attacks him and Chibi-Usa must save him. Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon appear and destroy the daimon, and Uranus and Neptune return his pure heart. The next day, Chibi-Usa goes back to see Tamasuboro again, only to find him in a Sailor Fuku, claiming to be Sailor Tamasuboro. Usagi and Chibi-Usa both leave quickly.

This episode would of been great had it not been for one huge mistake. Tamasuboro had a gender change. That's right, originally Tamasuboro was a BOY, not a GIRL, and since the whole episode revolves around Chibi-Usa's crush on HIM, the episode got screwed.

This was the first episode I saw subtitled, and there didn't seem to be much to play around with, except the "elephant" scene, which I'm suprised that they kept the orginal idea in there, just cutting out a bit of it. I really wanted to see how they were going to explain Usagi's kangi of lack thereof. I was VERY disappointed to see that they used SYMBOLS! It could've been done in a better way, like "Well, this cursive is really bad, I could barely read it" or something, but you get the point. As Bob says in the comparision below, they had just insulted and pissed off everyone in Japan. And for the next and last negative (this episode was awesome except for two things) we have Cloverway pulling a DiC: a sex change. Tamasuboro was a boy in the orginal. I think the only reason CWi made this change was because of not even 5 seconds of footage of him wearing a dress. Thats it, 5 seconds, and they had to screw up the main plot of the episode. Or did they? Rini did seem to still have a crush on "her" even though hes a girl now. This confuses me, the outer senshi can't have an ASSUMED lesbian relationship but yet Rini can flat out say she has a crush on a girl? I don't understand, oy.

This whole episode was royally screwed. While Tamasuboro's name was kept, his gender was changed.He was now a girl who sounded like a prostitute, and yet Rini STILL had somewhat of a crush onhim/her/it/whatever. oh yeah, that really took away the thinking of lesbianism. uh huh. good job, cloverway. and the symbol thing..*twitch* so offensive. I was enraged at this. -_- they killed this episode, and ruined many a great scene.

Chagama was changed to Chagarma. No biggie, but that "r" sound is DEFINITELY not there in the Japanese version.


After Mina reads the letter she's supposed to say, "You can tell this is Usagi, look, it's all written in Hiragana!". Of course, Neo-Queen Serenity should of written the letter in Kanji since she should know them. That's why everyone made a big deal about it, but in the dub, the line says......

"I had to read it with my imagination. It's all written in funny symbols!"

*JAW DROPS TO THE GROUND* Funny symbols!?!? FUNNY SYMBOLS?? Hello! That's Hiragana you're talking about. Not only is the line just the stupidest thing in the world, calling another cultures writing system, "FUNNY SYMBOLS", is HIGHLY offensive. After this episode was done, my friend Curtis (He's Japanese) called me up and told me how disgusted he was and how he was going to mail bomb Cloverway. Umm, that might be going a bit far, but you get the point. Smooth, Cloverway! It's not everyday that you can piss off EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the nation of Japan all at once!

Whoever did the Elephant boy's voice did it SO WRONG. Originally, the Elephant boy was a smart ass, in the dub, he was just some kid, not really rude at all.

(5 seconds) the first of only TWO cuts in the elephant routine! I was amazed to see that the original idea of the kid taking his pants off for Chibi-Usa was kept!

Anyway, right before Rini falls down, there's 5 seconds of the Elephant Boy acting stupid that was cut.

Elephant Boy Acting Stupid

(8 seconds) The second cut from the Elephant routine. Again, I'm going to describe the scene and when you see something [in brackets and italicized] that means that that part of the scene was cut.

We see the elephant boy grab his pants, and Chibi-Usa looks really scared. [The kid lowers his pants to his ankles and Chibi-Usa SCREAMS. The kid's mom appears and whacks him on the head] and then she takes him away.

Again, i'm simply amazed that the idea that the boy took off his pants is kept! That's simply amazing! Wow....

Elephant Boy With His Pants Down

Rini refers to Amara and Michelle as cousins. Well, at least they've laid off the cousin comments recently. But still, THEY'RE NOT COUSINS!

Tamasuboro's name is kept (yay) but he has a gender change (do'h!!). It seems he went under the same procedure that Zoicite went under.

Tamasuboro (who's supposed to, oh, umm, 10) sounds like a 25 year old prostitute. I'm not kidding! She(??) has this seducing voice, I swear, it sounds like someone from a porn movie.

Even though Tamasuboro's gender was changed from Male to Female, Rini's crush on him/her remains! Umm, Cloverway, aren't we trying to HIDE the fact that there are homosexuals in the show? No, but instead, they CREATE a brand new homosexual relationship!! Wow, you baffle me Cloverway.

(4 seconds) About 4 poses Usagi makes after Chibi-Usa pinches her super numb foot are cut.

(note - These poses weren't the ones that were necisarrily cut, but they're funny and I wanted to include them anyway ^_^)

Hilarious Pose 1
Hilarious Pose 2
Hilarious Pose 3
Hilarious Pose 4

Moon Prism Power, Make Up, by Chibi-Usa, is shortened to just Moon Prism Power. That's what we expected though.

But here's the killer! Uranus's attack is kept as "World Shaking" yet Neptune's attack stays "Neptune Deep Submerge"!!! What the hell is going on here?? Who writes these things?!? I mean come on! Don't shows like these have a "show bible" which lists all terms and such that you're supposed to use and such? *shakes head* Oh geez Cloverway, I bet my pet Chimpanzee could run your company better than you could.

Uranus' and Neptune's speeches are just, odd, of course. I don't know what's wrong with, "Invited by the New Era, Sailor Uranus, appearing Magnificently!" and "There's also, Sailor Neptune, appearing Gracefully".

One of my all time favorite scenes was ruined in this episode. Originally, when Chibi-Moon's "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" didn't reach the daimon, there was no talking at all, just Chibi-Moon slowly edging closer to the daimon. Of course, this was all ruined with Rini's "One more step....Take it slowly....Just a little closer, YAY! I HIT HER!! WOOOOH!!!"

Who's the voice director here!?! *strangles the voice director* HOW DARE YOU RUIN MY FAVORITE SCENE.....*sees Dan and Tiff looking at him*....*puts hand behind head* AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! *sweat drop*

Even though this episode was an "I shall punish you!" episode, it was still ruined =*(

Of course, Lovely wasn't kept.

Total Retained 81%

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