103 "Yattekita chicchana bishoujo senshi"
(The small Pretty Soldier came)
96 "Hello, Sailor Mini Moon" 00-6-29

Rei is the head of the entertainment committee for this year's Jyuban (10th Street) Summer Festival. She convinces a great taiko drummer, Maya Tomo, to play at the festival. Since Usagi and the others want to be taiko drummers too, Rei employs them at the Gold Fish Scooping booth, having Usagi doing the 'taiko' (beating on a wooden Goldfish). When Usagi goes to find Rei, they see Maya practicing diligently. Eudial of the Witches 5 appears and takes Maya's pure heart, only to discover that it's not a talisman.Eudial releases the daimon, Soiya. Soiya traps Mars and Moon and they're in serious danger when a new Sailor Soldier in training appears. Sailor Chibi-Moon appears and with her "Pink Sugar Heart Attack", distracts the daimon long enough so that Moon can destroy her. Of course, with Sailor Chibi-Moon entering the picture, that means Chibi-Usa was back also, much to Usagi's dismay.

*holds nose* YUCK! Terrible episode! Totally rewritten. Not only was is badly rewritten, they changed the whole CONCEPT of the episode! They made Maya sound like she had stage fright and that was why Rei employed her, so that she could get over her fear. Umm, I'm afraid not, Cloverway.

With this episode also came the introduction of two new voices, Eudial and Rini. Rini's previous voice actress had left so we were all wondering what the new one would sound like. Let me tell you, that's the absolute CUTEST voice I've ever heard in my life! Don't you just want to pick her up and hug her? Major improvement from the last actress, who sounded like such a brat. Eudial's voice, on the other hand, was something to be reckoned with *SHUDDER*

When I saw the title appear on the screen, I just knew this would be a bad episode with the very uncreative title of "Hello, Sailor Mini Moon." Sadly, I was right. I don't think there was one line kept the same, and they made Maya some drummer off the street who has stage fright instead of the worldwide known drummer. And Eudial's voice, well, it's ok, but I'm sure theres a much better VA to do it.

Now to the one GOOD thing about this episode. The only good thing of this whole episode was the introduction of Rini's new voice. WOW!!!!! There couldn't be a better voice for her. The DiC Rini sounded like a stuck up brat (like my sis) but the CWi Rini sounds just like the orginal Chibiusa! It's awesome! Hopefully for the future voices they can do as good a job.

o.o stage fright? interview for a new best friend? drummers having orgasms? very, verydisappointing episode. Rini's new voice is ultra kawaii. I am so glad the evil spawn of DiC is gone! Now she soundslike a cute little kid! Eudial's voice..er...no comment.

Ok, Eudial's voice is downright AWFUL. Of course, the mispronunciation is still there.

The sign on the door still says "Witches 5", yet, Eudial says she's from the "Bureau of Bad Behavior". Umm, right......O.o;; Thanks Janice! That really was a super move! (?.?) Anyway, even if they WERE trying to hide the fact that their name was the "Witches 5", without removing the sign on the door, it wouldn't work. If I went up to a miscellaneous dubbie who's never seen (or heard) of the original Japanese version and said "What's the Witches 5?", he could tell me the correct response, so I don't know why theywasted their time trying to change the name.

Soiya was renamed Soiyer. Now I know a lot of you could take the "name change" as a matter of translation, but the names sound so different that I would call it a name alteration. Soiya was pronounced "Soi-YA" with the "y" sound distinctly on the last syllable, while Soiyer is pronounced "Soy-ER" with the "y" sound at the end of the first syllable. I know, I'm picky, but to me that's a big change.

Maya Tomo was just left as "Maya". What's the reason for this you ask? Simple. Since Maya's last name is "Tomo", it might lead dub fans into thinking she was related to Dr. Tomoe (which in the dub is pronounced the same way as "Tomo"), leader of the Death Busters. So they just left out her last name, of course, this later makes some lines sound dumb, but what can you expect from a company that squeezes 3 episodes out a day. This confusion wasn't in the original version since Tomoe was pronounced "To-MO-eh" andTomo is pronounced simply "to-MO".

(5 seconds) Right before Eudial's car shoots out of the subway, there is a cut scene where we watch her car waiting for a garage door to open.

The Jyuban Summer festival was renamed the "Komono Festival" for reasons unknown to me. I think "Jyuban" might be a cuss word in the Canadian language *ducks as Canadians across the world throw beer bottles at me*

I also noticed that Maya's dub voice is done by the same girl that does Molly's. How could I tell, you ask? That annoying "New Yorker" accent was faintly visible when she talked. *SHUDDER*

Well, the entire "cafe" scene was ruined and changed. Originally, the four girls thought Rei was on a date with Maya, and started comparing her to Haruka and some silly stuff like that. This was all changed to Rei looking for a "new best friend". Sound familiar guys? It should. Check out Japanese Episode 96, they made the same switch in that episode as well.

Dub Maya said she got terrible stage fright and that Rei wants to help Maya "conquer her fear". Can we say "BS" boys and girls? Maya is an accomplished taiko drummer, she doesn't get stage fright.

(4 seconds) Bear with me here, cause this might get a little confusing. Ok, I'm going to describe the scene, and when you see something in [brackets and italicized] that means that that part of the scene was cut. Confused? Good, let's move on.

Rei realizes that the other girls are spying on her. [Rei gives the funniest looking face I've ever seen in my life when she sees them]. We see the girls slowly hide behind the waitress. [The scene cuts back to Rei's absolutely hilarious face] then we see her stand up and look annoyed and she shoves the waitress and looks behind her.

Other than that, the rest of the scene gets relatively no cuts.

See Rei's Face

The whole scene with the waitress, Rei, and the girls is polluted with stupid chatter from the waitress. Originally she just kinda grunted as Rei kept on pushing her around.

Then, when the coffee spills on Rei's head the waitress goes "Oh great, I'm going to get sued now". Sound familiar? Yeah, a similar line was written for the dub in Japanese Episode 96. Wow, we know that THESE two episodes were written by the same person.

Then, AFTER the coffee spills on Rei's head, there is MORE stupid dialogue change. Originally, Rei was super mad because the coffee was so hot and she was trying to get it off, then later she yelled at the girls, while in the dub, she immediately yelled at the girls, which took the humor out of the scene.

When Amara and Michelle appear, Serena goes

"Wow, you are SO the bomb in those komonos"

O.O Never have I been more scared in my life. I don't know why they dumb down the dialogue like this! PEOPLE DON'T TALK LIKE THAT! Geez, Cloverway, catch the hint when it's thrown to you.

Wow, more Stupid Dialogue.....

Amara asked Michelle why she gave that fish she won to that boy, and Michelle replied saying something ditzy or something. The problem is, YOU CAN SEE THE DAMN FISH IN MICHIRU'S HAND WHEN SHE SAYS THIS! The damn fish is in a bag that Michelle is holding and Amara goes "why did you give away the fish". She didn't! She's still holding it! Oh God, why me! *cough* Ehem, I'm alright now ^^;;;;

Wow, we're just having a Stupid Dialogue Orgy now aren't we? Heheh. Oh! Speaking of orgies, that brings me to my next bit of stupid dialogue. Well, this time it's not the dialogue that's stupid, it's the sounds that the voice actress is making.

When Maya is practicing on the tire, her Voice Actress sounds like she's having orgasms. C'mon! How hard is it to grunt without making people think you're having sex? It's not hard, all the Japanese seiyuu do it, why can't the Voice Actresses? Is it that hard to go "grr, grunt, hmph" instead of "Unn, OOOOhhh, MMMMM, YES!!!"?

*cough cough* Sorry.....I got....a little....carried away there....

You think it would make more sense just to combine all this stupid dialogue into ONE box? Nahhh.....

Anyway, since this episode is chalk full of dumb dialogue, of course when Sailor Moon did her speech she went "And that means you!" It only makes sense....

But speaking of bad speeches, when Neptune appears her speech goes "Neptune's my name and saving heart crystal's my game!". I'm sorry, Cloverway, but rhyming does NOT impress me. Rhyming does NOT make you cool, and rhyming does NOT make you a respectable company. ~_^

Like we've all said, Rini's voice is the most kawaii thing we've ever heard in our lives, yada yada, anyway.

Sailor Chibi-Moon is renamed "Sailor Mini-Moon". Scroll up to "Tiff's two cents" if you want to hear some ranting about that.

"Pink Sugar Heart Attack" keeps its original name ^_^

When the daimon should of said "LOVELY!" She goes "Soiyer!" I'm not leaving them alone about that. It's "LOVELY" damnit.

(1 second) Right before we see the big taiko drum and the camera pans down.

Total Retained 73%

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