10 "Norowareta Bus! Honoo no senshi Mars toujou"
(Cursed Bus! The Soldier of Flame, Mars, Appears)
7 "An Uncharmed Life" 95-9-19

Girls have recently been disappearing from the Hikawa Shrine after purchasing charms there. Thinking that the Dark Kingdom might be involved, Luna, Usagi, and Ami go to check the shrine out. There they meet Rei Hino, a Shinto Priestess. After attacking Usagi after feeling dark forces, the two learn that the girls don't seem to disappear until they get on the 66 bus. Luna coerces Usagi to get on the bus, but not before leaving Rei a henshin stick. Usagi is pulled into the dimensional vortex that the bus driver, whom we learn is a youma working under Jadeite who was posing as a helper at the shrine, was taking all the people into after draining their energy. Rei is also brought into the vortex. There, Luna tells Rei to transform and we learn that she is actually Sailor Mars. Together, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars defeat the youma. With the help of Ami and Tuxedo Mask, they are able to escape the vortex and return safely.

Much like Ami's introduction, Rei's introduction was mangled up pretty bad. The script is getting more and more off and the slang is starting to turn up more and more. Luckily the slang isn't too bad yet....Key word there, though, YET.

Well, now two of the three senshi introductions have been nicely fucked up, not to mention that they made them a bit out of character again. This episode wasn't too bad, but because of the episode's importance, it should've been done much better.

I really don't get some of these changes..such as changing the temple name, ginzuishou/silver crystal...And Rei's introduction is just BLAH. >< Hopefully the introduction of Jupiter and Venus will be a bit better?

The script for this episode was off. I wrote down in my notes to mention that the slang is getting worse. The example I wrote down was the use of the word "Hunkasaurous". That's not too terribly bad (bad yes, but not too too bad), but it's a sign of what's to come, unfortunately.

Also, the characters in the dub were changed slightly. I noticed throughout this episode that Serena is made stupider than Usagi. Usagi is goofy and kind of ditzy, but she really isn't too terribly dumb. Serena on the other hand is just a freakin' idiot. What more can I say. The character of Rei's grandpa is also DRAMATICALLY changed. In the original, he was a perverted old man who was interested in flirting with the young girls who visit the temple. In the dub, he's changed to a senile old man who doesn't know his right from left. It's a shame too, cause Oji-chan was a really funny character in the original. Finally, I'd like to ask why is Amy insulting Serena so much in the dub???? Ami would never DIRECTLY insult Usagi, and even then, even a harsh word from Ami is very very rare.....

Hikawa Shrine is changed to the Cherry Hill Temple. Why? Who knows, probably just because "they could".

Rei's name is changed to "Raye", retaining it's sound but changing it's spelling. Although not revealed in this episode, it is later revealed that she keeps her last name of Hino as well. That's good, at least one character can retain a name.....sort of.....

Jadeite's "Street name" in this episode is "Jett" in the dub. I'm not entirely sure he had one in the original.

Also in this episode, the Maraboshi (forgive me if I spelt that wrong) no Ginzuishou (Mythical/Legendary Silver Crystal) is referred to as the "Silver Imperium Crystal". After a quick look in the dictionary, if "Imperium" is the proper way of spelling what was said in the dub, it seems that Imperium means something that has absolute control or power, or something to that nature. Not too totally inaccurate, but what's wrong with saying "Legendary" or "Mythical"?

FINALLY, Either there were lots and lots of tiny microscopic cuts, or the episode as a whole was SLIGHTLY sped up, cause I constantly found my tapes falling SLIGHTLY out of sync.

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut. Darn! *sob*

(18 seconds) In the very beginning of the episode where Usagi meets up with Ami to talk about stuff, their conversation is trimmed WAY down.

(9 seconds) When Naru and that other girl show up and join Usagi and Ami in their conversation, the conversation is ONCE AGAIN cut short.

(2 seconds) The shot of the sign outside of the shrine saying "Hikawa Shrine" in kana is cut. I don't understand why they bother cutting this really, since they leave other shots of kana in ALL THE TIME.

  • Hikawa Shrine
  • (5 seconds) Before we first see Jadeite posing as a priest/helper guy at the temple, we see three students praying at the temple. You know, the whole clapping, ringing the bell thing, all that. I assume DiC found this to be a bit too religious for their tastes. I mean, GOD FORBID that children learn that other religions exist in the world! *gasp*

  • Deep prayer
  • After Rei attacks Usagi with Akuryo Taisen mistakenly, the shot of Usagi on the ground dazed and dizzy is actually LONGER in the dub. O_o;;; I really don't understand why DiC does so much lengthening of scenes, it totally throws the theory of "Cuts for time" out the window. I can find no reasonable explanation =(

    The shot with Luna and Usagi talking about whether they should call Ami to investigate the Hikawa Shrine/66 Bus is longer in the dub as well. Again, all I can say is O_o;;;

    The shots of the 66 Bus are reversed, but DiC definitely doesn't go overboard with this like they have before. Only shots of the driver or when the steering wheel is noticeably on the "wrong side" are reversed. Everything else is as it should be.

    Just interesting to note, notice in the dub how this "American" bus has kana all over it and there's kana everywhere around Usagi.....Riiiiiiiight, speaking of perfect sense.......*cough*

  • Original bus
  • Dub bus
  • When Serena transforms into the stewardess using the Luna Pen, the transformation is actually longer in the dub.........Again, O_o;; I think DiC likes leaving no reasonable explanation for what they do...

    (2 seconds) A shot of the bus disappearing into the portal with Usagi on board is cut. Damn those black portals to hell! No really, another cut that makes absolutely PERFECT sense!! I mean, look what happens when I see that black portal unaltered.....*watches*......erhhhhhhh eh...eeekkk....*EPILEPTIC SEIZURE*...Oh man....*twitch*...dangerous stuff people.....*cough* yeah....

    (6 seconds) When Rei is in her "Fire room" thing, you know, the room where she does her predictions in, yeah, anyway, when Rei is in there, the shot of her performing the "Rin, Pyou, Toh, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen" is cut. *rolls eyes* Puhleaze, DiC. Like ANYONE would be offended by seeing this........

  • Rei chanting
  • The henshin sticks/pens are referred to as "Power Sticks". I don't care what anyone says, "Power Sticks" are just idiotic. It sounds like a cheap powerbar thing that lazy people eat to "try" and get into shape.....*sigh*

    "Mars Power, Make Up!" is expectedly changed to just "Mars Power". Also "Fire Soul" is changed to "Mars Fire Ignite".

    Unexpectedly, instead of having Rei's henshin cut like Ami's was, Rei's was censored, having her body lines removed instead. I much prefer the censorship to the cut but still, it's no worse than a naked Barbie doll.....

  • Rei in all her glory
  • I believe that all henshins/attacks aside from moon's were slightly sped up since my tapes went into the henshins/attacks in sync and came out very out of sync.

    At the end of the episode with Sailor Moon crying, originally we see a pick of Sailor Mars in the corner sticking out her tongue. The picture of Sailor Mars is missing in the dub.

  • Mars sticking out ehr tongue
  • Total Retained 59%

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