1 "Nakimushi Usagi no karei naru henshin"
(Crybaby Usagi's Beautiful Transformation!)
1 "A Moon Star Is Born" 95-9-11

Usagi was a normal fourteen year old. As she would say, she's a bit clumsy and a slight crybaby, but that's Usagi for you. As usual, she has overslept her alarm clock and is late for school. As she is running to school, she notices a group of kids tormenting a cat. Usagi rushes to its aid to find a Band-Aid on its forehead. Usagi removes it to reveal a crescent bald spot. The cat jumps back and starts to investigate Usagi, but Usagi has no time for this and runs off as soon as she hears the late bell. Of course, Usagi is late and is forced to wait out in the hall and is unfortunately notified that she got a 30% on her last test. Later, outside, Naru and Umino show up. They begin to talk and Sailor V comes up. Usagi had never heard of Sailor V before. Naru and Umino explain and Naru then suggests that they go to Osa-P, her mom's jewelry shop. Once there, Naru finds her mom acting quite strange. She is giving out ridiculous bargains which is not something she usually does. Unbeknownst to Naru, that is not really her mother but a youma of the Dark Kingdom. The Dark Kingdom is ruled by Queen Beryl, who is trying to do two things. First, she wants energy to revive their great ruler, and second, she wants the Legendary Silver Crystal. She sends the General, Jadeite, to collect energy for her and he thus sends Morga, who impersonates Naru's mother. Usagi decides to leave the store and go home. She is upset about her test and throws it away. Unfortunately, it lands on a man's head (who we later learn is Mamoru). Mamoru makes fun of Usagi's grade and gives her the nickname "Odango Atama" (Dumpling Head). When Usagi returns home, she decides to take a nap, but her nap doesn't last long. The cat she saved earlier jumps into her window and begins to talk. She introduces herself as Luna and tells Usagi that she is Sailor Moon. Usagi doesn't really believe any of this at first until she actually transforms. After she becomes Sailor Moon, she hears Naru scream and yell for help. Luna and Sailor Moon immediately rush to help. Once there, they see the youma attacking Naru. The youma sends her servants after her and Sailor Moon doesn't act very super hero-like. Just when things seem hopeless, a red rose shoots from the sky and stops the youma from attacking. The masked man who threw it introduces himself as Tuxedo Mask and says he will protect Sailor Moon. Luna then tells Sailor Moon to use her tiara to destroy the youma. She does and Naru is saved. The next day, everyone recalls a dream about a monster attacking them, but Usagi is too tired to care.

The very first episode of Sailor Moon in the English speaking world. By this one episode we would forever know the fate of our beloved Sailor Moon in English.

And afterwards I threw up for about seven hours straight. Seriously, this episode was CRAP. I mean, worse than crap, this is between your toe crap that you stepped on 3 months ago but is still there because you never wash yourself so its still there infested with the most horrible bacteria known to man. Yeah, it was that bad. Oh geez, I feel like vomiting just thinking about it...just scroll down *VOMITS*

Even with all the cuts and changes made, this was still a good episode to me. Compared to the orginal, yes it completely sucked, but if you never watched the orginal, this was a pretty good episode. Actually, even with all the cuts and stuff, I don't think this episode was too bad. I personally didn't like the opening text (see down below on the opening sequence), the 1:20 "intro" clip they added in, Sailor Moon's dub speech, two commerical breaks instead of one, a mini "recap" almost after the second commerical break, and the Sailor Says segment. And with all that, only the "intro" clip pertains directly to this episode. Personally, there are a couple small things I liked in the dub more than I did in the orginal. One thing is that the episode title screen in the orginal always has the same sound clip, even in this episode, while in the dub, the episode title had a different sound clip than the one used for the rest of the DiC dub. Similarily, Sailor Moon's henshin music was always the same as well (except when her henshin changes, but it's MUCH to early to get into that) whereas in this dubbed episode, there was different music (though obviously sped up video sequence, you didn't even have to be watching dub and orginal side by side to notice that) for her transformation. Those things just made the first episode feel more special in a way instead of having like an almost normal feel like the rest of the episode. It makes the beginning of the series stand out a bit more, and I give DiC credit for doing that. Yes they cut out a lot and changed quite a bit, but the main focus of the episode was still there, you couldn't tell if any were made if you had no knowledge of the orginal (think back to when this was first dubbed and aired, hardly anyone did until it became mainstream), and it's a good way to start out the dub season.

Good gods, could there have BEEN any more cuts or alterations to the scenes? And could the voices have been any worse? (the answer, of course as we find in later episodes, is yes). Luna's, "melvin's", and "molly's" voices are just horrid. They make me cringe. "Serena's" voice, as bob pointed out, was pretty good. Too bad they trade it in later...what the HELL is a negaverse?! >.<;; DARK KINGDOM is already in english, people. oh sure, so let's exchange it for a nonsensical made up word. geez...Oh gods and the ever-so-awful sailor says segment...why must DiC feel that they have to cram a lesson down our throats with every episode? ok i'm done with this crap. I'm gonna go make (and probably burn) dinner. *grumble snarl stalk off*

Let me just start by saying that the script for this episode was completely awful. I thought that some of the Cloverway scripts were bad, HO-HO-HO, boy was I wrong. The script for this episode was so off that I was getting confused by what my sub was saying and what my dub was saying. Basically, this is how I think they did the script. First, they hire writers. Second, they give the writer a two paragraph summary of the episode. Next, the writer has to implement that into the dub script and has to ad-lib everything he/she's not sure of. Last, we get a final product where in the dub they're usually saying absolutely nothing close to what was being said in the original. Yes, that bad. The original Background music and sound effects are completely taken out for the dub and a new, much crappier score is put in. The only good thing about the DiC score is DiC knows how to use their score appropriately - in other words, they're pretty good at keeping the original emotion of a scene, although it's nowhere near as effective as the original stuff.

Usagi's name is changed to Serena. SERENA HAS A GREAT VOICE. It sounds young, cheerful, ditzy, overall just a great voice. Just note that the girl who does her voice in this episode is Tracy Moore.

Queen Beryl retains her name. Nice voice, fits her well. I actually kinda like this voice almost as much as I like the Japanese voice, if not more-so. Too bad she can't act better.

Jadeite retains his name. Another good voice, sounds normal, just good.

Naru's name is changed to Molly. I must say that I hate her voice, it's awful. Not only is it a New York accent, it's a FAKE new york accent (or at least that's how it sounds). It's really awful.

Umino's name is changed to Melvin. Although the voice is obviously fake, it still fits well as Umino is, and always will be, a nerd. ~_^

Tuxedo Kamen's name is changed to Tuxedo Mask, but this really isn't anything to bicker over since Kamen is Mask in Japanese, so basically, they just translated his name. No big deal.

The youma retains her name of Morga.

The youma themselves do not retain their name, and are not called "youma" in the dub.

The term "Sailor Senshi" (Sailor Soldier) is changed to Sailor Scout (dear God, why)

Odango Atama is translated as "Meatball Head"...Eh, close enough in my book.

Luna retains her name. She has a HORRIBLE voice. Originally, Luna was a youthful, cynical cat, not some 50 year old Mary Poppins. This voice doesn't fit Luna well at all, considering Luna is actually pretty young.

The Dark Kingdom is changed to the Negaverse.

Artemis apparently retains his name (although he wasn't in the original version, he was mentioned in the dub).

Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom retains her name (although not in the original, she was mentioned in the dub).

Umm....Wow, that was a long list....I think that was it, if I missed anything, I'm sorry. Now onto other things.

Considering that my tapes would constantly fall out of sync, I believe that the dub's animation was slightly sped up....Don't ask why, my guess is because they added a 1:20 clip to the beginning....I explain about that a little bit farther in the comparison.

Just so you guys know, you know those CGI effects that are used to change the scene sometimes? Well, those were not there in the original, they were digitally added by DiC. It would be impossible for me to list every single scene changer thing so I'm just noting it here and whenever you see a CGI scene changer thing, you'll know it was digitally put there. Also, in Queen Beryl's crystal ball, there were digital effects added. In the original, there was nothing inside Beryl's ball except blackness. In the dub, you'll sometimes see lightning balls and other things inside of it. Again, it would be impossible for me to list every time there was stuff digitally put there, so whenever you see stuff other than blackness inside Beryl's crystal ball, you'll know it was digitally put there.

The original opening is replaced with a new opening. It has new animation from several scenes from the opening and the series with a new song that has the same melody as "Moonlight Densetsu" but nowhere close to the same meaning (Moonlight Densetsu was talking about love and never mentions the Sailor Senshi). Also of extreme annoyance to me is that it started out "From a far away place and time, earth's greatest adventure is about to begin". Considering that it's not from a far away place and time (it's earth for goodness sakes, and the moon isn't really that far away in astronomical terms) and what the hell do they mean by a far away time? The present?? One can argue they are talking about the Silver Millennium but...No. It still doesn't work.

  • The added opening text.
  • You know the first 1:20 seconds of the dub where it explains about the Moon Kingdom and its downfall? Well, that wasn't there in the original. Originally, we don't find this stuff out until MUCH MUCH later in the series. This kind of ruins everything because it makes it QUITE obvious that Usagi is the Moon Princess where in the original, we just really weren't sure. The scene was made by taking clips from future episodes and putting them here. Oh yeah, and Queen Serenity's voice is done by Serena's Mom who also did Sailor Neptune later in the series. This is just interesting to note since Queen Serenity's voice changes in future episodes (if I'm not mistaken).

    (17 seconds) The very first shot in the original version is cut. It shows Usagi in bed from above. She narrates about herself, stating her name, age, and some things about her.

  • ZzZzZzZz...
  • (11 seconds) After Luna does a backflip onto the car after Usagi takes the bandage off of her, there is a cut. The shots cut include Luna creeping closer to Usagi and investigating her.

  • Nice kitty......
  • If you look closly, you can see that DiC decided to add a glow effect to Luna's cresent moon when Usagi removed the bandage.

  • Shot 1 - Original
  • Shot 1 - Dub
  • Shot 2 - Original
  • Shot 2 - Dub
  • (17 seconds) This cut happens when Usagi arrives at school. We see the outside of the jyuban middle school, then we see Usagi having to stand out in the hall because she was late. She then perks up and realizes that she can have her lunch now, which is where the cut stops (this is promptly followed by Haruna showing Usagi her grade on her paper).

  • Usagi in the hallway
  • Mmmmmm.... food....
  • This isn't a particular line that's stupid, but a conversation. In the original, Usagi had never heard of Sailor V until Naru and Umino told her, in the dub, she already previously knew about her, ruining a few scenes later in the episode (like when she saw the Sailor V poster).

    (20 seconds) This cut is really hard to pick out because DiC did it in the middle of a scene rather than cutting off a beginning or an end of the scene. It's during the scene where Usagi, Umino, and Naru are talking outside. The cut starts in when Serena (this is the dub) says "Can we shop for some earrings?" In the original, they weren't talking about earrings, they were talking about Sailor V. Right after that we see shots of Sailor V. The cut then stops when dub Molly suggests they go to her mom's jewelry store.

    In the opening that was created by DiC explaining about the Silver Millennium and later when we see Beryl, they talk about something called the "Negaforce". Now, I'd like to ask, what the hell is a negaforce?!?! Obviously this is a dub invention, and unfortunately, I think they replaced the Dark Kingdom's "great ruler" with the "Negaforce". Dear God, I feel like I'm going to be sick.

    (1 second) A first person perspective of Queen Beryl looking into her crystal ball is cut short by one second.

    (3 seconds) A shot of a tall building in Jyuban right before we see Osa-P, Naru's mom's jewelry store.

  • The tall building
  • (7 seconds) A silhouette shot of Jadeite, gathering energy.

  • Shadows are evil
  • (4 seconds) Another silhouette shot of Jadeite gathering energy, this time from farther away and from the front....Did I miss something here? When did Silhouette's become evil?

  • Very evil
  • (3 seconds) During the confrontation between Mamoru and Usagi, a shot where Usagi sticks her tongue out at Mamoru is cut....Of course this is because if kids emulate this and stick their tongues out at other people, they'll go to hell. Yep, that's what it must be.

  • Hardcore tongue action
  • (2 seconds) A shot of Mamoru from far away after Usagi walks away from him.

    (1 second) When Usagi sees the Sailor V poster there's a one second cut.

    (5 seconds) During the scene where Usagi is looking at the Sailor V poster, there are three shots/poses of Sailor V that are cut.

  • Se!....
  • Ra!....
  • V!
  • (1 second) When Usagi is crying while Luna is watching (this is still while Usagi is in front of the Sailor V poster), a chunk of her crying is cut, making her crying stint a bit shorter in the dub.

    (3 seconds) This happens after the commercial (the original's commercial break, probably 2nd commercial break for dub watchers). We see Usagi's house and a sign that says "tsukino residence". A little bit of the house shot and the whole shot of the sign are cut.

  • The sign
  • (4 seconds) A shot of Usagi's mom SCREAMING at her right before she kicks Usagi out of the house and locks the door.

  • I think she might be a bit mad...
  • (20 seconds) Directly after Usagi gets thrown out of the house, Shingo shows up. He mocks Usagi and makes fun of her for being so stupid. Usagi gets enraged by this and does a Sailor V kick at Shingo, unfortunately, it lands on the door and Usagi feels lots of pain. Quite a funny scene, too bad dub viewers had to miss it.

  • Shingo mocking Usagi.
  • That looks like it might hurt
  • Oh yeah, that hurt
  • (1 second) A shot of Osa-P is cut short a bit.

    "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" = "Moon Prism Power"

    Also, "Moon Tiara Action" = "Moon Tiara Magic". Why they changed the attack name and got rid of the "Make Up!", I'll never know, I've never really seen a good explanation as to why they changed this stuff..........

    (1 second) This occurs when Luna tells Usagi to say "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" ("Moon Prism Power" in the dub). You see, moon prism power make up has 7 syllables in it, while moon prism power only has 5, thus the part of the scene where Luna's mouth moves to utter those last two syllables is cut, making "Moon Prism Power" fit Luna's mouth movements perfectly. Did that make any sense at all?

    Usagi's transformation into Sailor Moon is WAY WAY WAY sped up in the dub. It's hilarious to watch Usagi transform in fast motion.

    (7 seconds) This is a combination of a 3 second cut and a 4 second cut, but since they were both cuts because of the same reason, I decided to just list it as one cut. These were cuts where Morga was choking Molly (even though some shots of the choking were left in).

    (4 seconds) After Sailor Moon appears, the youma turning her body around to face her (you see, her face was already facing her, in other words, her head was completely turned around.....yeah, gross) is cut.

  • That shouldn't be allowed...
  • Sailor Moon's speech is horribly awful. It goes like this.

    "I'm Sailor Moon, the champion of Justice. I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!"

    Originally, her speech goes like this -

    "For love and justice, I am the Pretty Sailor Suited Soldier, Sailor Moon! And in the name of the moon, I shall punish you!"

    Basically, if the episode included the "and that means you!" speech, the script was probably way off, while if it included the "I shall punish you!" speech, it was probably pretty accurate.

    In the original, a girl goes after Sailor Moon with a broken glass bottle, thus causing her to slam into that blue pillar. In the dub, this is replaced with a shot of Morga coming at her. Apparently they felt that the broken glass bottle scene was too violent.

  • The broken bottle
  • The broken bottle's replacement
  • I noticed that after coming back from the last commercial in the dub, they replay some footage from the last seconds of where they left off. This doesn't happen in the original, JSYK.

    The part of "Moon Tiara Action!" where she is spinning around with the tiara in her hand is WAY sped up, just like her transformation. I guess they're doing all this speeding up to save time....That's just my guess ~_^

    (3 seconds) The scene where we see hearts in Sailor Moon's eyes over Tuxedo Kamen is cut short by a second and the beginning of the next scene showing a shot of the Jyuban school is cut.

    You thought it was over, right? WRONG! After the credits role (oh wait, it's before the credits role), we're treated to the WONDERFUL SAILOR SAYS SEGMENT!!! In this totally made for dub scene, Sailor Moon gives us a moral for the day for all of the kids out there. How sweet! *CHOKE GAG* Seriously, the Sailor Says is probably the thing I hate most about the dub. Interesting of note though, you'll often see cut segments in the Sailor Says section that were not included in the episode. I'll try and note when a cut appears in the Sailor Says segment, but this is very difficult to do so I might not find too many (even though they may be there).

    Total Retained 47%

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