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 Anti-Moon Chase posted April 26th, 2011
In an unexpected course of events, it would appear that my theories of Moon Chase not getting back communication from companies are actually incorrect. In an update they made as I worked through the night and morning, they actually posted images of a few e-mails to prove this. My biggest complaint about this site was their claims of "being in the know" yet failing to show any evidence whatsoever to this. The purpose of this section was to either (1) inform people of what I then thought to be them lying about such claims, or (2) give myself (and potentially others who might be as skeptical as myself) some sort of evidence as to why myself (and others) should believe source-less information. And it looks like scenario #2 has actually occurred. Given that the images clearly state to not use outside of their site without written permission, I will not link to these images and ask anyone curious to see them to go to Moon Chase and see for yourself. So now I will publicly apologize, as it is the right thing to do.

I am sorry for the trouble this section has apparently caused within your site. I was clearly wrong in the assumptions I had made, as with what you have showed everyone with your latest (as of this typing) update, it is apparent that representatives from a couple of companies actually have contacted back with you to some extent. I do hope that you can at least understand where my skepticism came from, and I do appreciate that you have provided evidence to put a lot of that to rest.

Before I put this section in the attic of SMU, there are a couple things in this update that I do feel the need to address.

It has come to our attention that another site is taking screenshots of your comments and posting them on their site, and providing their own "commentary" on what you have posted. We apologize for this, we thought that Facebook was a place for our readers to interact with others and that people who were not fans would respect others' rights to post whatever they wanted on facebook. We do not know why this site will not leave you (as well as us) alone. In light of this, we are going to turn this facebook page private for administrators only. The facebook page will be restored once this has been resolved.

I will admit that those screencaps being made and posted was probably not the best choice I made, as few of said comments were actually made by your site itself. I do think it is unfair to ban everyone from that page, and hope that you choose to bring it back online for those who wish to use it.

In the meantime, fans are more than welcome to join our forums at http://moonchase.freeforums.org/ . We have just tightened the settings so that fans may post freely without having to worry about others taking their postings off of the site. No new account can be formed without our approval, and we have been backchecking IP addresses to those we believe are involved before approving them.

You already seem to have my IP, and honestly, I have no interest in joining your forums. So there's no need to restrict access so tightly. As I have stated before, I have been working alone in this section. No one has been involved besides me. There is no need for you to have people jump through hoops because of one person. I have only made two comments in your blog, and that's all I ever plan to do. I respectfully request that you remove all bans from viewing your site, since you advertise yourself as a news site, and should not restrict people from viewing said news. User-submitted content, whatever you feel is right, but I don't see the point in banning people from viewing your site. If anything, I feel that such banning detracts people from your site and potentially causes ill-will feelings for those who are going to your site for the first time and cannot view it. I do not feel that banning people who state different opinions than you is a good decision. My skepticism might have been the fuel for this section, but you banning me from even just viewing your site was the catalyst for me to actually create this section. I have no issue putting this section to rest now that I have seen proof of actual contact, but will not do so until anyone can view your site without any issues. I don't agree with you banning people from making comments for opinions that don't match your own, but I see absolutely no justification for banning people from simply viewing your site. Granted, I will have a lot less things to update here, but I do not feel right taking this section off the front page as you restrict people from simply reading your site.

P.S. I do not know if this is going to stop the allegations the website has against us. I have not seen the website myself, nor have I visited it. I bet they are going to show an IP record from a town I used to live in, but the truth and reality is I have not lived there since July. I live between four different cities now. A fan was gracious enough to send me an email with the latest post, and once again, I apologize to you fans. Our staff does not lie to the fans about who we keep in touch with. To prove this, for the next 24 hours these images will be uploaded, of watermarked and blacked out information, but leaving just enough information for a reader to detect that these are, in fact, official communications. Allow me to put these into context. These are only a selection of the many emails I have communicated with reps of some of the companies we deal with. Anything that is blacked out is personal identifying information, or communique which is ultra-sensitive and not for public interest. These have been watermarked, and if these appear on any other websites or forums without proper linkage or credit, Moon Chase will seek action.

Once again, I appreciate the posting of these images, and do understand why there are black bars where you chose to put them. I will also not post them on here due to your request stated in your update and on the images themselves. But I already stated this at the beginning of this article. Why I'm quoting this section, is you wanting to know where I live for some reason. I'll save you the trouble of tracing it, you can even find my area mentioned here on this site already, the only thing not up to date in that blurb is my current place of employment, maybe I'll update that sometime this week. In any case, I don't see why where I live even matters, but if you trace my IP as seen on those two comments on the blog from the beginning of the month, it will route to Syracuse, NY. That is where my ISP's local office is located. I do not live in the city of Syracuse, I live in a town about 10 minutes north of it called Clay. I won't go as far as telling you my street address or anything more detailed than what I have mentioned. I don't see why you care about my physical location. You should really state why that has anything to do with anything. But anyways, if you did used to live in or around this town and plan to come back at any point, I'm more than willing to buy you a drink or two, or a coffee if you don't drink, or whatever you'd like to accept as a gesture of good-will. I'm not a bad guy and willing to admit being wrong, and am happy to have a chance to make amends like that should the opportunity present itself. So if you're in the area, feel free to get a hold of me to take me up on the offer, and we'll figure something out with our schedules.

And that's all I can think of to say to Moon Chase. So now I'll address fans of Moon Chase who I had previously dubbed the crusaders. Though some of this can also apply to Moon Chase members as well. First off, I would like to apologize for using your comments the way that I did in my previous article. Like I stated above, that was not a wise choice I made in this section. I would also like to ask to not blindly hate me over it. What I mean by that is not asking y'all to suddenly be fans of me by any means, I definitely don't expect any dislike for me to end. But I have noticed that people have made various assumptions of myself and my intentions with this section. I've already made them clear multiple times and have stuck to them, and I've kept all my comments here on this site. I'm expecting to see a fair amount of comments about me following this article. And I'd be silly to think that suddenly I would be in y'all's good graces, so to speak. I'm sure to see comments of how I was "forced to back down" and similar ones, citing that this was a "loss" for me. This couldn't be further from the truth. I decide what I do and where I do it at any given time, no one forces me to do or not do anything. My opinions might strong and controversial, but I am man enough to admit when I have been wrong, in which I have been proven so seeing that there is actual conversations between companies and Moon Chase. And here is me admitting it and apologizing for the confusion in that. Keep on disliking me if you want after this ordeal, that's your opinion and I respect that. As for those who may claim this is a "loss" of sorts, I disagree. First off, I still see this whole things as a disagreement of opinions, with no actual fights of any sort. Being that there was no actual fight, I don't see how "victories" or "losses" exist here. However, I am happy with how things have turned out, seeing such evidence as I have today. I didn't expect a good amount of people to care so much about my personal opinion, but because of this, a lot of skepticism can be put to rest. And I don't see how anyone can consider that a bad thing. Ok, the ride might have been a bit bumpy, but we reached a good ending.

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