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 Anti-Moon Chase posted April 10th, 2011
So even though shit eventually died down, some things did happen after my initial posting, but never really got talked about for whatever reason. So to clear up everything in every step of the journey, I decided to highlight everything from how I saw it. I'm going to do this as an exercise that is done in elementary school, to help children learn the differences between facts and opinions. (I really did write this last weekend in preparation for this new section, I just failed to get the section up soon after) So without further ado, here is my "Fact and Opinions" log on the first few days of April 2011 in the Sailor Moon Online Community.

  • FACT: Miss Dream posted a fake PR on their site saying Funimation had picked up the anime and that Miss Dream would be doing translating, while posting screencaps of their subs with a Funimation stamp, and an ending credits video clip with their names added in and some nonsensical text as well.
  • FACT: A friend of Miss Dream staff was asked to post this in a community on LiveJournal as it would be too obvious had anyone on the staff posted it there themselves, and the friend agreed and posted it.
  • FACT: No one on Miss Dream nor any friends of staff posted this fake PR anywhere else. Any other postings of the fake PR were done by no one staffed on Miss Dream nor any friends of the staff.
  • FACT: The whole thing spread like wildfire sparking a whole lot of comments by many people.
  • OPINION: A lot of these comments were immature, derogatory, and crossed lines. This is an opinion because clearly the people who posted such comments felt this was appropriate.
  • FACT: Moon Chase posted an article regarding the news, claiming to be assisting Funimation and other companies in taking some sort of action.
  • OPINION: I believed many people were making this a bigger deal than it was.
  • FACT: I posted two comments on Moon Chase's blog with my opinion (the one posted at 7:12PM 4/1) and a link to a fake PR that used names and quotes from people within a company (the comment posted at 7:42PM 4/1) when someone requested such information.
  • FACT: When I got home from work in the morning of 4/2, curious as to Funimation's thoughts and feelings, I decide to start some research and posted a comment on their facebook page where a link to the fake PR had been posted. Because facebook apparently doesn't like people to easily be able to link direct postings, I'm unable to provide a link there. However, if you go to Funimation's facebook page and go to the link that was posted at around 1:30AM EST to the fake PR, you will see a comment left by me informing them though I didn't participate in the fake PR, that I was a part of the group that had created it, and asked how they felt about it, and if there were any ill feelings to contact me so we could work it out.
  • FACT: By this time, the fake PR was taken down off of Miss Dream.
  • FACT: I also did some snooping around Funimation's site for any reactions, the only one being a thread that had posted the release. The only action done by Funimation staff was the locking of the thread at the end of the holiday.
  • FACT: I typed up my rant which contained the previous two facts.
  • FACT: Literally minutes after I had posted my rant, Elly of Miss Dream had received an e-mail appearing to come from Funimation. This e-mail had mentioned that Funimation had received a number of e-mails from Moon Chase regarding the fake PR, that Funimation was not planning to take legal action, and requested the takedown of the fake PR.
  • FACT: In the next Miss Dream update, the prank was addressed as was the e-mail that was received.
  • OPINION: Everything with this was over.
  • FACT: Various people now started accusing Miss Dream of faking the e-mail, and comments continued.
  • FACT: At some point on 4/2, my IP was banned from even viewing Moon Chase.
  • OPINION: It is amusing that a news site bans people who have different opinions than themselves, and cute in that they justify it by claiming I caused trouble. You would think that they would just prevent me from making comments somehow (I already was planning to continue to not post comments there, clearly one moment of weakness was too much) instead of blocking me from the entire site.
  • FACT: I don't care enough to send an e-mail about it.
  • OPINION: As that would be a waste of my time if they can't handle someone having a thought that conflicts with their own.
  • FACT: Not even SOS banned anyone from just reading their site. Even with our comprehensive Anti-SOS section, they didn't show any bad blood to us here and even spoke nicely of SMU at least once.
  • FACT: The IP ban is easy enough for me to get around.
  • OPINION: The only way you'll ever get me to never get access to your site in any way would be for it to not exist. Are you up for the challenge?
  • FACT: On 4/4, Funimation posted a few tweets, informing everyone they did not have Sailor Moon, they have not been pestered by people nor had they had any contact with who created the PR, and that they expect that fans would be kind to each other no matter what news there was.
  • FACT: I retweeted that last one.
  • OPINION: It is amusing that Moon Chase retweeted all three of those.
  • OPINION: It is also amusing that it was around this time where people appeared to finally let shit go.
  • FACT: Curious at the second tweet declaring there was no contact made, Elly tweeted to Funimation stating that she in fact had received an e-mail and provided the address given in it.
  • FACT: Funimation requested Elly forward the e-mail to that address.
  • FACT: Elly did just that.
  • FACT: A response was received stating that it appears someone did spoof their e-mail address, they wished the fake PR had not been created, they feel bad for just how badly she has been treated over the situation, and that should they obtain the Sailor Moon anime it will be shouted from the rooftops.
  • FACT: Inspecting from what I can see of the headers, the casing of the Funimation address was altered and they were sent from locations in different time zones.
  • OPINION: I'd be more worried about Funimation going after whoever it was that spoofed their e-mail address rather than something that was posted on April Fool's Day and taken down early the very next day.
  • FACT: At some point on 4/4, Moon Chase posted an article of a fake PR an Italian airline comparison site had created on April Fool's Day about a fake airline company that had mentioned Sailor Moon, finding the whole ordeal cute.
  • OPINION: Why the love for this joke after ripping apart the other one? Clearly this had more work put in to it and was actually posted on an official site. Should we rally that company's shareholders for spreading such obviously false information?
  • OPINION: Let's see some consistency on reactions to April Fool's Day jokes. I'm not a fan of the day either, but how about the same reactions be given to them, whether it be hatred to the company in that article to go along with the other joke, or a simple laugh/eyeroll for the anime one to go along with the response to this Italian company.
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